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Carpet Cleaner | What Can You Learn From Complete Carpet?

Carpet Cleaner | What Can You Learn From Complete Carpet?

Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m going to continue from our last episode where I so rudely teased you with wondering, uh, what comes next. Uh, so I will jump right into it so that now you can see what is it that is so grand and why does carpet cleaning get to the top of your top 10 list for things I could find something better to do. So once we invite everybody, come, please watch us clean your carpets. Because honestly, the first bit, especially in a really dirty area, you’ll be surprised. We are, we try our best to make sure that everyone is shocked every time they see their carpets cleaned. There’s too many carpet cleaners out there that clean your carpets and you are underwhelmed. You kind of look at, I actually probably the number one complaint we get from customers of their previous carpet cleaner is that they came in, they cleaned it, but they can’t really tell that it got cleaned.

And I, it is very rare. There are few types of carpets that if the carpet’s pretty clean to begin with. And the, uh, and the fiber of the type of fiber, it is like a Berber doesn’t really show that you, um, any wear or wear patterns. It doesn’t really show any stroke patterns so you could clean it. And if it was pretty clean to begin with, the, it doesn’t really visually look that different clean or um, having just been cleaned or not. But most majority of all carpets out there, all your cup piles, all your first days as you clean it, there is a nice A-frame look. So they’re like vacuuming. When you vacuum it, you can tell you walk into the room, you know, if little Billy, you come in there and you say, Hey Billy. And Billy goes, yeah, why you want, and he says, I, Billy, look, here’s the deal.

I need you to vacuum the house. And he goes, well of course I’m going to get your, I know it. I know you asked me so I’m going to do it. And you’re like, all right, cool. That just want to make sure that we’re, we’re, we’re together on this. And then you come back an hour later and you look around and you say, Billy, did we clean the carpets? Is the carpet’s been vacuumed or the vacuum, the vacuum moved from like, Oh yeah, of course I already vacuum. You’re like, all right, cool. Uh, I am actually currently looking at the carpet though that you say vacuumed and I do not see any strokes in the carpet. Oh, well that’s because it’s a new vacuum. Doesn’t leave any strokes, but I can see footprints in the carpet. So I don’t know if, if you’re completely telling me no, no, no.

Let me tell you, it’s one of those specialty vacuums. It hovers above it. The carpet without messing up the fiber. Oh, well if it does that, why does it not get the chips and the Cheerios off the carpet? Oh, well that happened after I vacuumed. So sometime in the last few minutes after you vacuum to sell now people went through here and dumped chips and yeah, that must’ve been what it was. I really think you didn’t back him. The carpet is really what happened. And carpet. Carpet cleaners will do this for people where people come home after getting the carpets cleaned, they look around and they kind of, they get that feeling like I can’t tell that the carpet cleaner did clean the carpets. And so we make it a point that we try on every job that you are able to visually easily able to tell that these carpets have been cleaned.

So step one, you put a nice good soap across the carpet to make sure that it is breaking down the dirt cause you can’t rinse the dirt out if the dirt is not broken down to be rinsed out. Step number two, you rinse, said dirt out of carpet. Step number three, you leave a nice pattern with the carpet cleaning wand as you’re going across. You don’t want to just Willy nilly go across. You want it to be like eating rows of corn. So you want a nice even pattern across a nice even pattern back. So you’re going back and forth and you have a pattern and a process to cleaning the carpets. For our particular ones, we go behind the door first. We get in the closets, we get into the hard to reach areas. We then get the main open areas. We work our way back towards the door, and then we move into the hallway to see if there’s any other rooms that are connected to when we go into the next room that’s connected to that hallway.

We do behind the door, we do in the closet, we do a hard to reach areas. We do the main open area, come back to the hallway and once we got everything connected to the hallway, we do the hallway itself and then whatever that hallway is connected to, let’s say it’s a living room, we do the living room and then whenever the living room is connected, we go to the entry where the entry is connected. We’re out of the house. We’ve backed our way out so that every area in front of us does not have any footprints. It just has our nice clean strokes. There’s a nice symmetry of work throughout the whole home and people come in and they go, Ooh, ah, this is wonderful. Or at least that’s in my head the way that I assume that somebody looks at it though, we do get a lot of people that walk in and they do look at the carpet because they’ve lived in this house, right?

You’ve lived in your house, you’ve been there the last year that you’ve been there the last two or three years and you are looking at your regular buildup of dirt. And since it slowly builds up over time, normally we don’t walk in there and just big bag of dirt, dump it in the living room and then we move on to robot our way. Typically it’s a little tiny bits of dust that fall down the Gore round and then a little tiny bit of dust that was on your shoe that got wiped off. And then a little tiny bit of dust that is on the dog’s paws and a little tiny bit of dust that is um, in the, uh, air. As the air kicks on, that kind of gets blown across or a little tiny dust comes into the front door as you open the door and then you shut it again.

And over a month, over a week, over six months, over a year that has little tiny bits of dust start to build up. As you walk through the walk paths and you have each walk path start to get walked, you start walking that dirt and you start grinding it. It’s like a reverse sifting where you kind of shaking it, bouncing it and letting it settle down into the carpet. Now your vacuum, you should do on a pretty regular basis to suck that dirt back out, but we typically will not get to it, but the vacuum can only suck the stuff off of the carpet if it is not stuck to the carpet. That’s we needed us. You do not need your carpets cleaned as long as you can backroom the dirt out of the carpet, but once you go to vacuum the carpet and the dirt sticks to the carpet, that’s when you need the carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaner needs to come in there, use a pre spray to break down those oils and then use the wand to rinse out that dirt so that now you have a fresh clean carpet. That is not attracting new dirt, is not collecting new dirt and it now looks fresh and clean again. Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.