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Carpet Cleaner | Episode 526 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 526 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaner | Episode 526 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. My name is Nathan Sabrina’s. I will be your host with complete carpet. Uh, today I wanted to talk to you about your pets and your carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1898 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine 1-849-470-NINE please. Your pets and your carpet are two birds of a feather. Since most dogs or cats like to walk around on the carpet and they do so in a different pattern than you and I. This creates different types and kinds of where that is normally happens to your carpet. For example, if you have two older, lovely, beautiful couple that they are now retired, they have mobility issues and they move throughout the home. They typically will shuffle them because it takes more energy to take those bigger, longer, higher strides or they’ve just over time not able to move quite as much as they did. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (00:57)
So now as they walk, they walk and you’ll see this kind of tread life path that they will go through and it’ll be the same childlike path because they try to be as direct and efficient as possible so that they use the least amount of energy and so you’ll see a path going straight to the bathroom. We’ll see a pathway straight to the kitchen and a pathway straight to one side of the couch. They know which side of the couch they like to sit on and that would be pretty much the three. The only three paths to go through their house is you go into the kitchen, you’re going to the bathroom where you’re going to sit down and watch some TV. Whereas a younger couple with kids, we’ll have pads to kind of go all throughout the house. They’ll have those same three main paths and it’ll be a path that goes into the kid’s bedroom because each kid will go into the bedroom and come back out into the bedroom, come back down to the average person does not an adults typically goes to the bedroom to sleep or to change, but outside of that they don’t go back and in and out of their bedroom that often they’ll be in and out of the office or the kitchen or the living room, but not typically to their own bedroom. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (01:54)
And then kids will go up and down the stairs. People we choose not to go up those stairs as much. Kids will go up and down the stairs much more often. I need to get into a younger teenage people. Well then they kind of just use all their spaces and a lot of their spaces and stuff that they have happened happens because they need their stuff laying around. So there is, it’s a clean general area, but that piece of pizza got flipped over to the city there for a week or a month and a part did you have over there in the corner where there was a soda pop can that has been there for a week or two and then finally gets knocked over and spills as you have a lot more dirt sources. Not because people walk the VPs because people left stuff that was dirty and that stuff gets dropped in falling all over the place and then the last type of people that you’ll have are people with pets and when you have pets they’re going to run into a different phenomenon. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (02:47)
You’re going to have pets do not walk it from point to point like we do because we have a goal, we have a purpose for what we’re doing. It’s that purpose is that we want to go to the kitchen to pick something up, but we typically don’t just pick something up at the kitchen for the sake of picking it up. We pick it up and we take it somewhere and they take it to the table where they take it to the couch and they take it to somewhere else and deposit it there. So we had a reason or a purpose for what we were trying to accomplish. We’ll do, um, with pets. On the other hand, they typically follow, so there’ll be behind you and they’ll walk over to one side of you and then walk around the other side of you and you stop walking and walk around you and then you go into the kitchen or you go into the dining room, living room and they’ll come over and lay on one side of the couch and they’ll get up and to walk over to the other side and then they’ll go in the quarter and they’ll go over to the TV. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (03:32)
So they move around a lot, try to find a comfortable space or they explore their environments as opposed to just walking from point to point. They enjoy their environment and move around it. Because of this, you’ll have places that get dirty that don’t normally get dirty. If you were to come into a home and you look around at all the carpets look dingy across and there’s no real walk pads, nine times out of 10 that means there’s pets in there because the pets will walk around and lay down and then they’ll stand up. They’ll turn the circles and lay back down again and they’ll run into the corner and then they’ll see us. Something literally crossed the wall and we’ll like, they just kind of traverse all across. Pets are a lot like babies. A baby will go through and they will crawl as they go through to just, they’re probably discovered they’re not going with a purpose to be somewhere they’re calling because they want to discover what’s over there. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (04:26)
I haven’t been to that part of the room yet. As they slowly start to see their, their minds open up to the possibility of other things that there are, they will get out there and process, you know, Oh, there’s a new spot in this room that I have not before noticed or paid attention to. And then each time they move into another new spot, they discover something else. They hadn’t paid attention to do a note about and so we didn’t have that situation. We want to make sure that you’re doing more than just a traffic area. Vacuuming, this will change for the older couple. They don’t need a vacuum all their home. They really need to vacuum the path to bathroom, the passenger, the couch and the path to the kitchen. Whereas if you have kids, you need to do the paths up and down the stairs into the rooms and in and around the backs. I think you teenagers, you kinda have to just back you up everything. If you have pets, you kind of just have to vacuum everything because all of those areas are getting a lot of extra attention that normally doesn’t get done in other circumstances. Also, pets have hair and that hair can get on everything and leave a layer of oil across anything that they’re dealing with and so those layers of oil will attract dirt and it’ll will stick to the oil that is all made. This toady down the carpet. Tulsa’s Carpet Cleaner since 1998.

Speaker 1: (05:39)
By removing that coding, you will then free up the carpet to be able to be vacuum properly. Again, the dirt no longer sticking to the carpet and it just sitting on the carpet. Carpet cleaning and Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 or find us on the web at complete carpet. carpet cleaning. Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa is in our fiber.