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Carpet Cleaner | Getting More From Your Carpet Today!

Carpet Cleaner | Getting More From Your Carpet Today!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. Today we are going to continue our talk about vacuuming and because it is important topically, we’re going to add multiple different parts to it. We are complete carpet, so give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 Tulsa is highest and most reviewed carpet cleaner in the Tulsa area. Give us a call today to get that in-person feel so that you can get back to enjoying your castle again. So you can give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and find out what you have been missing. What is it that we can do for you to help you to recover and to regain that function in that form that your carpets have always needed so that you can enjoy sitting down and laying on the carpet. Have friends over, have baby over, get to. Just didn’t really just enjoy the, enjoy the snotty of your carpet by getting rid of the snot that’s in your carpet.

So give us a call today at nine one eight four nine four 709 three or find us on the web at complete Carpet Cleaner, or on Facebook at complete carpet. So we are going to continue our talk about uh, vacuuming what you need to do, cause we’ve talked a lot about all the different forms of the functions, the how, the why and the vacuum. What do you want to try to get done and what you’re trying to accomplish. But now we want to go into the actual nitty gritty. We’re getting into the super nitty gritty is a three step process to vacuuming your carpet in a way that is both helpful for them, full and functional. So you’re going to get in there, you’re going to vacuum your Carpet Cleaner, you’re going to do the entire big, whole shebang. We’re going to go through and say, all right, we need it all.

We want it all clean. Don’t want to leave any parts undone. And so you may even go to the extremes of moving stuff around you. You’re going to do that, that deep clean that once a year deep clean where you get out, does it clean? It’s the vacuum and we all dread because I know we will take hours and hours and hours. We’re going to move the bed, we’re going to vacuum into the bed, we’re going to move the entertainment center in, vacuum behind the arm war, the Hutch. We’re going to move the couch and an extra fine. All of that. It’s amazing how things able to grow feet and to get through. You think that on a simple day that stuff should just stay where you put it. I take my thing, I put it down and it should just be setting right there where I set it, but no, it does not just simply set there on the floor where you’d set it.

No, it grows legs and it walks around and starts moving around and it’s got this strange compulsion Carpet Cleaner as if somehow it knows that you are looking for it so it will go find a place that you more than likely will never ever, ever look at it again in your life. It is the spot where your trousers dump stuff in. It’s your underneath your couch, underneath your kid’s bed. I don’t know why your kids, somehow they, it’s something we do. It’s it’s, it’s as if we are kin to a squirrel. We’ve got, we’re like a pack rat. We’re like, we’re like a small, we’re like dogs that say, Hey, I forgot a bone. Now that I know where the bone is in my mouth, I will go dig a hole and put it somewhere else so that hopefully some point in the future I will think, Hey, I need this bone.

I will go back and get and recover that bone and yet really what we do is we stick these items somewhere. We’ve all got this. You, you’ve walked into your kitchen. Every, the kitchen. I’m in every house I’ve ever been in. Every kitchen Carpet Cleaner, and you say this one phrase and everybody’s going to immediately just turn and they’re going to give you that eyeball. It’s either going to be stink-eye or it’s going to be an eyebrow or it’s going to be a giggly glee of delight as you say. I connect with you. I know exactly what you’re talking about and that is the junk drawer. You have this drawer that has been filled with junk as the stuff that it’s not really junk, it’s not bad junk. It’s just stuff that if it had a place, it wouldn’t go in the junk drawer. Like there is the silverware drawer and that’s where your set of silver goes.

There is on the wall, there is this cabinet that holds glasses or maybe plates or maybe spices or maybe this place is where you put your vacuum or there’s a place behind this door number 17 in the back part of my closet, you will find the reward of my clothes, uh, behind door number 17 is there number 18 and that is where all of my shoes are or do you go around through the other side? You’re like, here we go. At the door number 44. This door takes you to a space that is yet to be finished and you’re like, Oh, if space, it’s yet to be finished. What is this magical space that is yet to be finished? This space, it’s called the addict. It is my unfinished attic. I actually laid three boards down or I’ve even seen ones where people didn’t lay any boards down at all.

They just kind of had like maybe some cardboard or maybe the boxes themselves were kind of straddled over the rafters so you physically would step through to the ceiling below if you weren’t careful on which rafter you stepped on, you had to care for. You stepped in just the right spot. And so we have all these different doors hiding these different things throughout our home and these different places. I think everybody has either the junk drawer or if you’ve upgraded, some of you have upgraded, some of you have gone to that next level. You decided the junk drawer was not enough and this is what I call the black hole room. There’s a black hole room. It’s different than the black hole sun. That’s a, that’s a different total example. This is the black hole room and this particular room is where things don’t in, but they do not come back out.

And this is where you try to do the thing that you need to get done. Accomplish and you find out that these things are actually not going to be the way that you left them. So we need somewhere that you say, okay, if I had a normal place, a normal phone, former function, you would have already gotten that taken care of. But instead, you are having things that need to go somewhere, but they don’t truly have a home. It’s always interesting. All the different things that you will end up in this room. It’s a whole collection hodgepodge of stuff. The stuff that you know, Hey, uh, many. I would just give you a short, quick list of, we finished up this podcast, Carpet Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093, get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again. Carpet DMCs your clean today.