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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 522 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 522 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 522 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. This is your host, Nathan Sevrinus with complete carpet. Today we’re going to talk about wear and tear, dust, the universal sandpaper. Have your carpet. I give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoying your carpets. Again, I get this question asked a lot, uh, from our customers and that is what is the life expectancy of my carpet. Uh, why does I, why do I end up with, uh, wear patterns throughout the house and where do I end up with ways to prevent those wear patterns from happening? What are some tips, tricks, and things we can do to get the most longevity, the most life out of our cousin? So we’ll just nail this with a couple of short things. It’s very long and definitely probably do hours on this particular podcast alone, all the different factors that go into this, but let’s keep it real high level and we’ll just do real surface covering job of one. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa since 1998.

Speaker 1: (00:59)
Wherever you walk is where it’s going to wear. So if you look across your home, find the places that are the most susceptible to movement. This will be sitting in front of your couch. This will be as you walk in the front door and look at the back door. Look at the garage. You come in and out of the garage, on the sides of your bed because you’ll get in and out of your bed at least once a day. I could think about it. We may have w we’ve all got at least one set closet. Let’s make it a closet to make it easiest to universal. Everyone’s got at least one linen closet that you cannot walk into. And so that carpet in that living closet looks perfect the entire life of the house because no one could walk on that carpet. It’s got shelves in there. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (01:39)
There’s no way to get to the floor, not, it’s probably got a box or two hiding underneath there. The bottom there. Some, some special, a festival item, maybe a decoration before the, uh, Halloween timeframe or maybe some day before the 4th of July, maybe a Christmas decoration. You’ve got something there for your uh Oh, maybe your little heart shape, Ballantine’s decoration. You stuck in there that you’re going to have pull out, but it’s not being used. All these declarations have been sitting in there taking up space because it’s covering and protecting the carpet. That’s never going to be walked off so that carpet there will look brand new. It’s a lot like a garage. Kept calm. If you keep the car, you get your car, you love this car, you wash it on the weekends and you take it and then you put it right back in the garage. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa since 1998.

Speaker 1: (02:24)
It never puts a mile on that car because it stays in your garage all the time. It’s just, it’s more of a decoration or trophy piece than it is a functional use. It, it’s not a daily driving. Your daily driver on the other hand typically doesn’t get quite the same amount of care because it’s being done daily and so that needs to keep it up to that level of clean the performance and spit shine. You’d have to daily wash and clean that car. No, of course. You’re daily driving it so you don’t have the time to stop and spend 30 minutes washing your car every day. You’ve got other more important things to do. You’ve got products that are in the house, need fixed up, time to spend with your wife or your husband. You’ve got time to take care of your little kids, your kiddos, and a little jelly face toddlers that need your attention or your sugar, steroid it out. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (03:12)
Teenagers who were hyped up at whatever the next cool gadgets thing fix is that they want you to get to done. To sit there today it’s going to be, they need to learn how to roller blade and then roller blades on it. Next thing it’s a cap dance and you’re like captains and I thought that was gone. I didn’t realize that was a thing again. Oh yes, tap dancing. I definitely want to look into tap dancing because tap dancing is the most coolest thing outside of vocal lessons. I mean, did I say tap dancing? I meant to say vocal lessons. Vocal lessons are the coolest thing that I’ve ever hit. The, you know, like if you were to slice vocal lessons, it’d be the coolest thing since sliced bread because if we’re able to slice a bulk of less, it made no sense. But Hey, I decided to go with the metaphor and it works. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa since 1998.

Speaker 1: (03:52)
It gets, you know, it’s like when somebody says they want to hit the nail right between the eyes and you’re like, Oh wait, w not in the head. I thought it was on the head and he was like, no, no, it’s right between the eyes. It’s out. Come on, get to get with a dad. They’re obviously calling off the chain on the chain. I didn’t know I was who chained me up. I’m not quite following the metaphors here. I’m very confused. And so we get in there where you need to enjoy this space with our kids. We need to enjoy the timeframe that we have and sometimes we are not prepared for what it is that’s going to happen next. So we want to help you to prepare by looking around and seeing what areas are getting the most traffic and where, for example, a spare bedroom probably really doesn’t need much add to it at all because nobody walks in there or if they do, it’s once a week. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (04:39)
Whereas your pathway in and out of your front door has, let’s say there’s five people. So it was do it for easy numbers for people that live in the house. So those four people will have to walk into the house every day. So you’ve got four sets of tracks going across the entry every day as they come in and everyday as they go out. So that’s eight tracks towards the front door. Let’s say that everybody sits down to watch TV each night. And so you’ve got four tracks going to the couch and four tracks pulled away from the couch. And then every time you guys sit down to watch the movie, everybody sits down and they get up at least once to go to the bathroom and they get up and these ones to go get a drink. So you’ve got another four four-track leaving the couch to go to the bathroom, another Fort drive through that, the couch to get a drink. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa since 1998.

Speaker 1: (05:19)
Uh, so next you, everybody goes to their bedrooms. So each bedroom gets one set of tracks. Since you got four bed or three bedrooms for your four people, two people sleep together, the other two kids are in each room, get a room over their own. So now each bedroom gets one set of tracks going into the bedroom. And what’s attracts coming out of the bedroom is that if you look across the couch, got the most number of tracks, the front door got the second most number attracted each bedroom, got the least amount of tracks that only one person went into each bedroom. Whereas poor people came out for a door and the couch got four people multiple times because they sat down and got upside down, got upside down, God. And so a lot of deal go into and out of, back into and of your bedroom that often, sometimes you do, but the majority of time you either go in or you come out. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (06:02)
Uh, there’s other areas, but we can just give you a general breakdown of what to look for. And so by looking at those spaces, but rugs, but runners, uh, clean those a little bit more often. Like the spare bedroom doesn’t need to be cleaned as much as we’re talking about the car example. Uh, if you don’t drive the car that’s in your garage, you don’t need to wash it all the time. But if you got your daily driver that needs to be washed all the time. So think of your couches, your daily driver and the spare bedroom has the garage kept car. Spare bedroom doesn’t need to be vacuumed or cleaned on a regular basis, but the front deck area around your couch and around your heating areas do need to be done. Daily carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are completing carpet. Thank you for joining us on this carpet DM podcast, your host, Nathan Sabrina’s and we will catch you next time. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa since 1998.