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Carpet Cleaner | What Kind Of Cleaning Are You Looking For?

Carpet Cleaner | What Kind Of Cleaning Are You Looking For?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan [inaudible], and today we’re going to talk about Carpet Cleaner. Oh, I know you’ve been thinking all day long. Why didn’t I get an opportunity today to listen to somebody talk about carpet? I mean there’s the backing, the glue in the back. There’s the netting that holds the glue in the back together. There’s the fibers, all Dutch, and if I was just to go into all the details about each and every fiber, how many there are, it’s not like the sands of the sea, but it is so close because they’re just all, some of them are twisted. They’re looped, they’re squiggly, they’re straight, they’re level, they’re discombobulated, they’re singular color. They are different colors. So many different ways you could have your fiber. Now I know that some people might mistakenly think and listen to this podcast as some type of amazing health tip podcast.

You’d say, Oh, he’s obviously encouraging people to do up their fiber intake. It must be an amazing podcast on colon health and you’re thinking colon health. No, please, dear Lord, who had listened to that? Well, I am here to tell you that this fiber that we referred to as not fiber that you would eat, this is fiber. You will feel, we will call it fiber feel, not to be confused with fiber fill, which that is a whole different podcast and all by itself, but podcasts, you would be like, well today we are going to be taking our pillow. We are going to be stuffing it. We’re going to make a stuffed pillow yesterday. That’s what we will do. We will take the stuffing. We call this fiber fill. We’re going to put it into the case of the pillow and we’re going to pack it in their knife and pipe.

Ooh, it’s just fun. I like feeling the fiber filled between my fingers and the fiber fills between my fingers. Let me tell you what, that’s an unwrapping package present all by itself. Nope. We are talking about fiber on your Carpet Cleaner. The cute little twisted pieces of rope that are our durability strings that lasts as long as they last. There’s the ass where you get to. You look at your carpet and you say, how is it? I’m going to get my carpets to last a long time when some people’s carpets wear out and then some people’s don’t. So let’s address three reasons. We’ll give you three, not one, not two, not four or six or five. We are going to stick with three or for those of you are needing other ways to define three. It may be trace or it could be Quatro, [inaudible] we want race or could be truck or could not do not, not do it, but until we are going to find out what are the three ways.

Number one, first way that you can get your carpets to last a long time. It’s just a pony up. Spend a ton of money and they get really expensive. High quality carpet. Now that’s obvious. It seems obvious but it is sometimes unspoken. If you get cheap Carpet Cleaner. It’s unfortunate but it will not last that long. Why you ask why? I will answer that question. Why you are wondering. I will give you the answer. The simple truth is that when you, you get what you pay for. So if you’re paying a lot of money, you’re going to get a lot of fiber and if you are not paying not a lot of money, you’re not going to get very much fiber because there will not be the fiber. Therefore due to have. So why you ask why? Well I will answer. I will give you the answer.

I will answer it right to now. Right now you’re thinking when was it going to do it before? No, not before now because before it’s already past. It’s now is the time that we’re going to answer this question. The fiber and the fiber is counted by the number of ounces and it’s the weight of the fiber, the amount of fiber that is in the carpet in a certain size areas. They do this in 26 and 30 and 36 and 40 42 45 50 and 60 ounce carpet. There’s plenty different ounce size of carpet. So typically your intro grade Carpet Cleaner, your apartment grade carpet, that’s going to be a 24 ounce and then like 30 40 up to 50 50 it can be really high end 60 is going to be like where you try to take a finger. Like if you walked across 60 ounce carpet, more than likely the carpet won’t move.

You will just kind of float across the top of it because the carpet is so dense and so thick. Now just the thickness of the Carpet Cleaner. This is big. We tell our customers this all the time. Just choosing, say a 50 ounce carpet does not mean you’ll have, it doesn’t mean you have a lot of fiber in there, but it’s not mean you’ll have a very, very durable carpet. You could have a 50 ounce carpet that’s not very durable. Let’s say you had a 50 ounce carpet, but the fibers are say three inches long. Well, it’s going to be like shag and it’s gonna be floppy and it’s gonna wear out quickly. Now if you could have a 30 ounce carpet, but the fiber is only a quarter inch long and that carpet will be impossible, put your fingers through because it has to have all of that weight of carpet.

But each fiber is only a quarter inch long. So that’s going to have to be smashed in there to try to get that much weight. Whereas if you had a one inch long fiber and it was 30 inches or 30 ounces, then the fibers are just kind of flopped insides. Alright, so part number two is the part we just talked about. So first is how much weight is the carpet? How much physical fiber? There’s part number two, how long the fiber is, the shorter the fiber. If you go back and you think of Houdini, he could take that and break a brick on his chest, on a bed of nails and yet not poke himself because he had a thousand nails on the board. And so one nail poke right through his scan. A thousand nails can support the weight cause it divides it or distributes the wear and the weight evenly.

And then the last part is what type of fiber is it a, uh, is it [inaudible]? Is that a cut pile? Is a Berber Berbers we’ll just outlast the other fibers because they’re loops and not single fiber. So they have a loop, an arch, and it supports weight and it wears out much slower. So you get a really cheap low weighted Berber and it’s going to last a long time. The downside is that it’s really rough because it all in fiber. It will be rough on your knees. You’d get down, you’ll rock or walk around on your knees and then you look down at your knees. And if you’re a guy, now, if you’re a woman, you should not, you probably don’t have hairy legs, but if you’re a guy and you walk around on this Berber Carpet Cleaner for too long or re uh, Neal on the Berber carpet for too long, you will also like the women no longer have hair on your legs because you’ll have rubbed him raw. You’ll have just rubbed the hair right off perfectly in Tulsa since 1998 we are a complete carpet. Thank you for joining us on this carpet DMD podcast, and check us next time as we talk about something else.