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Carpet Cleaner | Making The Rest Of The House Look Dirty

Carpet Cleaner | Making The Rest Of The House Look Dirty

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host Nathan Sabrinas. And now I will talk to you about exciting, exciting carpet. Oh it is so exciting is one of those things that just really couldn’t thrall you and gauge you, uh, the areas. If you were to make a top 10 list of all of the things that would engage you as much as carpet does, watching your carpet be cleaned, you want to get your carpet cleaned. So you want to engage in that carpet cleaning process, carpet cleaning and Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete Carpet Cleaner. So get us a call today at (918) 494-7093. What are the things that could engage you as much and is rapidly as watching somebody cleaning your carpet. Now some could argue that potentially watching an extended marathon say a 12 or 24 hour marathon of, uh, say bowling, uh, bowling could be put up there with the top of that list of maybe watching grass grow.

You could get out there. I mean I’ve, I’ve been out there before planted new baby grass and like a week, maybe two weeks later the grass has come through. So if you actually just sat there the entire time, eventually at some point you will see those little braids of glass make their way out. And I’m not saying that carpet cleaning is quite that exciting, but it could be in that if you’re going to make a list and grass growing is on the new baby grass growing, coming up through the dirt. Oh probably put Carpet Cleaner right next to that. I’m watching it made, it’s difficult to have to say that looking up new words in the dictionary is as exciting, but it could be put in that same general, I mean if you’ve ever heard a word you just haven’t heard before and you’re thinking it’s got multiple, multiple syllables and it’s got some ism or X tree or something in there and I just, I’ve yet to hear it.

Now I want to know what does it really mean and you get a chance to sit there and pull up the ass. Of course nowadays breaking the dictionary out, Cooper, it’s, it’s rare. When I mentioned awesome concepts like this to my children, they look at the, with this, with this quizzical look in their eye of what is this, this, this dictionary, this that. You talk about this, this book with words, what is this thing they, they asked, do you mean like asking Google or asking Alexa what the meaning of the word is? And I said, no, no. It’s where you look up the meaning of the word on your own with your eyes and your hands in physical paper and they’re like, where? Where is this? And I realized I w I had become so antiquated that I went to go try to find a dictionary.

I thought, well of course I have a dictionary. I could show my children what a dictionary is by physically grabbing a dictionary and showing it to them. And I looked around the house and realized I do not have a dictionary or if I do, I can’t remember which box in which closet in which area, which part of the attic it got stored in Carpet Cleaner. Because I guess I to become a, uh, have been sucked into the virtual digital realm of looking things up through Google, which 89 90 92% of people search on Google first while trying to find answers to things know, to be honest, I do too. I think we all are looking for some type of source and authority. I think the difficult part now is knowing that Carpet Cleaner Tulsa since 1998 is knowing that that source, that authority is there now we need to have what I would consider to be common sense or critical thinking.

Critical thinking is the point where you say, I’ve heard this topic, I’ve heard the information given. Does it line up with what I know about the world? What does it line up with the knowledge that I have? Does the knowledge that I have support the idea that I’ve seen and if I can support it, then I will believe it. If I can’t support it, will I choose to just believe it does the person that’s telling me are they credible enough or do I have enough information to believe their character? For example, if I go to church, I’m the pastor. I believe. I try to put my trust in him that he knows the word of God in a way that he can instruct me or tell me what somebody versus me, but I also have to stop it every, every now and then put on my Sherlock Holmes cap, put my little sniffer sniff test to it, and just because he is a pastor, just because he has spent time searching the word doesn’t mean his interpretation of it every time is correct.

I’ve had quite a few times where look, the pastor all well, meaning no, no problems at all as far as his intentions, but while he was speaking, he misspoke. It wasn’t because he was trying to be, I’m intentionally off. I, I’ve had times, we’ve all had times where I’ll be talking to my kids and they’ll just look at me. Their eyebrows go up and they start to kind of get a little bit like, well, when did you go to Mississippi? And I was like, Mississippi, what are you talking about? I didn’t say Mississippi. They said, Oh no, no, no. You said, Mississippi? And I said, I did not say Mississippi. I said, Muskogee Carpet Cleaner. And they said, Nope, Mississippi in that way. All right, prove it. And then they’ll turn over to an all three kids in unison together say, yup, you said Mississippi. I’m like, ah, well how is it that my brain said Muskogee?

But my mouth said Mississippi. And I think we’ve had that chance that those times that that has happened. Uh, had to have that few awkward moments where a pastor will mention something but just have said the wrong word instead of the other one. A really humorous side, a pastor got up once he was getting a talk and he said that wanted to kick this cert service off. He’s the, uh, he said his name was, uh, uh, his name was Judas. Uh, but, but don’t worry, you guys can just call me. My friends call me trader and he goes, you know, he’s, he’s breaking the ice. His name isn’t really Judas though. It was funny because if you had misspoke and called instead of st Jude, you said Judas, all of a sudden the concept that you’re about to describe, it’s going to connect to your audience in a very different way. So sometimes the words you say will convey a different meaning. And I think this is where making sure you have critical thinking to say, has what I heard match up with what I know about reality? Cause sometimes people are trying to teach you something new. Other times they just misspoke. They just meant to say one thing. And another thing came out was where your brain and your mouth sometimes are disconnected perfectly. And he told us since 1998 we are complete Carpet Cleaner. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.