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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 508 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 508 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 508 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (02:05)
This is the Complete Carpet Carpet Diem podcast. This is a continuation of the previous episode. I think that’s really where our strengths lie and not trying to do everything all on her own, but to bring in those who can help us to tackle the different things and many things we just aren’t able to do because we want it done in a better, more cohesive way. And yet we don’t get to that result as the result of our actions. But as a result of others’ actions, we try to bring on the smartest and the brightest to help us as we make our way through this life. And part of that is what we did was in giving you an opportunity to have beautiful fresh carpet without having to do any of the work yourself. Now there is a synergy that happens between us because if you want to get your carpet clean, it does help to have every thing moved or cleaned up or maintained within your house. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
Went back to the example of your house is your castle. We want to make sure that you are enjoying what it is that you have. Put your hard earned money, time, sweat, and precious, valuable time into. Because this is a place that you were going to spend the majority of your life. I want you to desire to go home and not worry about whether you have to sit on the couch or sit on the floor or whether the house smells a little off or if there is still an a mistake. We’ve all had it happen before. Uh, is, uh, there was a movie I saw once where the grandpa that came over, somebody spilled something and he said, Oh, don’t worry about it. So he grabbed a sheet of paper and throws it over top of the spill and I said, no, no, no. We got to clean that up. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (03:40)
And he says, I did like, no, you just put newspaper over top of it and it kind of pants across the room and the whole room to cover it. Newspaper and sometimes we do that in our lives where we’re just putting things over stuff that we already know is there, but we can’t, we can’t escape the fact that our mind knows that it’s there to prove this back to you. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner. All of us have had some experience at some point where you sit there and you’re like, okay, I am walking into a room and in this room there is a person inside this room. Maybe there owes me something or I owe something and it’s right. Then it’s that, that moment that we, a couple of flood of memories, everything that has to do with that particular transaction or that particular item that we borrowed that we’ve forgotten to bring back or we remember every single detail the that we see that person’s face now. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (04:31)
There’s other times where you’d be at the ball and you don’t have any point of con connection to somebody. They’ll come up to you. I’ve been at the mall before. It’s a bit of there. Oh my goodness. Hey Nathan, how is it going? And you look over and you see the person and there’s like this slight little teeny itch in the back of your brain. It’s like, I think maybe I know who this person is. And that slight little teeny edge is not strong enough to evoke any memory as to who they are. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner. And you hope that in conversation they’ll mention that they know you from church high school, from a men’s meeting. Was it at you bumped into you and kind of cleaned your carpet. It’s like, what way do I know that this person and your friend can’t put the numbers together? But if you owe somebody something or somebody owes you something to do anything, immediately know who it was, when it was, what it was for. Tulsa’s carpet cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (05:22)
And all those memories come floated back. Which means from that time that you had that transaction and that time that you did until now, part of your memory has been taken up with the thought of maintaining the knowledge that this person owes you something or that you owe this person something. Our homes can be the same way that we carry with us the knowledge of all this stuff that needs to be done in our home that we have yet to do. But as soon as you get your carpets cleaned, that particular item on your check list in your brain and sitting there and taking up valuable retail space in your mind immediately gets checked off and go on to not like for the week, month, year after you’ve had the carpet stain. As long as they keep looking nice, you don’t again think by the harvest date, but as soon as the carpet to get to that point that you noticed they’re dirty. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.

Speaker 1: (06:09)
Now every day you’re thinking, Oh, the carpets. Every time you come back home, you take the carpets and every time you take your shoes off, you’d go to sit on the carpet on the floor. You not only want to sit on the carpet, but you know that your kids and your family would love to sit on it too, or even possibly lay on it. You could even have some friends over because they like the way your carpet feels too. You think, Oh the carpet, maybe I shouldn’t. Similar car. Maybe I should keep my shoes on. Maybe I will have people over cause it smells a little bunny or it looks dirty. Or what would they think perfectly named Tulsa since 1998 Tulsa is carpet cleaner. We are Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner. So give us all the day and get on the road to having your mansion be a place you love to come home to again. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner.