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Carpet Cleaning | Do You Need A Break From The Pets?

Carpet Cleaning | Do You Need A Break From The Pets?

Perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning Perfect. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Uh, we want to talk to day about making sure that you are on top of things. It’s so easy for things to get slipped between the cracks. We become our idea of what we want versus the reality of what happens either way. We allow both things to happen. And I think this is where we need to make sure that we always take ownership. There’s a difference between something being done to you and something you are allowing to be done. And our mind is very it’s functionally. They’re not any different, but when your mind believes something can’t be done, we talked about it in a previous podcast, but if you, um, you will stop looking for your keys, the moment that you find them, or the moment that your mind believes that they are going, like somebody comes and convinces you.

Oh yes, I saw your keys and they fell into this liquid, magma, this super hot lava and that hot lava is dissolved your keys. They don’t exist anymore. Sorry, they’ve been destroyed. How many people have been told by somebody that the somebody that they really cared about is dead. They were only to find out later that they weren’t dead. They were just missing, but they told them that they were dead. And now they believe that they’re dead. When they see them, they knew longer. If you were to, if I came to you and I’ve said, I’m sorry, we did everything we could, we could not save your fill in the blank of some significant person to you. Let’s say your kid, couldn’t save your wife. Couldn’t save your husband, but they are dead. Well, then from that point forward, you would not look to see them.

You would not be trying to find them as you walk around throughout your life, you would actually just assume they do not exist anymore. But if they do exist well, then there’d be no way for you to really find them because you aren’t looking. You’re not trying to find them Carpet Cleaning. And then of course, we had the other side where we know that someone probably is dead, but there’s the mother who has yet to give up hope. She had, she does. She hasn’t seen the body yet. So she knows that there’s a chance that they’re still alive. And so she spends the next 20 years searching for their child. And so she, her mind did not give up her mind, held on to it. And a few of those stories she keeps searching until she actually does find your child. Like, you know, everyone else believes that they’re gone.

Everyone else believes her dad, but then somehow she finds him by just perpetually, just not giving up, just being like a dog with a bone. That’s not going to let this thing go. And so you need to make sure that sometimes in your life that we don’t make it a, a, let our brains make a cognitive decisions, a sidetrack off of what it is that we’re trying to accomplish by moving to the left or moving to the right. And I get into a rut where we assume that what currently is, is the way it always will be. Uh, this is one is good for our body to slowly acclimate, to give, become accustomed to what is going on around us so that we are not always freaked out, that we can become calm, but that same token, we don’t to have a situation where we get so off track that we’re not able to get back at.

Sometimes we get it, what we consider to be normal. And everyone else around us is just throwing us lifelines, trying to help us. They’re telling us, Hey, this is not normal. This is not the way it has to be cleaning. Your Carpet Cleaning can be one of those types of examples where we come in and we say, let us get you set back to normal. Now there can be damaged normal. There can be clean normal. There can be sanitary, normal. There’s lots of different types of normal, but we can get you to where, you know, this is as clean as it gets. Not as good as it gets as the old adage goes, but it can be where we get you. You now know, okay, am I just walking around on something that could be fixed? Or am I dealing with something that is just, this is the best that it could be.

And we get in there, we clean it with lots of people where they had no option, but to keep the Carpet Cleaning. So if they’re going to keep it anyway, let’s make sure that it is the best that it can be. And so I want everyone to try to find their best that they could be during this endemic. One of the things I think is very hurtful or destructive to people is to say that this is the new normal. It’s not the new normal pandemic is not a normal, uh, uh, disrupted society is not normal. Uh, all of these things that are happening to us are not normal. So is this something we may have to go through? Yeah. It’s something that we’re have to go through. What is normal as being awesome? What is normal is being great? What is normal is being more than conquerors, but as normal as achieving great ideas and doing great things in the face of adversity, I really, the human spirit is the normal human spirit is to say, I am going to do something amazing.

I am going to do something great to get out there and do amazing, do a great, to be amazing Carpet Cleaning. And that is really what should be the new normal is the amazing, you’d say, how are you doing today? I’m going to be amazing. Well, what tells you? You could be amazing. Well, my question to you is what tells you, you can’t be amazing. Like, what is your argument for not being amazing? I look across and say, we just sent a rocket into the atmosphere with people honest for the first time, at 10 years here from us soil. That’s amazing. Uh, we’ve had, uh, doctors and people come up with amazing different technological advances may even have a vaccine in one year. That’s amazing. I look at all the different things that are going around. There’s people that are persevering. There’s still food on the shelves.

That’s amazing. There are still, um, cars that are working. That’s amazing. There’s still jobs that some people have are that we lost a lot of jobs. Yes. We’ve lost a lot of jobs. There’s still jobs that people have. Yes. That’s amazing Carpet Cleaning. There’s still, sun is shining. That’s amazing. Everything you look at in your life really is amazing. Is there a few things that have been changed or we’re going to have to work through and we’re going to have to push back to get to something that’s, um, that’s, that’s amazing again, but it’s not where we look around and we say, well, this is just normal. This, this is, this is going to be our status quo because we are amazing people. We will do amazing thing. We’re going on to see amazing results.