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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 487 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 487 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 487 | Complete Carpet

We continue this Carpet Diem podcast. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. We are Complete Carpet. Give us a call today at 918-494-7093


Speaker 1: (06:16)
I am going to come and clean your carpets and make it look amazing when your truck is not clean like, Oh, I mean we don’t clean our own truck, but we will clean your carpet suit just fantastic. And so knowing that there is a dichotomy there, that’s going to be this mental shift saying, okay, how do I trust you to clean my carpets where you can’t keep your band clean? Uh, this is kind of resonates with the broken window theory that a person goes by and they see a, an abandoned storefront. They’re not going to pick up a rock and throw it through the window, the broken storefront or of the, uh, the at abandoned storefront. But if they come up to a storefront and the windows already broken out, more than likely the number of people that would pick up a stone and break one of the already broken glasses. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (07:04)
It goes up tremendously. So most of the time people see things that are good, sharp looking in order. They treat it as such. They care for it a little bit more. Uh, mostly because you don’t want to be the person that gets blamed for what is there. If you’ve got come in on a beautiful, clean white carpet, you’re going to stop and go, Ooh, maybe I shouldn’t walk through here, my muddy shoes, cause everyone’s going to know it was me. Uh, to quote Jim Carrey from liar liar, he just said it was me. Yes it was you because you are the one that walked through. Everyone can tell. We’ve all had the time where we come home and you’ve seen a trail of debris leading over to a trash bag leading over to a dog that’s kind of hiding in the corner and you’re like, okay, I could tell who the culprit is because it is right here. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (07:48)
We had a a, remember they caught a, uh, here, the Tulsa area that caught a thief because he went in and he robbed a bank. But before he robbed the bank, he gave him a check for like $1 million. And the lady looked at and said half jokingly, but kind of like tried to buy some time as she’s trying to hit the button, the panic button that someone, you know, there is having problems and she says, Oh, I’m so, I definitely will cash it for H, need some identification. So the guy pulls his license out, sets it down on the counter and then pulls a gun out and says, you’re going to cash this check. And so she goes ahead and says, well look, I can only give you all the money that I’ve gotten. I don’t have access to the ball. He’s like, all right, just give me everything you’ve got. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (08:29)
Grabs all the money and runs. Guess what? He forgot to grab back off the counter. What was sitting there on the counter for the cops when they arrive and they said there’s a guy he came into here, we don’t know who he is. He robbed the bank. He wanted us to cash it out. A ridiculous amount of checking and needed. We didn’t have the money. He just took everything at our cash drawers and you took off and it’s like, well how will we ever find this guy? What on earth can we do to try to find this guy? What is it that we can do to try to solve this amazing mystery? And the lady said, well he did show me his license. Oh, if only we could remember what that license looked like. If only we could remember it wasn’t, well actually he gave me his license. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (09:05)
He sent it here on the counter. I still have his license cause he never asked for a back and they’re like, Oh, Oh well, surely, surely he went up, left his license with his current address that he just took all the money back to his home at that would, I’m sure he did not do that. But so just on a, just a hunch, I said, look, let’s just, we’ll just test this theory. We’ll see if maybe there’s, you know, I’m surely he didn’t do this, but maybe just maybe. And so there they go. They take off, they drive over and there he is counting his big fat wad of cash in the house on the license that he had left at the bank that he had just robbed. And so sometimes we make a assumption, we do things without thinking all the way through what it is. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (09:49)
Some things are so obvious, they slap us right in front of the face and getting back to my right example, uh, here is a rug that she has done its job and that’s why it needs to be cleaned. And so it needs to be maintained so that it can continue to do his job. Now if you leave that rug there and it keeps collecting dirt, eventually it will become like your um, uh, just, it’ll eventually become a lot like your tile and wood floors. If you just left a big, let’s say that I spilled some syrup in your kitchen and right in front of the sink I build some syrup. I just left it there. What is going to happen to do stop your syrup if I don’t clean this for the rest of your kitchen, if I don’t clean that syrup up right away and we’re going to look around and the answer is the whole kitchen is going to be covered in syrup soon because anyone that steps on that syrup is now going to take it with them on the bottom of the shoe and they’re going to step in another place and that place will be sticky. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. We are Complete Carpet.