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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 461 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 461 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 461 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Today we’re going to talk about carpet stretching. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Carpet Cleaner. Carpet stretching is something that we have become really good at over the years and it’s difficult because there’s not many people who want to do it or take it on because most times they want to put new carpet in or they wanting to, um, they don’t know how to or have the skill to be able to take the time to make the carpets stretch in a way that is usable. And when you’re dealing with something like that, you’re dealing with something that needs to be finessed because as compared to a new installation, you have carpet that’s already the side that you’re needing it to be. You can say, yes, this is simple because now the carpet is in the place and is in the shape I want it to be. But with new carpet carpet that is not in the shape that it needs to be and you get to mold and shape it and cut off any excess that you need to go to make that work. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (00:57)
So that becomes a real problem for people when they’re back in a situation and stretch the carpet into place. So the skill level to be able to do that. Whereas theirs would make more money or the same amount of dealing with carpet that already has been cut already as in the shape but has wrinkles so it doesn’t fit this shape with it’s been touching and that’s difficult for a lot of people because now you’ve got to figure out how do I move the wrinkle in a way that does not change the configuration of the entire room. And this is difficult for a lot of people to figure out. We have spent 20 years ministry, the capacity to be able to get carpet and turn it away that it will then be able to be flat and stay that way. That’s another part that is difficult or that many times people can cosmetically get the carpet flat, but it doesn’t stay that way. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Carpet Cleaner.

Speaker 1: (01:52)
Three months later, six months later, a year later, the carpet’s wrinkled again because they did not actually tighten or flatten out. The carpet can get a tight again. They just kind of made it visually look somewhat flat for the time being and so this is where we’ve been able to come in and help out. For those of you who want to learn, I will give you the steps of what you need to do to try to become a little bit better at this. So step number one, if you want to try to stretch your own carpet carpets, do not stretch into an area you do not want to move. For example, if there’s a doorway, you’re stretching a square room, you may have to do a double or triple stretch, which is unique. Most people do not want to do that or do not know how to do that. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (02:39)
If you’re installing carpet on a traditional installation path, what you do is you install one wall stretch left and right along that wall and then you just tuck that wall and stretch it tight so it’s tight to the left and the right and then you just tuck it straight into that wall. That is your anchor was wall number one. You now go to one of the perpendicular walls to that or whether it be the left or the right wall and then you stretch away from the wall you’ve stretched in so you get that area tight. All you do is you tuck that wall in and now you’ve got wall number two you’ve anchored, so you now I’ve got two anchor walls and now the real stretching begins. This is for new installation, so now that you’ve got the carpet stretched on two of the walls, the next two walls you stretch not directly straight.

Speaker 1: (03:28)
You’ve got a stretch about a 30 to 45 degree angle so that you’re both stretching towards the wall and down the wall at the same time so you can put the nice tension. You do not want to do this with your knee. You must always use a power stretcher so that you can put enough, the proper amount of tension against it. If you did it with your name one, you’re going to damage your name. You’re going to have knee surgery problems only a couple of years in. That’s why carpet stretching is one of the highest injury rate professionals out there. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Carpet Cleaner. Second only I believe to a roofing on injury, a career ending injuries, so have you hurt your back, your arm or your knee while stretching because you’re using your knee to do all the stretching with instead of a power stretcher, then you are done. You can’t, you can’t hurt, you can’t have a knee surgery and then come back and start stretching. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (04:15)
Carpet again. Just doesn’t work that way. And so that’s really important. I’ve been able to stretch carpet for over 22 years and because I use proper safety and health proper practices like enable to keep my body in good health and not overdo it. You can go to the gym and work out, you can go to the gym and use a punching bag to train or, and as long as you’re going to the gym for an hour or two, maybe even four or five hours, you know, it might be a hard workout. You’ll be just fine. Now if you go to the gym or let’s say 10 or 12 or 15 hours, which a lot of carpet and scholars will go out and work, they’ll start off early in the morning picking up their carpet and they’ve worked a up to eight 1510 to 15 hours long day and you’re on your knees using your knees to stretch the carpet all day long.

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