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Carpet Cleaner | Where Can You Find More Help?

Carpet Cleaner | Where Can You Find More Help?

Welcome to the carpet DF podcast. I am your host baking Sabrina Islam. Today we are going to talk about integrity, carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet so give us a call today. Eight four nine four seven zero nine three integrity is one of those things that is a super important, we all desire to have a high end, high level of integrity. We all want to but we don’t always understand what integrity is. I know mostly we talk about perfect painting and getting your Carpet Cleaner and getting the uh, tile clean, meteor pollster clean, keeping the staircase clean and cleaning your rugs. But now I want to talk about a more basic side of integrity. Is the battle inside your own mind of saying what do I think versus what do I do? And I think this is difficult because so many people complete the two ideas together.

You will look across the whole of a person’s life and see by the general or the average of their decisions, what their integrity level is, what is their focus and their purpose level as they went throughout their life. And that is who that person is. Now have we all had a thought of something or done something that did not align with the average of our whole life? We’ve all had that time. We’ve all had that spot where we did just did something. We were hauled off and hit something or we punched a wall and we said a thing that was really hurtful or we got mad and just lashed back at somebody or we reacted or did something. Uh, we may have intentionally or maliciously caused someone else to stumble or, or come into harm. And as soon as you did it, as soon as it happened or as soon as you became aware of it, you immediately felt guilty.

You felt bad, you felt awful because it did not align with your overarching, your core values, your, our overarching decision that you would make through out your life that you would consider to be your character. Consider to be your integrity and integrity is sticking to those things Carpet Cleaner. Sure we do. We miss the Mark. We all missed the Mark. We’ll have screwed up. We all done something stupid. We all have skeletons in our closets of things that we do our best. Not to let anyone know about. It’s not that we’re hiding it because we’re proud of what we’re doing. We’re hiding it because we were unplowed of the thing that happened. And this is where I think it’s super important that I teach. I’ve taught my kids this for a long time, is that what you do in private is practice for what you’re about to do in public.

So many times there’s been a big ad, especially when I was growing up back in the nineties and then the two thousands that what I did in private was my own business. Like you shouldn’t I, you know, don’t go snooping into other people’s business Carpet Cleaner. You know, don’t be a busy body. You know, if I, if I want to do whatever it is I want to do, um, it’s okay because it’s not hurting anyone else. And the problem that, the pushback I have to that is that everything that we do is practice. We are gearing up for whatever it is, the next great thing that we’re going to do. And we don’t do anything until we have mastered it ourselves. You don’t go out there for the first time, discover how to do anything that you do. You go out there, you see what it is you want to do and you go back and you practice.

Nobody’s watching you practice to become a good speaker. You practice to become a funny guy and you’re like, I look good. I’m going to get this joke and you try the joke and you realize, Oh boy I that didn’t deliver that right. Or if you wanted to say something, you got to memorize what you’re about to say before you actually get out there and say it. If you want to do something, you have to be skilled at doing it before you actually get out there and do it. We can’t get out there and Carpet Cleaner for the first time and hope to do a good job. We’ve got to go practice on some other people or other places, other situations without pay before we have earned the right to be paid to to jump in and get that taken care of perfectly. He told us since 1998 we are complete carpet.

And so I would tell you that there is a lot of stuff that happened throughout your life, but there’s a lot of decisions that we’ll make that are ones that are unflattering and will bring you down. But the question is your integrity, your character is where you take all the voices in your head because we all have a thought sometimes to do things that we know we know better than, but we still have the thought that goes through our head. Somebody walks up to us, says something and her first reaction is to clench our fist or or grit our teeth and we think you’re what I am going to, I’m going to respond to this. And yet inside something else stands up and says, no, that does not match with the values of who I believe I am. That doesn’t match with the intentions that I have within my heart that does not match with the focus of what it is that I think I can do or who I want to be.

And so I will choose today, not. I love one of the signs I saw at a customer’s house and it’s a very consistent sign out there. Now it says, today I choose happy and every day we have opportunity to choose. Yes, I’ve got all this data. I guess in my head there’s plenty of points of knowledge that are going to give me lots of options. I’d see. I’d see all that. It goes. There is a, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Really terrible analogy Carpet Cleaner. I wish somebody would update that and give us something else because I don’t ever want to skin a cat and it just, the thought of skinning the cat is just, I’m thinking, no, I can, I just, can I pass a hard pass on that one? I’d rather not have to even think about, Hey, this is like the old adage, I can’t unsee or unthink about certain things and so sometimes something happens, you’re like, Oh, I would have preferred not to have that knowledge.

Thank you very much. But as you go through, always say, will this align with my character when I do this? Will I tell people about it? Will I let others know about what it is I’ve done, which is why we pushed so hard here at complete carpet to try and make sure that what we’ve done is set up such great quality of work that you’ll want to, um, not only use this again, but tell your friends about it. You want to come back and bring your friends. And so we have tried to make sure that all of our process, we do have the core value in mind of integrity, of saying that we want to stay true to what we know is best to do. Sometimes people miss the Mark. But the question is how do you bounce back up? What do you do to race back there? How quickly do you run and apologize to somebody to let them know that this is not who you see yourself as? And this was a momentary lapse of judgment, not an indication of a permanent change of your character. Carpet Cleaner tells us since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.