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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 464 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 464 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 464 | Complete Carpet

We continue our stretching series as Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner. We are Complete Carpet.

Speaker 1: (16:50)
It’s not like you can just move 10 years worth of placed in place stuff and then just kind of place it all back again. It’s a gargantuan task to try to think, Oh, I would have to undo everything to a degree in my home. And a lot of times people don’t want to do that because of the massive amount of headache and time required trying to get all that done. So instead they want you to just maintain and keep the things that they already have. Yes. Could it be done differently or better? Maybe. But at the end of the day, a lot of people never switched their cell phone carrier because it’s such a pain and hassle to switch. And so they think about and they’re like, Oh no, that would take so much time and effort. And when do I have a half a day or a day when I can dedicate to just switching cell phones?

Speaker 1: (17:35)
Nope, don’t want to do it. And so that’s part where you have people because of the pain. Um, I think it’s, to me that’s why anger is one of the greatest things that we have given us in our tools are repertoires. Cause most of the time we won’t change anything until what pain is staying the same is more painful than the pain of changing or we get fed up. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner. I think anger is great because it’s the one thing that will get you out of a stuck job or a house or a situation that you don’t, can’t stand or relationship that is volatile or our relationship that is toxic and you want to be able to get out of those situations and be able to get back on the road to being healthy again. And a lot of that takes you hitting something inside that pushes you with a righteous and a proper anger that says, okay, enough’s enough. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (18:24)
I’m going to change. I’m tired of being an alcoholic. I’m tired of being an addict. I’m tired of being uncommitted. I’m tired of being unproductive. I’m tired of never keeping my goals. I’m tired of never getting onto that next phase. And you need something to be the catalyst to snap you out of it and say, okay, here we go. This is going to be what I want to do and want to, I want to accomplish in my life. And I know binding, gathered that internal fortitude, that internal strength to say enough is enough, things are going to change. Let’s go back to her about stretching. We’re going back to the installation side. We’ve given that quite a few pro tips, a lot of real deep into the woods, back in nerdy knowledge. So now we want to get back into the normal stuff of just saying, okay, what is it that needs to be done?

Speaker 1: (19:08)
So we’re going to go back to stretching that carpet. So you’ve got the two walls, anchor walls stretched in place, put them in place and now you need to get that carpet into a place that will hold itself and keep tight and flat for a long time. So these are three things you need to do. So one you’re going to be coming through after you’ve got your two anchor walls and going to go at 45 degree angle and stretch towards a corner away from the anchor wall towards the unanchored corner. That way you can kind of move all the carpet that way and create two directional stretches. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner. You have two points going in a way. Number two, you need to make sure that you’re putting the proper amount of stretch. We always put at least a half an inch to an inch using a power stretcher. So you get it Blatten in place and then you stretch it a half an inch to an inch farther depending on the carpet. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (19:54)
The thicker the carpet, the more stretch you can put it on within the carpet, the less stretch the last less inelasticity that it has all by itself. And once you get that extra stretch, the carpet, now you need to take that and you need to make sure they’re properly held in place. And this is what a lot of people will miss you or not think about or do is you optimally before you can get the carpet in place, want to have baseboards that have a tuck space and this allows the carpet to go over the texture and under the baseboard to hold the edge down in place. Now one of the things that is a little more over homes have quarter round where they’ve gone through an APR base for that. We’re down on the wood floors and they just put quarter round to kind of trim it all and then they added carpet at some point once they added texture and just tucked in the space between the quarter round and the texture.

Speaker 1: (20:49)
That can be done, but you’re guaranteed to have a wrinkle on that quarter round because if that carpet relaxes in any way and there’s no more for the carpet to go, it is going to bump up against the wall and it will not have someplace that it can be able to move. Whereas carpet that’s stretched in with a space for a talk space, typically about a half an inch up off the floor. Um, now that space, the carpet, if it does relax a little bit, can go under the wall father, or if it is stretched, it can be stretched into that space under the wall. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner. Um, here in Oklahoma, it depends on the region that you’re at, but here in Oklahoma, typically around five to seven years, the carpet will need to be restretched. That’s because over time the carpet relaxes. It tightens, it relaxes, it tightens, it relaxes, it tightens. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (21:34)
And eventually each time it really, it relaxes a little bit more than it does tighten back up. And so you’ve got to get something that is put the extra little stretch on there. And the reason why that extra stretch is so that as it does relax and tighten it, we’ll have about an inch of give because typically every 15 feet will relax about an itch on the most I’ve ever stretched in a carpet over 20 years, almost three inches out of a 55 foot long hallway, which that’s a lot of carpet. You take three inches. That’s as long as almost long as your finger and you think, how could I have that much additional carpet in a place that had been laid in place or stretched out? It’d be like putting a sweater on that instead of coming to your do your wrist when all the way down to your fingers. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.