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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 478 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 478 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 478 | Complete Carpet

We continue our podcast series on tile cleaning. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. We are Complete Carpet. 

Speaker 1: (19:38)
And the carpet, you could tell, I mean you’d Pat your hand against it and like a cloud of dust just plumed right up. So there’s only so much at that point you can do because not because we can’t do a good job cleaning, but because you have spent the last three to five years walking the dirt into the carpet. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. So you’ve been, you know, every day actively stomping that dirt down into the carpet, smacking into the carpet, trying to get it to stick down in where it shouldn’t be. Whereas we are unable to reverse that much damage to the carpet all in one go. Now I have had customers that have had really damaged carpets, not from their own making. They bought a home that hadn’t been cared for. It was a rental and no one had cleaned the carpets in four or five years and the first clean over it makes the carpets look much better.

Speaker 1: (20:21)
But the backing is filled with dirt. And so as they get that first clean off, they start backing me. They’re like, man, every time I backed him I get more dirt out of the carpet. Cause there’s stuff we don’t get the backend wet, we don’t want to break your carpet down. We’ve got to make sure that every time we clean it, the carpet is going to last longer, not less. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. By the very sheer nature of us getting the carpet clean for you. And so each time that you vacuum you’re going to suck a little bit more dirt through that. Now clean fibers of the carpet because now it has access to it. Carpet cleaning, Tulsa’s it’s 1998 and then each successive clean that we do after that potentially as the way to break it down. But we’re slowly reversing the damage that took years to put in.

Speaker 1: (20:55)
Sometimes take two years to bring back out. So you’ll clean over and now as you walk across it, the dirt in the carpet will start. As you step on it, we’ll start bouncing back up into the clean fibers and now you can back it out and if it sticks to it and we then you can clean it out. And so it doesn’t every time it’s not 100% um, you know, success ratio, some carpets just thoroughly damaged away. They can’t be restored to that. Let it go too far. But most carpets as you go through, you can, you know, you might get to 60 or 70% of what it looked like before and then the next time you get to 75 and the next time you get to 80, 85 and you might only get to 90% of what it looked like before. Each time it lightens up a little bit more. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (21:32)
The backing of carpet is the canvas of the carpet. So if you were to paint any painting that you were going to do, if you do it on a black canvas, that black canvas is going to change the color of everything you put on top of it. For example, if I put white on a blank canvas, I’m going to have a gray looking color. It’s even though I put white paint on there, the black bleeds through cause that’s your backing color. And so it’s going to look grayish. Instead, all of my colors that I’m going to put on there are going to look darker. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. My blacks are going to look really black. The grays are going to look more dark gray. The blues are going to look more of a dark blue. They’re all going to have this richer, deeper, darker color because they have been put over a black backpack. Now, if I had a white canvas, which is what the majority of people do, the white cab is going to get a more brighter, lighter look. So my uh, my black would look more gray over a white canvas. My white will look pure white like snow on a white canvas. My, um, my Red’s going to look a more pinkish and I spread them out over a white canvas and etc. So you’re uh, when you’re dealing with your carpet, the carpet itself is going to have a certain amount of color

Speaker 2: (22:43)
friends and because the back of backing of the carpet is white. And so as you take that back into the carpet, which is why, and you put your fibers over top of it, they are going to look lighter. Now as you walk on it, you’re going to walk a dirt and the dirt is going to bounce into and through the carpet. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. And that dirt that’s bounced into and through the carpet will end up on the backing. And as you got, I can get you back in it back up. But if you leave it for too long, eventually that backing will turn a darker Brown color and it will stay that way because now it’s been beaten with dirt for quite a while. And that dirt that’s beaten into it is now into that back unit starting to change the color of that backend. So it’s gone from a nice bright white backing into more of a kind of a tan and then it kind of goes to a medium light Brown and it goes to a dark Brown and if it sits there long enough and eventually it can go to black or it’s just really beaten in there.

Speaker 2: (23:37)
And you can sometimes see this in your walk paths where the pads themselves look darker than the rest of the carpet. Even if the carpets cleaned, it still has a darker look and it’s not because the fiber itself is dirty, it’s because the canvas behind the fiber, the backing is a darker color. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. So the fibers look a darker because there’s something dark behind it. The same way that if you paint on a black canvas, the painting that you paint on there will look darker than if you had made a painting on a white canvas. And unfortunately if you get too far down that road, there’s sometimes not anything you can do to restore the carpet because it’s got so much dirt debris packed into that backing. There’s not a way to clean the backing of carpet. If you do get down the back end carpet is got little holes in it where all the fibers are going through, but it’s mostly a, a net of backing fiber that is surrounded by glue holding all the fibers and the netting altogether. And it’s that mixture of uh, glue and backing fiber then impregnates with dirt and now you’ve got something that can’t be an undone. It can’t be changed or rolled back because it is, um, it’s now been, Oh, a lack of better term. It’s been, uh, saturated with dirt.

We will continue our podcast in the next episode.