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Carpet Cleaning | Carpets Are Looking Brand New!

Carpet Cleaning | Carpets Are Looking Brand New!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast and with complete carpet. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s Janae. We are going to be continuing our series on changing your habits with new knowledge perfectly and tells us since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy Gorky and carpets today through knowledge is the different vote. Elon Musk recently said that fear is the brain killer and idiot. It’s a very good quote because that is true indicative of all different situations. We run into that. As long as you have knowledge, you can override whatever actions you’re doing, but if you’re afraid of something, for example, the dog bite phenomenon, you get bit by a dog and you are now be afraid of dogs. No matter how much knowledge you have about the dogs that you’re going to pet and how much you know that they are safe and secure, that everything’s going to be fine.

You cannot break past that interior barrier that says I could be bitten by a dog. So thus, I will not pet the dog. And you’re like, that sounds stupid. Well, if you have had something tragic, a hard half of the capacity to go back and do it again is super difficult. That’s why they have get back on the horse. If you get knocked off, jumped back on, because if you get off, did he get knocked off and you stay off, you have now taught yourself a habit or a pattern is to quit or to run away. I love the old saying that says that not giving up is winning. So if you don’t give up, you win. If you don’t step back to the thing that you were doing, you will then accomplish the thing that you wanted to try to do. But if you step back and think you’re doing, and you’ve taught yourself through the pattern that what I’m doing can be quoted.

We’ll quit because I will give up. But if you say I didn’t do not quit, I create that no quit attitude. There are people out there who just, they will try, try, try again. It’s like the little engine that could, we taught this to our kids from Tinder a little, because we want to instill in them both work ethic because we want to have hardworking kids so that the next generation can accomplish something. But also so that you don’t look at life and get beaten down and believe that life is too difficult, that you will ever make it in this life that you will be able to do better. The next time carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And so speaking of doing better next time, we want to give you some tips and ideas on what to do better next time back to me.

So we’ll just cover this as a broad spectrum of covered it in depth, in detail, in other podcasts, but vacuuming the whole folder, just the whole purpose of vacuuming and dusting debris that dirt out of your apartment. Dirt is the universal sandpaper. Sand is also the universal sandpaper since it is also one of the key words in the word, the root word, sand paper is the same root word, sand, and the word paper we’d come up with sand papers. So with these two items smushed together, you now have something that’s very aggressive. We don’t take a felt or a bunny and say, Hey, I will use this to sand down my, uh, my rough wood. I’m going to sand down this rusty area. I’m not going to use a bunny for, to do that with, because it is soft. It does not aggressive. It does not have any regret and resistance to it. But when you have grit and resistance, anything that’s not soft and fuzzy, then you’re going to end up with wear patterns. Premature wear powder. No, all Carpet Cleaning will work.

Even if you had your socks and speaking up, and we’ll just touch on this top of the real quickly. What wears out your carpet? How do you keep it from wearing out on a simple side? Carpet is worn out by you stepping on it by you walking on it. Um, but it will wear on different levels. So if you have a lot of people and they have perfectly clean socks, now they say, what do you wear? Shoes, socks, or bare feet. Honestly, the bare feet will cause the most dirt because your skin is boiling and you are now walking across the floor with your bare skin. And so that is transferring your body oils to the carpet. Your socks do well because it’s soft. Fiber gets soft fiber. So that’s actually a fairly decent one to use because it’s not as aggressive. And it doesn’t typically we don’t have dirty socks, but if your Carpet Cleaning is dirty or walk across something and say, you walk the left, your socks on and you walk outside.

Now you’re going to pick up all the dirt from outside and you are going to have dirty salt to you. Choose on the other hand are just hard rubber. So they don’t really affect the carpet too much, but they do have groups. And then that could pick up dirt. So if you walk out inside, step in the grass, come back inside, you’ll have bits of grass stuck to your body of your shoe, and you’ll get wiped off by the carpet. And the Carpet Cleaning will be cleaning the bottom shoe for you. So if you have clean, whatever it is, that is your best bet. If you go through and use a, um, a rag to wipe off the bottom, your shoes, or you have house slippers, I personally like to have shoes because it gets more attraction. And so you gotta make sure that it’s going outside inside you wipe off the bottom.

You’re shooting, maybe wear socks. That’s a good one too. But obviously if you will outside inside, make sure you take your socks back off, switch to new pair of socks that they will have been dirty. And you can’t really wipe socks off, but they kind of absorb the stuff are playing in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So we’re thinking about here is what creates the traction, that nowhere on your carpet. And so it’s each step that you take every step that you take, every move you make, every moment you will be watching you. Yes. I’m not going to be watching you. I just got to let you know that you guys opposed to that famous song for the nineties, I am going to not be watching you, but you will be watching you. Now, you will be cognizant aware of what you were doing once you realize, Hey, a lot of the dirt that’s in the carpet comes from your footsteps. Then you say, okay, as long as my shoes stay clean all the time, I could walk all over the carpet. I won’t bother the carpet because my feet are clean. We walk on Carpet Cleaning all day long as we’re cleaning the carpet, because we keep our shoes clean. We don’t have to cover our shoes. Carpet cleaned. You told since 1998, we are complete carpet.