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Carpet Cleaning | Are You Ready For A Life Changing Clean?

Carpet Cleaning | Are You Ready For A Life Changing Clean?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your home. Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. Join us today. As we venture into the underbelly of the carpet cleaning world, as we talk about the performance of better equipment. Perfect. You told Tulsa since 1998, our complete Carpet Cleaning. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. There is a definite split. This is a good point. I think it was probably one important thing that everyone should ask and approach as they go through life. I want to pick two, maybe three things that you want to be excellent at, or have excellence in, and then everything else you allow to just get by or be very she. Uh, and this is because we do not have unlimited funds. Even if you have unlimited funds, you’re eventually going to cap out, uh, you hear it. Stories of pro athletes or actors who go out there, right?

They take their millions of dollars to buy multiple homes and multiple yachts and multiple cars until they realize the taxes for all of that stuff, overwhelms the amount that they made in a year. And they have to start selling all their multiple houses and boats and yachts and stuff, just to cover the tax that all the rest have. And so this can always be resolved like saying I’m not going to go up above and beyond. So I want to jump into something that we talked about in a previous podcast. It’s step one was to spend less than your bank. We’ve covered that in our previous talk podcast. So I want to get into step two. I want to cover the second step is to make more than you spend. Sometimes in life, there is run into a brick wall and you have a certain hop financial obligations.

You’ve taken out loans, you’ve done something and you have a certain quantity. Like you do cut everything out, you pared it out. You took a beautiful carving knife and went all the way down to the bone. There’s a certain yeah. Net amount that you need to get just to get by Carpet Cleaning. And sometimes you have to look at what you’re doing and realize I can not solve this by cutting more. I’m gonna have to solve this by doing more. I’m going to have to die, making more. And this is how this concept is completely different than the first one. The first one is that you need to spend less than you make, which means you need to pare down and carve out and make sure you’re really tightened the belt and lean down to what it is. Your lean mean fighting machine that has the capacity to get it 10 done with a very small amount.

Other times you get all the way down like lean as you can. There’s nothing more to cut and you still don’t have enough. That means you need to turn around and also pair that with make more than you spent. And this is where you get out there and you creatively say, what is it that I can do that I can increase what I can make. Maybe I’m going to make more by working more and they make more by charging more. I may make more by doing more. I may make more by bringing better value. You may make more by starting or doing something completely different. You may realize that the thing that I started with is not that as profitable as I thought it would be, or it’s not going to get me to the place. A good example, I’d heard a book, a business podcast show.

They talked about how there was a customer that they were helping and that they were selling. They were selling methods Carpet Cleaning. Now they originally started selling wedding cakes, but they, everyone started to ask him to make cupcakes. So I started selling cupcakes and making cupcakes. A lot of people ask for cupcakes. So she spent a lot of time decorating these cupcakes, making the cupcakes are really fancy and nice. And even if you sold the cup and the juice on the company for like three bucks apiece. So she made like $1 profit on each cupcake. She said she wanted to make a hundred thousand a year, which meant that she had a, I can’t remember exactly what to say 200 business days that you’ve worked in a year. So to get to a hundred thousand dollars, you’d have to take 5,000 a day. So 200 times, five thousand, a hundred thousand, no 20.

Yeah, that’s right. 5,000 times 20, so 20. So she had to make a 5,000 a day. So 5,000 to eight times, the 200, 500 times, 200 that right. I don’t do the math in my head, you know, carry the one over the zero. So she had to create a certain number which translated into like 500 cupcakes a day. She would have to sell, which is just improbable. It’s impossible. She wasn’t selling them said, or you can sell five writing cakes a week, maybe the five wedding cakes a week, or like 500 cupcakes a day. And so she wanted to do the cupcakes, but there was no functional feasible way forever to make a profit selling cupcakes. Was you selling them one at a time or maybe in place a 10, but it would be really hard. You have to spend. So you’d have to sell 50 plates of 10 just to get to 500 every single day Carpet Cleaning.

Whereas she could just sell five, four or five wedding cakes, but she made like $500 on every, you know, every day. And then she would easily make her goal for the year. So sometimes we have a goal that we can obtain with our current place. And sometimes you have to look at it and say, okay, I would love to reach that goal. That goal matters more to me than the thing I’m doing. Other times we give up on the things that we want because the goal that we want to do is more important than the money that we are. But that’s where you volunteering comes in. Or you might want to be a work in your church, or you might volunteer your time or, uh, the mayor of broken arrow. Actually, I received no salary at all. He does it because he cares about his city.

He does it from the heart of being able to help him make the city better, but he doesn’t do it for any compensation or any physical or quick money reward. Now he’s a businessman. So I’m sure that it helps his business overall to have a smooth-running city so that he can have more success in business. But you know, he’s not getting paid. You’re not putting up with all that stuff. And he can just say, I’m going back to my private market and just get making the money. Normally, I suppose, put up all these people, but he cares enough. There’s a lot of times where we give up the monetary compensation for the gratification that we get carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.