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Carpet Cleaner | Making The Entire Thing Worth It Now!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. Today we’re going to talk about carpet, which would make sense since it is a carpet DM on a podcast. We will be talking about carpet perfectly in Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. So find us on the web today. Complete Carpet Cleaner or if you like that in person vocal touch, then you can give us a call at (918) 494-7093. I’m here with my son Logan and he is preparing for Kira and he’s going to have a really great uh, karate performance. But when you go to do karate logo, what type of flooring is best to do your karate on?

I don’t know.

You don’t know what kind of karate flooring do you like to do your karate on? So do you like doing it? I’m in a swimming pool. So what kind of floor would you do your karate on? I don’t really know. Well then let’s, let’s use your brain gears to try to figure it out. Let’s see. If you were to do it, would you do it on grass? Would you do that? Your karate out on grass?

There are many types of so you could do it on and grow that grass.

Alright. Would you do it on tile floor? How would that tile a tile floor do? You could do it on tile floor. I think tile floors seem stiff to me. Like I’d get a heel start to ache after a while, but I would definitely want to make sure that the tile was clean. Cause if there’s anything and you try to do some type of super jump kick and there’s like butter on the floor. Oh what would that, what do you think would happen if I just took your tile floor covered in butter and then STD, your karate stuff on it?

Well either at Sturt to slip my feet would more likely I’d start to slip.

Would it be like Bambi from the movie Bambi?

Probably not because well if I tried to really end it, my kids, I push her to kick my foot. Actually I may or may not slip unless I do. One of the more attorney cakes and functions, then I probably start to slip.

Oh well we would want to find something less slippery then I’ll, how about a, how about a wood floor? Would you do it? Do you, have you ever done karate on a wood floor?

Uh, yes.

And where was that at

a gymnasium.

Ah. And what were you doing there? Uh, this, this is a simple fact. The jury. What, what was the karate that you were doing there? Why were you there?

Did you karate?

So the next thing that you would have tried is probably like a mat. I would think most of them are done on some type of a kind of a textured maybe rubber like mat. Yes. If you were to choose your favorite. So have you ever done karate on Carpet Cleaner?


I really haven’t even practiced karate at home and Carpet Cleaner at home? Yes. And what was that experience like?


Stiff, really? Okay. So if you were to choose it from all of the surfaces that you’ve practiced or done karate on, what would be your favorite?

Probably the math.

I like the mat is a little bit more easy if you get knocked down and fall down not to get bruised. We have had plenty of kids over the years have wanted to take care of their carpets budget. They also practice on their Carpet Cleaner, whether it be for karate or football or baseball or basketball. They’re in their room and they end up practicing. We did one a couple of weeks ago for a kid that he had a cat and him lived in a very small room and neither one really left the room very often because uh, that was their place to hang out. They had a video games in there. The problem is that they needed to leave the room more often cause what do you think happens Logan, when you have one person in a room for a long extended period of time and they do not leave the room. What do you think that is going to happen to the room?

I’m wondering what happened to the cat.

Oh, the cat stayed in there with him. Now I did have a litter box in the room, so it did have that smell going for it. So what do you think happened to that room when the boy and the cat stayed in there for weeks at a time?

Well, it couldn’t stay in there for weeks at a time, but they would probably get old donkey.

Yes, there was a gunky funky smell. It was definitely gunky definitely funky. It’s kind of like somewhere between a wet sock and a dirty cat litter box. And so we went in there and the mother warned us that the door was shut on purpose. It wasn’t going to be open and that it was going to then have to be opened to clean the Carpet Cleaner. And I thought it wasn’t that bad. I’m surely she was exaggerated. I opened up the door, Logan, and you know what happened when I opened up the door?


What do you think happened when I opened the door? Smells. This is true. This rush of smells came out and I, you know what I first did? I, I would do that little kind of suck in the air where you just, you hold your breath for a second. And I waited in the room and held my breath and thought it’s not that bad as I held my breath and then as I sat there holding my breath, trying to keep my, um, kept holding my breath, trying to stay in there eventually. What, what do you think happened after trying to hold my breath for a little while while in the room? What do you think happened? Yes. Eventually I did have to breathe and I, I took a big, huge deep unfortunate breath and I realized, Oh my goodness, I could taste that smell. You ever had a smell so bad you could taste it? Yes. And what smell have you run into that was so bad that you could taste it?

I don’t remember.

I know it probably knocked you out. It was so bad. It wiped out all memory you had, what a terrible event it was. Mine, unfortunately did not get a raced, and so I do remember it was a smell of sour cat and stinky socks. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.