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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 475 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 475 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 475 | Complete Carpet

Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998. We are Complete Carpet. We continue our podcast on Tile cleaning.

Speaker 1: (05:09)
And that was his form of cleaning was to remove everything on the front and move it over to the sides. And your tile kinda does it a little bit, moves it off, this tile faces down to the ground lines. And after a while, you notice the grout lines are actually pretty dark. They’ve gone from a pewter color or a tan color to like kind of a dark Brown or a dark gray color. And so this is the point where you need to get a professional tile cleaning done. And the reason that the professional cow clean is going to be different than what you can do is a threefold one. We’re going to go through and really put a good a strong detergent down on the, on the tile what you can’t use normally because if you use a strong detergent, you’re gonna have to use a copious amount of water to break it down and get it back off the tile.

Speaker 1: (05:48)
Otherwise you leave your tile feeling very soapy and sticky. Uh, and most the stuff that you use for your, just a regular marketing cleaning situations, they don’t give you that type of um, strong cutting action cause they know you’re not going to use a lot of water to rinse it out. So they try to use a really low suds, low Ritz formula so that it can dry and kind of powder away and break down as you use it instead of having to leave a large, a large amount of residue on the, on the tile itself. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998. Uh, I think the important takeaway here is that as you’re mopping, if you can do an extra clean mop, you will extend the time between needing a professional to come in and get the carpet taken or the tile taken care of for you. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (06:34)
Uh, but as you’re going through, what the professional do is we’ll use a stronger soap. We’ll physically take the brushes and physically scrubbed down all the parts. Cause not only do we want to soak it and break down the dirt that way, but we need to physically get it in because grout lines are rough. You run your finger now back and forth. You could sand your finger out down because it’s a fairly rough, it’s got pits and porous sides to it. So you need to have something with brushes to get into those little pits. To break them up to get the water down. Otherwise the water will just sit on the top of the dirt and it won’t mix down in with the dirt. And then the third part, and the most important part is that we use high powered rents. So we’ll use anywhere from 400 to a thousand pounds of pressure and thoroughly go through and rinse the grout lines with Oh anywhere from 10 to 40 gallons of water to thoroughly rinse it out and that water sprays down and gets sucked immediately back up. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (07:22)
So it’s not diluting and cutting in half the water is there, it’s physically going over each area and rinsing with water until all the soap is gone. This is something that you can do at your house on your own. Most people don’t want to do it because it’s a lot of extra effort. So you can take a shot back and you could take a garden hose connected to either the outside spicket or connected directly to your hot water heater and then come inside and spray the tile down. But some tiles detergent down and take a either a hand scrub brush, a deck brush, they actually make tile brushes that you can also get and they go through and scrub that tile and get it all mixed in. What you here, what you’re wanting to do is to break it down. You’re wanting to get it back into suspension. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (08:01)
Right now. It’s a hard soapy dirt on the ground. You want to get it into become a soft soapy dirt that you can break it down and suck back up and now you wrap your shot back. Make sure you take the paper filter out of that shot back. Otherwise you’re going to end up with Plato inside of your shot back. You don’t want to have that paper filter hit water because it will just turn to mush. They make a water filter. Some of them you can just take the filter out completely. Other ones, you want to put the little black kind of plastic honeycomb water filter in there and that will keep the moisture filtered out as it’s being sucked in, but also allow the suction to keep going and not blow debris back into the house. So you go through, you take your, uh, just take a regular spray head like for a garden and put it on the flat setting. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (08:46)
And now you can take your uh, shot back and they almost always at home Depot or Lowe’s will have a squeegee head. You can put downs, it’s got a squeegee with a suction on one side. You can actually run across the tile and it will squeegee across while sucking the water up as you can just spray down water and suck it up, spray it out water and suck it up and go through about 10 to 15 gallons across your floor. And that will rinse off all of the dirt and debris at the end of the tile. And also remove all of the soap that’s on the tile and causing it to stick and to cause dirty. This will give you roughly the same thing up. I’ve had a few customers do that and realize that after a couple of hours of going through that long enduring process, it is absolutely worth it to have somebody else come in and put all of these shoulder work and effort. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (09:26)
Because the one thing you’re not going to have thought ahead on is that to physically go through and scrub all the tile requires a bit of upper body work and it’s not hard work, but it’s work that you don’t normally do because you’re using your shoulders to scrub the tile forward, back forward, back forward, back as you go down each grout line and a room that say it’s 10 by 10 and the grout tiles are one foot by one foot tiles. So that means there is 11 lines, one direction and 11 lines the other direction. So that means there is 200 feet of grout lines described. So you look across the room and you’re like, it’s only a hundred square feet, but you’d double that because you have to go down one way, scrubbing it down the other way, scrubbing on each line, 10 feet each direction, 10 10 different times across the room. So you end up with around 200 linear feet of grout disrupt.

Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998. We will continue our series in our next podcast.