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Carpet Cleaning | Do You Need Additional Instructions?

Carpet Cleaning | Do You Need Additional Instructions?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast with complete Carpet Cleaning. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. Thank you for joining us today. We’re going to continue to talk about knowing the why before you do or knowing the, how before you do the Watson. Uh, so knowing the why before you do what it is you want to do or knowing the how before, you know, the, what both of these two things help you to understand the purpose of what you’re doing. And then you can then ascertain whether you’re doing it good or bad. You can never know if you’re good or bad until you have some point of reference. For example, people are not good or bad people. If they only know one way to do something, if you only know one thing, then that thing is good. And you know that you say well, but no there’s things that are there, things that are bad.

Yes. That is only in reference to what you’d consider to be good. Bad does not exist. That is not a thing. You can’t say these are bad things. You can only say these are bad things compared to something else. Because if everything, if there is no thing to compare it to Carpet Cleaning then you can’t have a good, or you can’t have a bad, I know this is starting to get really stretchy. And you’re like, well, no, no, no. You’re getting morally gray. You’re getting, uh, if you want to go back, let’s crack open the Bible. We’re going to skip through things. And Paul talked about that the law was given so that sin could be defined. So before the law, there was no sin. The reason there was no sin before the law, because there was no definition of what was right sin in and of itself, wrong, evil, et cetera.

It’s all a definition of saying, I know the right thing to do. I should be helping my neighbor. And instead of hurting my neighbor. But if, you know, without that rule saying, you should help your neighbor. You should be kind, you should love, you should be, have patients. You see how about understanding then, uh, as the old, uh, Assassin’s creed with, um, if everything, everything is permissible, everything is good. So if everything is a permissible, if everything is okay, well then everything is, is good. Like you can’t have bad, bad, as you’re saying that I’m going to define a proper way. And that means if you don’t do it this proper way, every other way would be considered to be bad. Uh, as a good definition of this or a good understanding is that everything in the world has an effect. And sometimes that effect we consider to be a good effect.

Sometimes it’d be a bad effect, but the effect happens, whether we consider it to be good or bad, the there’s not something there’s not like evil. We can create. There’s just good and bad effects that we would consider it to be Carpet Cleaning. But we don’t know what’s a bad effect until we define what we consider to be good. So for example, uh, if I do not give water to something virtually everything that needs water, that’s an plant or any living beam. If I do not give water to that plant, that plant will die. So if I forget to give water to my rabbit, the rabbit will not live very long. It’s got to two star, or there’s going to go, it’s going to die of thirst, but if I’ve got this terrible weed or I forgot this, um, a plant that really smells bad or I’ve got, you know, I’ve got some thing that I don’t want in a space, and if I don’t give it water, it will naturally go away.

So one way is to, uh, we’ve pruned plants to take out branches that they don’t need or get rid of unhealthy branches. So you could, in that case, say, I’m pruning back. I’m going to let this one rosebush die because it has a disease. So I’m just not going to water it Carpet Cleaning or I can actually dig it up and just leave it dry and let it dry out so I can throw it away. And there, it’s not a bad thing. I’m removing a, uh, a diseased plant that could contaminate my other Rose plants. So I dig it up. I don’t get it water and let it die, throw it away. And so that case I’m using the lack of water to let it die down. Or we, you know, nature itself does through fire plain brush cleans that there’s more forest fires from nature than there are from men because there needs to be a natural cleansing.

So you get too much underbrush and the trees will not grow properly. So you need to actually have a good birding, a controlled burn to free up the other part of the Forrest. And all of a sudden it will grow really strong. Most of our large continental growth in history came from volcanic explosions where it spread out the volcanic Ash over huge regions, burn everything down to the ground, but enrich the soil in such a strong way that everything grew back twice as strong Carpet Cleaning. And so it was, it was almost like a massive fertilization of that area. Was the destruction from the volcano bad made from first blush. Yes, but the resulting, uh, uh, growth from it was, was awesome as well. Positive. You also see this building a skyscraper who really just messed that whole area up. It looks terrible. It’s a big hole in the ground until we fill it back in and build it up.

You can’t just build right on the top. It won’t support the weight. You gotta dig down two to four stories, create this big, heavy, strong base so that it can support the weight going up, up into the sky. So we have a lot of things where we deconstruct for the purpose of building a, in the Bible. It talks about a rip down tear down uproot destroy before you can build a plant. So you got three steps before you can do the two steps of success. And so when you look at some of these things, uh, breaking glass is a bad thing, unless you need to get through an area that has glass in his way. For example, if you wanted to get at a fire extinguisher that has a glass plate over it, that you have a little hammer next to you, break through the glass to open it. So you can’t just be easily open buttoned in case of emergencies, break glass, take, take the item out. Whereas if your windows in your home, if they were broken, they consider a bad thing that they’re not supposed to be broken. They were meant to be together and look nice for if you’ve got a hundred year old stained glass window, you definitely don’t want to let that name ever get anything that would like crack it perfectly. He told us since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.