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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 521 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 521 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 521 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sevrinus with complete carpet. Today we’re going to continue our talk or finish our talk on the final step. We’ll be cleaning the carpets before you even take pictures of four. You listed it before you’ve sold your house carpet clean. He tells us since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call the day at (918) 494-7093 we can get you on the way to enjoying your castle again. So this last one is where we are going to talk about getting the carpets cleaned. First thing off the bat and some people, this is unnecessary, but some people, this is really necessary. You may be in the deciding factor before I get pictures of before I start showing the home are my carpets saveable or my carpet’s going to be good enough looking or as I’m going to have everyone coming through. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (00:48)
I want to make sure that I’ve got it freshened up so I can start seeing my trouble areas right off the bat. But a few times where we’ll clean carpets and they, one of the rooms doesn’t clean up to the satisfaction of the quality of the home and so they end up replacing that room of carpet but they don’t have the budget to replace all the carpet and sometimes you need you, if you’ve got red stains or pet urine all throughout the house, it might be time to replace that carpet right before you sell it because it would be difficult to sell a house that smells a bit like Pega and you’d put a lot of money into removing the smell of the carpet. But if you’re going to, uh, do all of that, uh, take up and remove the carpet, it may just be quicker and easier. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Carpet Cleaner.

Speaker 1: (01:31)
Now you won’t get the money back. I always tell people if you’re replacing the carpet, you’re not doing it as an investment. You’re not going to get a higher value for the house. You are saving the value of the home. If you have really smelly torn up, a bad looking carpet, people will walk in and just discount the amount they’ll offer you buy typically five to $10,000 the amount that they believe it takes to replace the carpet in a home. Uh, it doesn’t always take five to $10,000 to replace the carpet, but that’s the number that most people will be told. If they say, I need to replace the car from the home, they’ll say, yeah, it’s be like 7,500 bucks. Now you might get it done for three to five, but it could take all the way up to 10 depending on the quality of the carpet you choose. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (02:09)
That’s what most people will in turn when they go to offer their price, say, well, I mean I’m going to need at least an extra $10,000 to replace carpet, so I need to budget that in. That means I’ll have to put $10,000 less down. So I need to be able to have spent $10,000 less all of the Hill. And so it ends up being this circular thought process that will bring the price down before you ever get a offer on the home. On the same token, if you replace all the carpet in your home with the most extravagant, nicest, freshest, most beautiful carpet in the world, they will just offer you potentially asking price. They’re not going to come in and say, wow man, they really, they said 200 but Mendez carpet. So nice. I’m going to offer them two 15. You’re not going to get the 10 or $15,000 above what you’re wanting to say. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Carpet Cleaner.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
So you want to find the right happy medium between those two points. Uh, even read a study once said that if you replace all the carpet, you typically won’t even get that, um, value specifically back people who do need a fresh carpet in their home and they will love it. And there’s gonna be another group of people who are looking for a home that they can replace the carpet in. And if you put brand new carpet in a home, people aren’t going to rip up brand new carpet and replace it. It’s going to be very rare that someone does that. On the same token, if you have a, uh, poor looking carpet in your home, then you want to make sure that you are, uh, uh, freshening that up in comparison so that you are not leaving the people with a having to overlook the bad looking carpet to try to be like they could do something in that space. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (03:49)
You want them, you want it to be move in ready. You want people to say, okay, if I came into here, could I use it? And who is your person that might be looking at buying your home? If you’ve got carpets and they look really, you know, like they’re right there on the edge, you know, there may be a little bit dirty, they’re not too bad and you get a good solid cleaning and the carpet’s really cleaned up nicely and they looked great and they look a little bit, a little worn, but they’re not too bad. But you know that you’re gonna be selling this home. This home is going to be going towards the right across the street from a school. It’s going to be going towards somebody with multiple kids. Well then you would immediately say, Hey, people wouldn’t mind this carpet because if they put fresh brand new carpet in here that might be reluctant to buy it, knowing they’ve got lots of little kids and those little kids are going to potentially really wear out the carpet fast. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Carpet Cleaner.

Speaker 1: (04:32)
They won’t feel so bad if they’ve got carpet that’s already somewhat, um, you know, that they’re not so concerned about. So, um, getting in, getting those carpets cleaned, the main areas before you get your pictures, before you get your stuff done, that way you gives you a, an idea or a, a process of what might be the, uh, the proper phase that you want to do while addressing your home. Because now you’re looking at it and you say, okay, so I’ve got this room. Looks great. That little room looks great. This room could probably use some help. Um, maybe there’s stuff in there that you thought, I’ve had plenty of jobs where we went in there. They thought I’m going to have to replace the carpet. Well get a carpet cleaning first before you jump out there and replace it. You may be surprised at, you may save one room and they save five rooms, but any room that you save saves you four or $500 because it costs about five to $600 per room to replace it. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 2: (05:26)
Carpet. Even if you can say one room and you only spent a hundred or $200 on the cleaning, then you now have that much more that you can, uh, putting your budget to put towards other things. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Carpet Cleaner.

Speaker 1: (05:37)
Uh, also by getting the carpet cleaned right off the bat helps before you take your pictures so that you have good looking pictures. Some people wait until they show the home. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 2: (05:45)
Most people say, Hey, let’s get it cleaned before the pictures so that when people go online, which so many people nowadays are going online as their main place to go search for a home, they’ve had a pre sold themselves on a home before even get there because they’ve done the virtual tour. They’ve looked at the pictures, had uh, seen the neighborhood. They’ve seen the place, they’ve done all their, uh, shopping ahead of time so that when they get there, they’re just confirming their suspicions. Carpet cleaning tells us since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine one eight four, nine, four, seven zero nine three carpet. DMCs your clean today. Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Carpet Cleaner.