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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 504 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 504 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 504 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (05:23)
This is the Complete Carpet Podcast, a continuation of episode 503. But if my mom got poison Oak, well then, I mean she really very close. It could be hospitalized from it. And so we, our bodies reacted to the irritant differently, but we both did react. Everyone does react in some way. If I took a handful of dust and blew it in someone’s face, everybody’s going to sneeze. But some people can just sneeze by walking into just purely a dusty environment and other people can have, uh, just walk by somebody who is dusting and sneeze. So we’ve got all kinds of different levels of reaction that we have to it, but we all will at some sneeze or react to it. You know, not everybody reacts to milk doesn’t really bother, but if you drank milk all day long, you’re gonna end up with a stomach ache by the next, by the next day. Like if you just had nothing but pure milk, eventually your stomach’s going to not like it over time. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (06:12)
Or I had a good friend, he all he drank was a Pepsi for a long time and ended up with ulcers, really bad ulcers. And there’s solution to get rid of his ulcers, was to quit drinking Pepsi and go back to drinking actual water. Um, so like we, you know, he’s not allergic to Pepsi, but overdoing it and you end up having a response to it that you’d not normally have. And so this is where we come into play with cleaning your carpets. Uh, your carpet is a giant. Um, soft, rugged is great cause there’s giant trash bag or waste basket that can hold a lot of dirt and debris so that you don’t have to vacuum every day. But if you let it go over time, eventually all of that dust and dirt and allergens will build up in your carpet. Your carpet is, you are not allergic to your carpet. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (06:58)
You’re not alerted to wood floor. You’re not allergic to a tile. You’re allergic to the stuff that’s on the tile that’s on the wood floor that’s in your carpet. And this is the part where we can come in and help because you do try to vacuum, make sure that you keep that carpet in good, healthy shape. But at a certain point the carpet becomes sticky or gunky and you can no longer vacuum it back out. And some then you need to have it cleaned out and we can come in and help him. That will improve the air quality of your home tremendously. By having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, you will maintain that wastebasket. So think of a your kitchen, wastebasket, you’re sitting there, you throw stuff away. Let’s say you’ve got any of your wastebasket that don’t have a trash bag liner and you throw the trash in there and then you empty the trash bag and then you throw the trash in the empty, into a trash bag. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (07:44)
You throw the trash away, empty it into a, um, a trash bag. And then over time, eventually you turn it upside down and these trash does not fall out. And you look down in there and somebody put a Coke or a Sprite or a Pepsi or something in there and it’s spilled into the bottom and it’s made the bottom of the trash container sticky. And now the trash is sticking to the stickiness of the container. And then you have to take a sponge and washing, clean that trash bag. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998. So think of your carpets in the same way that you should be able to vacuum out. You do not need us if you can just vacuum the dirt and debris out of your carpet. But once your carpets get oily or sticky, then the dirt and debris doesn’t vacuum out. It sticks to the carpet and then you need us to come in there and remove that debris. Carpet cleaning. Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 or on the web at complete carpet. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 2: (00:16)
first information and on the escalator. Okay, so this is what we’re giving to our plans here. Pretty much all the information is going to be on that SBA site. Here’s where you can go to, to figure it out. If you have any questions, it has two numbers for you to call, but we’re not taking in the applications here in the branch. I mean, you’ll have to do it through, through them on the website. Oh, tried and it’s not working and it’s not working. Yeah. Yeah. They told us go into a branch. I told him to go onto a branch. Yes. Okay. You guys can’t do it then maybe we need to go to different [inaudible]. I mean, it’s supposed to be done through them. Um, what I’m hearing is that we’re not doing it through the branch, but let me just go check on this real quick. Okay, sure. I appreciate that all. Thank you. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (01:15)
[inaudible] no, yeah. Horse [inaudible]. Okay. [inaudible] gotcha. [inaudible] great. [inaudible] yeah. Yeah. We actually lucked out on our, our date was March 14 and that following Monday is when they came out and said no more. No groups. So we uh, the ceremony and then we’re going to have to reschedule Greece and all that because that was supposed to be here and uh, basically by a month we were going to go the beginning of the day, so we’re kind of trying to let her, yeah, the, the um, yeah, schedule worked out perfectly for us for that, so yeah. Yeah. That was, that’s the bigger one. So that was good to get that and then we can, that was [inaudible]. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (03:17)
Yeah, yeah. It will be producing left and right. Absolutely. Oh, well yes. That’s a different one. Okay. Sounds good. Alright, perfect. Let’s see if I can find that. All right. Yeah, I’ll get right on it and I’ll get you awesome. Yes, sir. Thank you. This is the economic injury disaster. Yes. That’s not what we’re looking at. Okay. Okay. Send it on. Small business entrepreneurship to the small business owner’s guide to care. Correct. Maybe. Is it the wrong document? Yeah. I’m just trying to get a little more information. Did you go to this specific, well, I’m don’t want, this isn’t what I’m interested in. What are you interested in? The payroll protection program. Yeah, that’s part of it. Yes. The economic injury, disaster loans, a different loan than the payroll protection program to have all of that on here. Okay. Yeah. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.