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Carpet Cleaner | What Are You Looking For From A Cleaner?

Carpet Cleaner | What Are You Looking For From A Cleaner?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s and I will continue a series on the topic that no one ever wants to talk about. Uh, keeping your Carpet Cleaner. This is the, um, this is the thing that I go to customers’ homes and we go into the customer’s homes. Oh look over there, I can see a rainbow and it has not rained, which is very baffling to me. I’m looking after the sky. Yes. You’re like, Hey, this podcast is supposed to be all about carpet and now I’m talking about rainbows. Well that’s because I see a rainbow that if you’re putting your hand out, it would take up about like if you put your hand out looking with one eye, if you had two solid fingers out on the horizon, two solid finger with rainbow. So I mean like this is sizeable, they’re not like the little rainbow.

You’re like, Oh look, it’s dainty. It’s cute. This is sizable like at a distance. Put your hand all the way out. Three or four fingers are going to cover that rainbow. That’s a pretty good chunk of your horizon. And so it’s just sitting there, just blare it out. I mean, like you got Roy GBV, like some rainbows. You’re like, eh, I see maybe a year, a little bit of yellow, maybe the reddish color. And I kind of see the purple or this one. You’re like, I see the dark red, I see the orange, I see the yellow, I see the transition to green. I see the blue, I see the violet. Uh, I’ve got, I’ve got the whole Roy GBF going on there. All right, so going back into, I’m sure that somewhere in, uh, East broken arrow, there’s a pot of gold leprechauns running around.

There’s a Mary, uh, fantastical, uh, well, it’s probably like a medieval festival going on and there is a unicorns and fairies. It’s going to be, it’s going to be a beautiful sight. Uh, what I’m sure it’s Tinkerbell type Perry’s, you know, it’s not the evil ones that are from the like, well, we’ll just go with the positive ones, the ones that bring, you know, think happy thoughts and you can fly, not the ones that turn you into some type of weird forest creature. So going back to carpet, carpet, I will go in there and sometimes people will say, Hey, do we need to stay and watch you clean the carpets and I in return being a wise Sage carpet cleaner, tell them that I know I’ve been told that carpet cleaning, watching the carpet being cleaned, watching the carpet cleaner, do his magic. Be able to get the dirt that’s in your carpet, out of your carpet and to make the carpet look as much like new again as possible that that is probably on most people’s top 10 list.

I know that of the things, you know if you’re going to write a list, you’re going to make a list and there’s going to be 10 things on that list and at the top of that list at the top of the list is watching somebody clean your carpets. That’s number one on that list. That name of that list is the things I have something better to do. That’s it. I mean after you were making a top 10 list, what other things that should be on that list that I definitely have something better to do. If this came up, I think watching grass grow, like if anyone said, Hey, we didn’t want to like to watch the grass grow or maybe wash this flower bloom, you would say I have something better to do. If you were to say, would we like to watch a carpet cleaner, clean carpet?

And honestly I think everyone there first at first blush goes yes, I have not seen carpet cleaning. I’ve got lots of customers who actually they kind of laugh at it. They’re like, actually I’d rather I’m interested in seeing the carpets get cleaned. And so they come over and they’re like, wow, what is this process? What did this magical process like? And so we described the magical process of cleaning your carpet. You ready? I know you at home, you’re sitting there on the edge of your seat with pins and needles, just striking your backside like crazy and you’re like, please let me know at this moment. What is it that we can see in the cleaning process? And so I will deliver on said promise. Here is what you could expect from the cleaning process. Number one. We will break down the dirt. We will do a pre spray.

This pre spray goes across and breaks down the dirt. This is a great tip. This is a pro tip that everyone should follow, that you can get in there and you could say one, if you want to make your cleaning process more cardio, you want to make it like, Hey, I wanna turn this into a workout. I want to get my sweat on. I want to make sure that I’m going to get my carbs, I’m going to burn those carbs off. I’m going to get my extra calories, I need to increase my caloric consumption. So I’m going to try to clean the carpets without pre sprain. Or this is similar to trying to get spit dried on spaghetti off your plate without pre soaking it. Usually like I’m going to take the sponge, I’m gonna take a dry sponge at that. I’m gonna take the bristly dry sponge.

I’m going to leave the spaghetti on the plate, dried out, and I’m not going to just try to scrape that thing off. If you’ve ever tried to get dried on spaghetti off of a plate without using water, it is a, it is a definitely a rage inducing problem. You will sit there and you look honestly by the time you finally do get it off, more than likely you’ve sweat so much onto the plate from just your own own personal sweat and the water dropping down that more than likely then the spaghetti has now broken up. So for carpet cleaning, you want to make sure that you get in pre spray that stuff pre spray, that dirt pre spray all of the items, they’re there so that it can break down, soften up and be released out of the Carpet Cleaner so that when you go to clean it, it will come out.

And that’s a step number two. Step number two is to rinse out the soap, the debris, the dirt, and get it all. Now this has been softened up. Now that it’s liquified, now it is back into suspension. Now it can be removed. Now it’s time to remove it and so you will clean forward and you clean backwards. Let’s say you hit a stubborn spot though. The pre spray got to it, you took off the top layer and now it’s like peeling an onion. You come back over it again. You can not get all of it gone. So you know what you do, you add a little bit more pre spray except this time it’s at a small spot or bottle. So you can take a direct just to that little spot. You spray that spot or under there, you clean it off and then you know what you do.

Now this is the next part. This is the amazing part. This is where everyone puts watching Carpet Cleaner to the top of their 10 list of things I can find something better to do is at that point you then move over 12 inches and you do it again and they look at you and they’re like, Oh, Oh. So you just keep doing that every 12 inches you just cleaned down and then move over 12 inches, then cleaned down and then move over codes and Oh, okay, and then what do you do? Well then we moved to the next room. Oh, and then what do you do after that? Well, then I move to the next room and the next room until we’re done. Oh yeah. Okay, cool. I’ve seen you do it twice. I’m done. And so little kids come in to look in the watch and I, I always welcome everyone to come watch because really 30 seconds and you’re like, Oh, you just do this over and over and over and over again. Correct. But that’s the thing about doing something. Oh, look at me. I’ve run over my time. I’m gonna have to explain this to my next episode. This episode is run, run its course. Carpet cleaning told us since 1998 we are complete carpet. Check us out today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoying your carpets again.