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Carpet Cleaner | Making Your Carpets Shine!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s and today we’re going to be talking about the importance of vacuuming Carpet Cleaner Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet, so give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 or check us out on the web at complete carpet, for your complete carpet experience. Get on the road to enjoy your carpet again, so vacuuming, this is one of those sticky points. It’s durable of duty. Your dural duty means your work related to duty. You try to get something form and function accomplished in within your home. We don’t want to do it because we feel it’s monotonous and it’s just absolutely normal. We feel this way about a lot of life and this is something I talk with my kids about on a regular basis that life is work. Some of that work we enjoy, we call that work play.

Some of this stuff we don’t enjoy. We call it work and some things we call chores. Some things we call habits, some things we call it. We’ve got different names for it, but at the end of the day, all of the different names are all forms of work. It takes work to wake up and get out of bed. It takes work to put on your clothes. It takes work to brush your teeth. It takes work to go to the bathroom. It takes work to take a shower. It takes work to take out the trash takes work to make your food. It takes work to eat your food. It takes work to do wash up and clean up after the food, after clean up your kitchen or your dishes. It takes work to actually go to work. It takes work to come back from work. Hey, with everything in your life, it’s a constant work-related task.

Everything is a subtype of, uh, energy, a subtype of function that you need to do to try to get something accomplished Carpet Cleaner. It by doing all of these tasks, by staying on point, staying on task, uh, you develop a set and you’ll start to see a set resonate inside of you of work that you have an aptitude towards and work that you do not have. An attitude towards things that we have to do that we’re just wired to do are things that we need to do to maintain our health and wellbeing. Or we know, we’ve all heard that college students, that dorm room, frat house fraternity where they, people are there and they have given up on a lot of what we consider the essential necessities. Uh, there is not food in the kitchen, there is not, uh, clothes that have been cleaned and things are collecting mold and Dustin balls.

The smells that come out, if you’ve ever been into the fraternity, home house, frat houses, just, Oh my goodness, there is something completely different. There’s the next level. I do not understand. We, we, I went and cleaned one once as are perfectly neat, uh, for the university, a local university here in the Tulsa area. Those two words may be connected. They may not be, uh, and they are, uh, as I walked in there, there is a smell that permeates first your nose and you’re like, Ooh, that’s a really pungent smell. And then you open your mouth, which is mistake number two. One mistake number one was walking in and taking a sniff mistake. Number two is opening your mouth because you think, well, if I don’t, I don’t smell through my nose. If I just breathed through my mouth instead, maybe it won’t be quite so bad.

It is so bad that as you open your mouth you could start to taste it With Carpet Cleaner. There is a taste. You quickly switch. You’re like, Nope, Nope. It would be better for me to smell this than it tastes it cause you can’t get the taste back out of your mouth and the, obviously it’s a, this is an audio podcast. You’re hearing this but you won’t be able to. There’s not smellovision. We can’t push this through on the airwaves. As you were listening through it, hitting your ear canals that I could try to use my best to use colorful language to describe to you the fact that it is, if you were to take a athlete’s sock, let’s say that you’re out there. Boy, you worked hard. You’re just really putting it, put it all on the line. They’re really pushing hard. You’re out there. You’re getting it done.

Getting it done and it’s a difficult game. Just S just a difficult game and you finished up and after finishing is really just your full on sweat. You’re like a football player at out in the heat doing three a day, you’re totally, totally sweated out and then you sit down and you take off your shoes and you realize that your socks are just, they’re just a puddle and so you take your sock off, it’s completely soaked. You then take that sock, you put it in a Ziploc bag, seal that, that, that essence up inside the bag. Now you’re going to take that song inside is a by where to put it into sun. We’re gonna put it outside. Inside. We’re going to warm that thing up and you’re like, how long will we warm it up? Will it be like a minute? Will it be a half an hour?

Whether it be be an hour? No, we’re going to leave it out there for like a good week or a month. There’s going to let that Carpet Cleaner marinate. We’re going to, it’s like a steak where you marinate the steak, you put it in the bag, you put the juices and they let it marinate. So you just really soaks in. So we’re just gonna let that marinate. And then we’re going to take a, uh, we’re gonna take a can and we’re gonna collect a lot of, uh, we’re gonna collect a lot of funds. We’re gonna add this camp full of full of fives. We’re gonna, we’re gonna pour that in. We’re gonna add some, a little bit to this marinate. So we’re going to add some, some of that in today. And we’re going to add one more camp. We’re going to pop open some type of, uh, as cheap a beer as you can get.

The cheaper, the better bread and grab that beer. We’re gonna pour that in with the sock and we’re gonna let that marinate. We’re gonna let that, um, continue to, uh, increase in efficiency. So it was going to really marinate. We’re gonna have that beer, just we’re going to get hit to become a better beer. We’re gonna re for back to that beer a second time. And leave that in there for one month and then open up and pour that juice out the juice that you would get. That’s kind of the beer with the SOC. With the Canada forest. We’re going to kind of mix that all together. We’re gonna pour that beautiful juice, that liquid out and we’re going to just string it all throughout the building. We’re to soak every item in the building. We’re so good at that. And by soaking every one of those items in that stuff, you can say, okay, that is the smell you get from a fraternity house as you walk in and trying to clean that smell out is, is next level.

The question I always had as I walked in there, because it is a smell that you like Carpet Cleaner. As I walked out of there, it’s like being around a heavy smoker. If you ride a heavy smoker, everyone knows that you have been around a heavy smoker because you both smell like smoke. Your clothes will just absorb it. Your hair absorbs it, your skin absorbed. Some of it. Uh, and I do not understand how these fraternity guys could go out of their frat house having slept in that environment. Because like I said, I didn’t know that either plugged my nose and have to breathe through my mouth because you taste it or to breathe through your nose. You didn’t taste it, but you smelled it. And these guys, how would they ever have a date? I mean what girl goes to fraternity house and if the guy walks out goes, Oh yeah, I still want to go on a date with you because that smell has to come with you.

Like all your clothes have to smell like Carpet Cleaner, yeah. This may be why Axe made their body spray and you pretty much just drench everything in it so that you can rub it off. But I feel that they probably be nose blind. Yeah. They don’t realize how bad it smells is. And they wonder why the girls, they kind of turn their head to the side. They’re kinda like, Oh, it’s so good to see you. I need to put some more perfume on. No, no, it’s okay. I believe it’s social distancing right now. I just just now became a believer in social distance. I don’t want you to give me a hug cause they know in the back of their mind if you hug me, I’m going to smell like that. There are times that I have a lovely wife, she is a most amazing person where I will come home and she will look at me and she says, you are a fantastic husband and you’re such a good husband. I know that right now you’ve probably noticed the, um, the aroma that you have going on and that you’re probably going right through the shower, aren’t you? No. Like, Oh, uh, yes, of course. Yes. I was just about to run to the shower. You, you called it a he like, I didn’t know I needed a shower, but she gracefully for, uh, allowed me the, the opportunity to go rectify that situation. Perfectly. Tulsa, since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at nine one eight, four, nine four, seven zero nine three.