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Carpet Cleaner | What Is The Best Way To Clean All The Way?

Carpet Cleaner | What Is The Best Way To Clean All The Way?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s and I would welcome you to join us as we talk. Now again, we’re going to continue from our last podcast talking about critical thinking. Carpet Cleaner tells us since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. I was expound on critical thinking. I think it’s one of the most under taught, uh, things that we need in our society that is very important. We try to rely on somebody else, even fact-checking somebody. Um, and you know, we are like, well we need a fact checker. Well, the question Dan, of course, comes that who’s fact checking the fact checker, you know, is this particular source a reliable place to get your fact checking from? Or are they somebody with an agenda who is going to fact check something the way that they want it to behave?

I’ve heard plenty of times where they fact check things that don’t, that are not facts. You know, somebody will say, I believe that we should be more kind to those. And you’d be like, okay, cool. That is an opinion. That’s the feeling of something they’ll be like, they’ll go through, well if you look at the survey, uh, people who, who want to be kind, that actually are kind and the number of people that actually are jaded compared to the number of people that actually will, are more of a Pollyanna. Like then you’ll see there’s a lot of hypocrites out there. So this is Albuquerque busy, untrue because most people are hypocrites, you know, like it doesn’t apply to you. You get a, you get what you pay for it. Vegan sometimes people have, um, they’re paying for an agenda, they’re paying for out, feeling pushed to something.

So a lot of times we, we want to put the critical thinking onto somebody else so that if, if the idea is wrong, it’s not our fault. It’s the person who gave us the APS fault. So let’s turn this into your carpet. Some of the ideas that are there. And again, you don’t have to, I love the, I grew up in the age of reading rainbow so you don’t have to take my word for it. These are things you can search, you can look up. But uh, Carpet Cleaner. One of the things that, a lot of misconceptions that we try to give our customers as much knowledge as possible. I want you to figure out what your, what is best for you to do as opposed to just relying on a single source. Because if you can critically think about something, well then the wool can’t be pulled over your eyes.

I’ve had customers who have brand new carpet and the first time it gets cleaned, the, uh, they were, uh, come vent to put a carpet protected back on their brand new carpet, which is like getting a brand new Teflon pan and then wanting to recoat the Teflon. Every time you cook with it, eventually you could rub that Cody off. So you have the using a metal Batchelor maybe instead of the plastic one, but you’ve got brand new carpet. It’s already got Scotchgard on it. It’s already got a protective coating on it and it won’t come off until you’ve put enough physical wear on it or you’ve let it wear down enough. The Carpet Cleaner itself does not remove that layer though. Most people do believe that the carpet cleaning will remove the protective off of the carpet and I tell people if that was true, well then I am cleaning your carpets wrong.

I want to leave that protective layer on there because the only reason that carpet protective is there is to make the carpet cleaners job easier with a protective layer on there. When I come to clean the carpet, it will look a lot better. I look like a rockstar for getting your Carpet Cleaner. It’s looking great and it’s very easy for me to clean the carpets, carpet it has worn off and lost all the protective layer on. It still could be clean just like you can cook your food on a steel pan. It just makes it a little more difficult to clean the carpets than it is if it was protected. And that being said, that’s where somebody will give the information and because they didn’t have a good basis of knowledge, they will then believe something and ended up being, I won’t say a con, but they are definitely taken advantage of because what they true, what they really need and what they got are two separate things.

Like you really can’t scotch guard or protect the carpet already has protected on it because obviously if you’re thinking about it, it should repel water, which is what the cover detective is supposed to do. So how would you be able to put it more protected on it? If it repels water, if it repels itself, then it can’t be re protected. Right. You know, it’s not like paint where you just paint over another layer of the paint. It’s more like trying to paint over, battling it, just pull up and just roll right off perfectly. And in Tulsa since 1998 we are talking about critical thinking, encouraging you to try to seek out your own source of knowledge and come to your own conclusions on something. I remember there was an article that my, um, my wife brought to me to talk about how, uh, you need to be really careful about this potential, uh, way of doing, dealing with money the way you put it in the bank or the way that you deal with the tax system at this place.

If somebody at Florida or center this, this article, and we looked, looked at the first few paragraphs of the article, I’m like, wow, that does sound really dire. I thought this, I thought this whole program was supposed to keep that from happening. And here it’s talking about how that that is happening Carpet Cleaner. It’s a big problem. Um, and so I went back and said, well, before I move forward, what’s the source of this article? Like where, where’s the information? Like what’s the motivation of the person writing the article? And as we dug into it a little deeper, we realized that it was from a group of attorneys that were representing people who had this problem. And so they are going to of course show you from an attorney who’s dealing with somebody who’s already having to go to court over this particular problem, what they could do to help solve the problem.

But if you look at the statistics and you look at the actual numbers on that, those particular issues, they rarely almost never happens. And to think to get worked up over something, to try to hire a legal firm to represent you for something that only happens to like one in a thousand businesses, it doesn’t make any sense because you realize, Oh, they obviously are talking about it from the standpoint of someone who’s already had this problem. So they’re talking to the 1% of 1% people. If you’re a standard everyday person, the other 9,000 or 999 people, then you don’t need that care. If for us, we tell people the best time to get your Carpet Cleaner is when you feel like they’re dirty. I could tell you, Hey, you got to do it every month or every two months or every four months or six months. But if your carpets aren’t dirty, then I’ll come and clean the carpets. You won’t notice any change in the carpet because the carpets weren’t dirty enough to be cleaned yet, and you’ll feel like you wasted your money. And I want you to get your value out of every carpet cleaning. You’ll do carpet cleaning. He tells us since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.