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Carpet Cleaning | Can You Learn More About Us?

Carpet Cleaning | Can You Learn More About Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nick, and Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Cleaning today. We’re going to continue our talk about changing your habits and belief in your patterns and looking, expose those things that are underlying, that you don’t know that are there underneath the skin, and that are silently directing your path. And this is awesome. And this is a great, I love doing this series and I love going over these topics because this is one of the things that can be life changing life altering, and what the effects that you could have once you grasp this concept. And this is wonderful. Your body does all of this for you. I think it’s a beautiful thing that God has given us that we can, um, through osmosis, just through the environment that we’re in quickly pick up a successful way to do it.

If you sit there and you watch somebody swinging a golf club, you do not have to be taught how to swing a golf club. You watch them and just watch them just look at it. We also use this training mechanism while we’re teaching people to clean carpets here, the Carpet Cleaning today, um, I could tell you the thing to do, but first I want you to just visually see it, see the method that we do with the why that we’re doing it. You’re going to get your brain’s just going to throw out mostly just pickup that, Hey, I saw the work that he did. I saw the results that he got. And so I’m going to copy his work to get, try to get the same result. We call the people’s works to try to get the same results and our body will naturally pick up.

And she just that, uh, the way that we form our speech is not really something you’ve cognitive. That project you didn’t mentally think about, Hey, how am I going to speak in this horrible impression? You copied those around you, who you thought had a good speech pattern. And you realize that the people you hang around the most with all the way are also going to be the way that you speak most often, because they spoke that way. You admire them. You look up to your mentors. That’s why we’ve got mentors and the people who can help those or rise above. I mean, we asked, we can be specifically trained and taught to do certain things, but 50% of all the stuff that we do is not because we’re being trained or caught. It’s because our body established a habit based upon looking at other people, we make over 30,000 decisions a day.

And if you actively made 30,000 decisions in a day, you’ll be so, so tired Carpet Cleaning. So worn out and you wouldn’t get anything accomplished at all. Because just thinking through this, let’s right now, here in this podcast, I’m going to go through and give you a quick mental breakdown of a single decision of, uh, of doing 50 deputies. Don’t say where you’re going. I just finished filling up the van with gas. So I’m going to give you the mental breakdown of what you should go through. If you are to properly think through building up the band with guys, not all of the other side, just purely putting the gas into the thing. So what, how volatile is gasoline? I should think through what is the volatility of gasoline? How, how, what are the vapors like? Does it have a certain smell? What is the effects of that smell on my body?

Is it gonna affect my lungs is gonna affect my mental clarity is sniffing too much. Gasoline being too close to the gas pump right now. Is that going to cause me a headache maybe? Or is it gonna cause me to not be able to think as well? Or is it gonna make me think really quick and really well? So what are the effects of gas fumes on the human body? Also? How flammable is the gas fumes? Is there any actions I can do to reduce or increase the flammability of the gasoline as I’m working with it? Are there things I should not do? Or there’s a sign here probably should read this sign about making sure I do not operate a cell phone because he could have a static discharge. Is there anything I’m doing currently that may have a stag just charged that I could do or do without maybe I should.

Should I get into my car? Should I touch my car? Cause maybe touching the car will build up static electricity for me here. Each time I touch it, potentially Carpet Cleaning. There’s a little chance for that static in my body to jump to the car, which also might like the fumes that are sitting by how dangerous is that? How dangerous is to operate a cell phone around it? What about a cigarette? What about a lighter? Is there any source of heat? That’s in my van. That’s too close to this source of fumes or these were the four themes coming down here. You use the splash card check, fill it up until it stops and clicks. Once I fill it up and go past that to squeeze in another half a gallon, a gallon into the neck. So you can see right here, I’m two minutes in just asking all the questions that you probably should be asking yourself every time you touch a pump.

But the reality is we saw somebody else pump gas. They walked over, they grabbed the pump. They put the pump into the gas hole on your car and you’re like, Hey, Oh wait, you can’t do that without taking the little cap off you take the gas cap off, put the hole in, you, put your card in, you enter your zip code and then you pull the trigger and let it start filling. And that’s it. That’s all we think about like that breakdown right there. That five seconds is all of the decision making we do because we saw someone else do that. And we saw that they didn’t die while doing that particular action so we can copy their action without thinking through any of the cause and effects of whether the actions good or bad or not. Right now you have a ton of people walking around in, uh, in America, wearing masks, not thinking about what does the mask do.

They just have been told to wear a mask. And some people believe that it’s somehow going to help them with their health and yet not thinking about what are the negative health impacts that a mask has on somebody who is not sick Carpet Cleaning, who is now going to get sick because your re breathing your own air all day long, but even worse. Now that you’ve got a mask on your face, if you touch it one time, whatever dirty thing you touched, you just pretty much now stuck in your mouth. And you’re now going to suck on it all day long, because now the front of your mask, let’s say that you go to the bathroom, you flush the toilet, you take your toilet flushing hand and you move your mask to adjust it. You’ve now got whatever toilet germs were sitting there. You’ve now put it one inch away from your nose rubbed into the front of the mask.

So every breath you take for the rest of that masks life will have toilet germs breathing into your nose, or if you grabbed your wallet and touch some money and then your nose, it just so you kind of move the mask a little bit with one finger. For example, if I took and put my finger in dog poo and I rubbed the front of your mask, you will now smell dog poo. Every time you put that mask on, because there’s now dog poos sitting on your mask and you’re breathing it in. So all of these germs are just sitting there right inside front of your face. Every time you touch the mask, you transferred the drums up there. So instead of having them at arm’s distance out on your hands that you could wash, but now sitting one inch from your nose, writing your mask carpet, cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again.