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Carpet Cleaner | What Kind Of Cleaning Processes Do You Need?

Carpet Cleaner | What Kind Of Cleaning Processes Do You Need?

Welcome to the Carpet Cleaner DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s and today we were going to talk about so many things and so nothing at the same time. Some times we do things that actually achieve a great result. Other times we do things that do nothing at all. We are just spinning. Our wheels are spinning our tires so to speak. We are running in place perfectly in Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpets. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and you can talk face to face. If you were to look into your phone and they were to look into your phone, the faces would be touching by phone. Of course in this case you would not be actually facing to facing. You would be voicing to voicing. So person to person, voice to voice. Uh, talk about the initial, the original social distance scene is using your phone to talk to another person.

But of course at the end of the day we sometimes need to be at arms length because we are sick, we are not feeling good. But if you are healthy and you’re welding, you should be getting as close to and connect with as many people as you can because there is something that nothing else can rejuvenate your soul at. Quite like having physical communion can contact with people that are going to um, revitalize and reconnect you with what it is that you were supposed to be doing at this time. Carpet lady told us that we are complete carpet so we want to talk about a lot of things and nothing. So these are the, some of the tips that we give to you. Give you three tips. That way they’re not expensive. It’s not tip number two, it’s not. Tip number four. We’re going to go right to the middle between the two.

We’re going with tip number three, a prime number, a number. That is not number three. It is not your number six. It is not number nine is number three. So the number to three first. The thing that we do that really doesn’t make too much difference is vacuuming the whole house every few days. I’ve got a few customers that do this because they are afraid of the carpet getting too dirty and so they make sure they vacuum it on a very regular basis. This intern wears the Carpet Cleaner out faster than normal because the all of the carpet is not dirty. Now you do want the carpet to be vacuumed and it’s a balance between how you are going to wear the carpet out, what is going to wear it out first. So if you vacuum too regularly, too often you will wear the fiber and the fiber is clean.

So if the fiber is clean, there is no where happening to the fiber. And as you rub your vacuum against it, you were actually creating friction and wear on the carpet. Now if your carpet is dirty, there was a tremendous amount of wear having to do the carpet at all times. Every step on the carpet is creating where because there there’s sand and dust and debris in the carpet, so the carpet becomes like sandpaper. So you need to vacuum all of that out so the carpet can then go back to normal wear. So you’ve got hyper-aware, you got strong wear and you’ve got regular wear, regular wears what has just supposed to happen on a normal, if you vacuum the carpet you go into a little bit aggressive where it’s above regular wear because you’re putting some physical things and you go into is when you have, you’re wearing out the carpet hyper fast by putting sand and debris, things that are stronger, more cutting and more aggressive than the carpet itself.

And at that point you will be wearing out the Carpet Cleaner through the grind, the grit sandpaper like functions. So you want to find the right balance between the two. There is great Sandy, you need to vacuum it out. If it’s not gradient Sandy, then don’t put extra wear on the carpet that’s unnecessary. With the vacuum, you definitely don’t put the extra wear on the carpet to remove the sand, otherwise you’ll have super wear on the carpet as opposed to regular. So tip number two, only use some of these items. Only people use the soap to clean the carpet without renting it. This, some of the products that they give you are not functional enough to be able to use all by themselves without rinsing the product back out. A lot of times people will use the product, which is good. You need to break it down the stain, but you need to remove the stain and the product that you use to treat it.

So those cases you need to take it and make sure that you are not putting the uh, the uh, putting you were, make sure you remove the soap and the dirt before you let it go on. So this is where you need to get in there and find that spot, find that area, find that place that you can then remove the spot, the area, the place with the product. And then after that, make sure that you rinse it back out. And then tip number three is that if you clean your Carpet Cleaner, you will remove carpet protected. So people will wait to clean their carpets. They will like get the carpets cleaned because they believe that by cleaning their carpets they will remove the carpet protectant and their carpet will break down faster and it’s actually the opposite. This is another myth that you leave dirt and debris on your carpet.

The longer you wait to clean your carpet, the faster you wear off the Carpet Cleaner protected because it’s the grit and the grime and the where the physical wear on the carpet. That is going to break it down that barrier quicker so you, it’s the opposite of vacuuming. If you vacuum more often you will wear the carpet out if there is no dirt and debris on it and if you don’t clean your carpet more often the dirt and debris will break it down the barrier faster. The carpet cleaning itself removes the dirt and debris that will break the barrier down on the carpet. Whereas the carpet cleaning itself is frictionless. It does not have any beater bars, so it does not wear on the carpet. You can get your carpets cleaned once a month if you want to do a, it won’t harm the carpet. I’ve got a few customers that we’ve cleaned once a month for the last 10 years, and the carpet still looks in great shape, uh, that it, because you’re rinsing out any aggressive sticky material in the carpet that could be causing trouble over the long perm and the barrier on the carpet.

The carpet protectant is meant to allow the dirt to release easily. So if you’re not cleaning it, then you’re not taking advantage of the carpet protected. If you wait a long time with carpet that is, has protected on it, you will burn off the cup, protecting, consuming it too fast, and actually losing the effectiveness of the carpet it and never getting a chance to use it. It’s like having a Teflon pan that you never cook on, um, and never clean. So you never know how easy it is to clean. Carpet Cleaner tells us since 1998 we are complete carpets. So give us a call today at nine one eight four nine four, seven zero nine and three.