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Carpet Cleaner | What Is The Best Reason To Call Us?

Carpet Cleaner | What Is The Best Reason To Call Us?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we’re going to have Logan Serena’s choose what our topic will be. So Logan, if you were to ask about a topic about Carpet Cleaner, what would you ask?

I don’t know.

Oh, that is an answer that you can not give. It is not an acceptable answer. I take the, I don’t know and I, I give it back to you and I package it back up into a concept and you have to come back with a, with a, with a great thing. What is it about, if you were to name one thing about Carpet Cleaner, what would you name about your carpet?


Well then this will be a podcast about carpet that seems to be one of those introspective carpet podcast where we talk about on the carpet podcast carpet, which seems rather simple and benign but really can be rather complex. And a lot of times we talk about everything we want to do with the Carpet Cleaner. We don’t talk about the carpet itself that often. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the way to enjoy your clean carpets again. So carpet is a flooring surface. We’ve talked about some of the others. There is wood, there is concrete, you can have stain concrete flooring, you can have a tile flooring, you can have a laminate, which is like a plastic flooring typically is stamped in a certain color. You can have a nice flooring made out of bamboo.

You might have different types of hardwoods or even like little squares, but carpet is of all of the other floors and all the rest are considered to be some form of a hard surface. Flooring. Wood floors pretty hard if he fall on it. Kind of going to leave a bruise, a tile, very hard. It’s the hardest of all the Florida. I don’t know, maybe concrete’s pretty hard to uh, so just straight slab, straight concrete. That can be very difficult. A wood floor is a little softer because they typically have some type of layer underneath it. Same thing with the Pergo and this click together vinyl flooring, they have a little padding underneath them so to speak, but carpet is different in that it has sound deadening properties. All the others are harder surfaces and they will reflect sounds or they are more reflective in their sound.

Whereas carpet on the other hand is actually a sound absorber. If you go into a, uh, movie theater or you go to somewhere where they’ve got, um, an event happening, uh, where there’s lots of yes, uh, uh, whether it’s a movie theater or something like that, if you put your hand along the walls, you will actually run into a find that there’s carpet on the walls and they carpet these because it has a great sound in there. It will block the sound and not allow it to keep bouncing around, but actually give you that studio quality where you hear the sound as it is sent. Because a lot of movies will have a um, uh, have something where,

uh, they’ll give you something that needs to be, uh, uh, kind of softened up so that it just doesn’t keep it bouncing around as you go throughout the environment. Otherwise, uh, the sound gets very muddled. Like say you’ve got to listen to music or you listen to a movie and it’s um, ends up being very, uh, you want it to be very clear and uh, striking, uh, strict, but it ends up bouncing around and so you end up losing the, the effect of it. So Carpet Cleaner can help in studios and other places like that to give you that kind of restricted, um, or directed things so that the sound will come directly where you want to from the speakers as opposed to bounced around. Now the opposite is true. If you go to a cathedral, you’ve got lots of hard space out at a cathedral and in those situations the sound is bouncing around on purpose because they create this specific scale and upper movement throughout that is going to then redirect the sound in a way that makes for reverb or makes for a more focused sound.

So it helps for a talking voice that can’t talk very loud to bounce around the room and he kind of gaining in intensity so that they could talk to an entire group inside of there and reach everybody without having any type of uh, sound amplification systems. That’s why they also call it an amphitheater because if you stand in it in this cone shape, you can actually stand in the center of it and get a, a good broadcast that goes out to round them. If you go all the way back to Jesus’ time, he went back to some of the natural amphitheaters that were built into the countryside at the time, which is where you saw he was talking to 5,000 people, you think, how do you talk to 5,000 people? It seems like that’s next to impossible without a PA system. And at one point you see him get in a boat, go out on the water a little ways and turn and talk to everybody because they’re all in a kind of a surround and the water helps cause it reflects the sound perfectly.

So he could actually talk to thousands of people at one time in specific geographical areas that will allow the sound to get back and forth with him. Now if he had gone into that same area and you covered it all in Carpet Cleaner, well then he would only be able to talk to a few people because the sound would be deadened and it wouldn’t reflect out very far. If you go into fine dining restaurants, put your hand up underneath the tables, you’ll see that they put carpet or fabric underneath the tables to help to down dead net sound or cap capture that sound so that it does not end up bouncing all around. So you have people or sections of segments of people being able to talk without the sound bouncing as badly throughout the more a marble and crystal that an area has, the more it starts to bounce around and really be an issue or a problem.

And so the um, you want to try to use this, so your carpet throughout your house and you went all tile in your house, you’d make an unsightly sound in the bathroom and everyone in the rest of the house would hear it. And so you want to try to put, um, and make sounds that um, break up this barrier of sound. You want to be closed all the doors with hard spaces, it would just keep moving, but you put carpet throughout the house and that helps to deaden the sound, helps to direct the sound or keep sound in certain areas. Also, it just makes it more comfortable. Hard surfaces are harder, harder to walk on, softer surfaces feel softer to sit down, lay down or bounce around on, especially at the little kids or pets. Carpet cleaning. Tulsa’s since 1998 we are complete Carpet Cleaner. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.