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Carpet Cleaner | Visiting The Websites To Confirm Pricing?

Carpet Cleaner | Visiting The Websites To Confirm Pricing?

Welcome to carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today I have my cohost Logan. Sabrina’s here trying to give some tips and advice as we talk about carpet, carpet cleaning, Tulsa. Since 1998 we are completing carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 get on the road to enjoying your carpets. Again, your home is your castle, so enjoy your castle, enjoy your space. And one of the biggest things you can do to change that space is to change your carpet. Carpet Cleaner is listen to the house is a giant wastebasket and your carpet is the container that holds that waste basket. Now, unlike your wood floor where the dirt and the debris just sits there right on the floor, right at the top, right up to the surface, it is gritty and rolls around and you need to sweep and wipe it up daily.

Or Carpet Cleaner on the other hand is like a bigger wastebasket. So I guess if your wood floors would be like a small little tray, maybe an Ash tray that sits on your desk. So it fills up quickly. You throw a couple of little um, like a straw wrapper on it and you know, a couple, you know, little bits of dirt and debris, maybe fill up a small area, but a big wastebasket. So your kitchen waste back can hold a lot. You know, you could typically you’ll pull and change the trash in your kitchen wastebasket over multiple days, not just in the same day. Whereas a small ashtray thing you could fill up virtually every time you walked by you saying you’ve got a little small bowl and you’re eating pistachios and you’re pulling the shells off the statues and throwing them into the bull.

Really by the time you finished eating those pistachios, that bowl is full. And so in that one setting, you filled up that small wastebasket and you need to go dump it in a large way. It’s basket. So, which is what we do in our kitchen. We sweep and mop up the floor pretty much every day, maybe every day or two. But in a carpet you could go a week. Some people even go a month without wiping up in the same number of dirt, same quantity of dirt, but the Carpet Cleaner holds it because it’s got a lot more fluffiness, a lot more pits, a lot more places for that dirt to set. Another downside to that is that you leave it for too long and that Carpet Cleaner will start to fill up and then the waste baskets gets full and it starts destroying and breaking down the carpet and so we want to keep it from that happening.

We talked before about vacuuming on a regular basis and if you do vacuum on a regular basis, this will help to keep emptying that wastebasket, removing the dirt and debris to keep it from building up your carpet to be able to be more form and better function so your carpet does not get broken down so fast. You’ll be able to have more capacity for that carpet to make the whole distance all the way to the end instead of wearing out prematurely. Most carpet last from anywhere from five to 10 to 15 I’ve cleaned carpets all the way up to 40 and 50 year old carpet. If you take good care of it, the fibers itself won’t wear out, but if you allow sand, dust and debris to get down in your carpet and every time you walk on it, it’s like jumping on a trampoline.

Every time you walk on it. It’s like stomping that stuff down in there and whatever in the Carpet Cleaner will get smushed under your body weight and into the carpet, so make sure you keep those carpets taken care of. Vacuuming on a fairly regular basis will help tremendously because now the carpets will be able to be soft and rub against themselves and not against the dirt and debris that’s down to the carpet. If you are not careful, then you will allow that dirt and debris to build up to the point that it breaks down the carpet. We don’t want to break down the carpet. We want to keep the carpet in good, healthy condition. Some carpets just do not last that long. The cheaper the carpet, the less glue, the less fibers in the carpet, the quicker it will break down. So if you have a say a 24 ounce carpet, which kind of like that commercial, not commercial, but that a builder’s grade carpet, it’s kind of thin.

It’s typically put in rentals. That carpet is going to last five to seven years. And you think, why would you buy a carpet that only lasts five to seven years? Well on some places, some timeframes you don’t want something that’s super durable and can last a long time in a space that the people aren’t going to care for it. So if you, generally in rentals, most people will, the carpet will last about five to seven years regardless of the quality of carpet you put in there. And this might raise your eyebrows a little bit, but the average renters are, are great people, but they are renting for a reason. If they own their own home, they’ll be owners. They, they own their possession, they care for the possession different than if you were renting. If you rent a car, most of the time you’ll bring it back in as close to the same condition as you’ve got it.

If you own your own car, then you’re going to go that next step and above, you will actually take time to wash your car or you will vacuum out your car or you will use, uh, you’ll get the premium wash, not just the basic wash. You will build a car up on a regular basis and keep it full of gas. You will do your regular maintenance. Uh, you will make sure that you get the oil change done. The tire pressure’s checked, like it’s your baby. You spent a ton of money on this car and so you’re going to make sure that you care for it and be very careful the way that you drive it. Whereas people that drive rentals, no, it’s a rental and so they are way harder on a rental. They drive very aggressively. It stopped very aggressively. They leave their bags of food in the car.

They probably Carpet Cleaner it out once a week, kind of like a teenage. You good a teenager car, he doesn’t care for it as much because he didn’t spend his heart, sweat and blood tears trying to maintain or get that car he was given to him or he found a cheap and so he doesn’t care that much about it until you learn to appreciate your stuff you won’t do. So. That’s why you would choose a cheaper carpet so that you know that no matter what you put in there, it’s going to be replaced in five, seven years. So you get a carpet that is supposed to last five to seven years. So when you do replace it, you’re not out a bunch of money. Whereas if you put really high end carpet in a rental and it wears out in five to seven years, well then you lost a lot of money cause that carpet should last 15 to 20 years. You paid for 15 to 20 years but you only got five to seven out of it and now you’ve got to get replaced. It cause most rental to be honest with anytime we were renting. Did you really think about getting your carpets cleaned there? I’ve been at some rentals where the person didn’t even own a vacuum so much less. How would they vacuum the carpet? Much less have the carpets cleaned. Perfect cleaning posts. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.