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Carpet Cleaner | Where Can You Go To Find A Cleaner?

Carpet Cleaner | Where Can You Go To Find A Cleaner?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we will be talking about vacuuming. Vacuuming is one of those essential parts. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today and get that one on one personal feel. Carpet technician, carpet responder. First responders are great office training people that can be able to get you on the road to enjoy your carpets again. So give us a call today, (918) 494-7093 or find this little web at complete carpet. perfectly in Tulsa is in our fiber and we want you to be able to have a great experience with their carpet cleaning. But there is the, everything that happens from the time you get your carpet cleaned until the next time that you get your carpets cleaned up. These can be desperate for different times or they can be all close together, but you also need to make sure that you’re getting these old done in some type of form or fashion.

So to get this all done and get it done in a regular smooth time, you want to make sure that the between times is also maintained well. We tell our customers jokingly that you do not need to get your Carpet Cleaner until it gets sticky again. Yes, they could get dirty, but as long as you can backroom it out, you are able to remove the dirt from the carpet. Some people still have us come out on a very regular basis anyway because they’re wanting to have somebody else take care of the, the health and wellbeing of the carpet. But really you need us when the carpets get sticky, as long as you can extract out, you can suck out, you can wipe out, you can rub out to the dirt in the carpet and then you won’t need us. And so that’s where vacuuming comes in.

Some people have a lot of different ways in a processes, and I’ll tell you first thing, the thing that is the best to do is just a vacuum. There’s lots of different process. There’s lots of different ways. There’s lots of different thoughts to it, but just get out there and doing it. It’s sort of like working out. If you don’t, I mean you could get all hung up on the specifics, the Wiles, the why’s that, how do you, uh, how do you work out? But you need to start off by working out. So start off by just doing some vacuuming. Now the reason the majority of people do not vacuum is because they’re afraid or they’ve taken the time to do some really deep cleaning, vacuuming or deep, um, vacuuming situation. And so, uh, we do not recommend doing that big heavy vacuuming on a regular basis.

Now, should you do it at some point? Yeah, we need to get in there and really give it, give that once a month, once a year, once every six months, a quarter, uh, deep cleaning, you know, they really get into those areas that haven’t been touched for a while or where the cat gets in or hide behind because obviously all that pet hair is going to develop dust bunnies over time or the dust itself will create dust bunnies. So carpet cleaning. Tulsa since 1998 we are complete Carpet Cleaner. So what I want you to do is to get in there and focus on what it is that you can do. What is it that you are going to accomplish and what do you want to have happen in that scenario. So here it is, you’re wanting to try to take the carpet and be able to make, get that separated out and uh, uh, help to contain the dirt that really carpet is like a giant waste basket, is helping to hold the dirt in place for you as you are going around getting um, all of your regular daily activities taken care of.

So here we are with like Carpet Cleaner that have been walked on and now it’s time to get them cleaned. And now the question is where do you clean them? So if you were to, um, let’s say wash your clothes, you got a whole closet full of clothes, uh, which clothes will you wash first? Well, obviously the easy answer because you can break this down a little, small things are the clothes that you have worn the most. Now, some people wash their clothes every time they use them. Sometimes it’s unnecessary. Let’s say that I wore a jacket and I wore the jacket outside for to go to the car when I got in the car, took the jacket off and so I wore it from the house to the car and then from the car back to the house. And I did that maybe once or twice or three or four or 10 times.

And how many times is it needed that you wear that jacket before you decide that I’m going to do a, um, I’m going to wash that jacket. Now, on the other hand, you put your jeans on and you wear the jeans all day long while walking around doing stuff and accomplished often doing things that, you know, it’s helping to protect your clothing. Clothing is helping to protect your skin from getting a bunch of dirt and debris on it. But at the same token, it’s also getting a bunch of dirt and debris on it. So you may have a situation where you wanting to clean those on a daily basis. All of my work clothes get washed every single day. Now I may have a dress shirt that I wear only to church or only to an event with an undershirt underneath it. So I will get back and I’ll check out the shirt.

And as long as I’ve been clean throughout my day, um, I may not need to wash that shirt if it’s only used it for an hour or two and I may get a couple of uses out of it. Same thing with like sweaters or jackets. Um, your shoes, you don’t typically wash those, but you do change your socks every day. Now there may be times where you wear multiple outfits in a single day and so you have to figure out what is the right path Carpet Cleaner, what is the right time to get that, those clothes clean because you have gone out and say, I went in the morning to the gym so I wore some workout clothes. I sweated in those. So those definitely probably need a good washing. Then it came in, I changed into my uh, some work clothes cause I was going for a meeting and I went and did the meeting for an hour or two and then after that I went to lunch with somebody.

So I switched into some just regular casual clothes. And then the evening I was taking my wife out on a date. And so I went into really fancy clothes. We went to a fancy place to rational. By the time I get home I have one, four different sets of clothes in the one day. And so I could take them, wash all those clothes though, just going to be four sets of clothes and you’d be washed or I could do the exact same thing the next day. And we’re all four things. Again, I’m really on the fourth day. I’ve now got about a half to a days worth of usage out of all the different things. I could wear them four different times, maybe five different times and just now started to really actually get them dirty. Or you go outside and you go out one time, walk out to the street and then somebody drives by and splashes a big puddle of mud and it gets all over all of your clothes and you’ve worn them for 30 seconds, 90 seconds, two minutes.

And I need to go in and strip off all these wet, muddy clothes and immediately switch into fresh clothes. Those need to be washed and cleaned right then in a vacuum and is a lot like that. We’ll continue this in our next podcast. So we talked about vacuuming. We’re just getting the general idea of what, you know, get the cause, the understanding, the why do you need to get things clean. So now that you can know what you need to do once you understand the why behind it, Carpet Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your clean carpet again. Carpet DMCs your clean carpets today.