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Carpet Cleaner | Just Call Our Company For A Better Clean!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today I’m talking with destiny. Sabrina’s about, uh, the different aspects of, um, like where does the wear and tear come from on your carpet? Carpet Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And get on the road to enjoy your carpets again. So we’re gonna jump right into it cause this is probably a good heated conversation on sources of dirt in your home. And the reason that this matters is that rugs, carpet, flooring, all the different flooring types throughout your home and the way that you care for those flooring types will be in response to the traffic pattern throughout the house. So if you got a, an upstairs at the end of the hallway, guest bedroom, more than likely outside of a layer of dust in that closet.

And then in that room, nobody’s walked up there, nobody’s been in there. You probably could go a decade, go into that room and the Carpet Cleaner still looks brand new and nothing’s changed because nothing’s happened in that room. But if you have a entry right off the garage, everyone parked their car in the garage and there is a small room that you have to walk through, that carpet will just be hammered. And the first six months, because everybody in the house has to walk through that space to get to every other room in the house. So destiny, just thinking about it, what are, to come into a home, what are the three main areas most people use to access their home?

I would say the garage, like the mudroom and the entryway and probably the backyard. So we’ve got the backyard front yard and the garage and each place there. What kind of dirt would be coming from those sources? One for the backyard, it would probably be actual dirt. Um, especially if your dog is coming back inside or if a child is coming back inside or, um, if you’re just, uh, have a project in the backyard. Same with the front, uh, front yard. If you’re coming into the front, Carpet Cleaner um, you’re probably coming in from a day of work or a day of school or, um, also some projects outside. Um, so it would probably be more dirtier coming from the backyard. But um, there are a lot of different kinds of dirt that can come through the front as well. Many of you are coming in out of the garage. What kind of dirt and debris do you think is coming from that area? Probably a lot of dust because the garage, um, has most likely has a lot of things that carry dust in it. Um, like the car? Yes. No, no. I guess like the car, if there’s stuff in the car that that could get, um, your house dirty but

Oh, like a road dirt. Cause your car has been driving all over the city, pulls into your drive into your garage and it leaves this layer of dust from the roads. Yeah. Yeah. That and also, um, just if you have generally like, um, storage in there, that dust can get onto there. It’s just going to be dust in that room that can get onto your shoes. Okay. So those are three places that dirt can get into your home, your backyard, your front yard, and your garage. Now any other

dust that’s in or dirt that’s in your home, it will have to originate in the home. So what are a couple of high areas in the home that dirt can, we’ll call it spontaneously appear because you’re not coming into the home on somebody’s feet or with the dog or with the pet from outside. It’s all, it’s starting originating inside the home. What are a couple areas through the home that dirt would originate your startup? Probably a dog. Their hair, their for like, they’re just, then they’re like mostly there for, um, getting everywhere or if you have like lizards and stuff, if they have molting type things or possibly even the bathroom if you don’t keep it clean enough. Um, yes, which I guess that would be kind of difficult. The only thing I could think of for the bathroom unless you like don’t use your toilet and you just put it on the floor, which I don’t think many people do.

Um, I think something that can happen from the bathroom is if you’re coming out from shower, you have wet feet and then you get it onto the carpet and you pick up dirt and you bring it around the house. I mean that’s something that I guess could happen. Yep. And what about like food eating or preparation areas? Yes. Yeah. From the kitchen there can definitely be dirt, um, there or in the dining room, especially if you’re down here is on top of Carpet Cleaner. You could be eating, um, and accidentally spill on the carpet. Or maybe you’ve been doing your makeup and getting makeup on the carpet.

Oh yes. We see this a lot where you’ve got a young teenage girl who’s just learning to do her makeup and she sits on the floor in front of a standup mirror and does her makeup with all of her makeup sitting around her on the carpet. And inevitably one of those items gets knocked over and a big pile of something ends up into view Carpet Cleaner. Uh, other areas that we notice is, um, we’ll run into area where you’re making your food or eating your food, like in front of the couch. Uh, you might have a time where you got,

family or friends over watching the show, watching a movie, and you find out that somebody has come over and they’ve left a plate over on the corner and then somebody walks by, knocks the plate of food over, and now you’ve got a pile of food there on the floor. So you have all these different areas. And the main reason for doing this podcast is to get you thinking about where does the dirt come from. Because if you know where the dirt is coming from, now you can address it better. You can start capturing or changing what is happening in your home. You could say, okay, normally I get a lot of extra stuff happening right here, so I’m going to make sure I put an extra rug there. I’m going to put a, um, maybe a little runner or I’m going to vacuum that area more often once you know where the dirt is coming from and where it mostly is that upstairs bedroom at the end of the hall that has not been opened up in 10 years.

Well, that area doesn’t need to be vacuumed every day because nobody’s ever in there. But the area that has, um, is the entry from the garage that everyone has to take to get down the hallway to get to the bathroom. That area may need to be vacuumed once every couple of days, maybe even once a day. If it’s, if it’s a really high traffic, say there’s seven people in the home and three pets, that means that 10 different sets of feet are walking over that area multiple, multiple times a day. Uh, for example, if you went to a movie theater between every single showing, they’re going to get in there, wipe everything down and clean everything because you just had 50 to 100 people in a singular room, and then they all left leading little bits of popcorn and leaving different stuff all around. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.