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Welcome to the carbon diem podcast. I’m your host. It’s Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Cleaning. Give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Today, we’re going to continue our talk, talking about, uh, finding out the how and the why before you do the what now, again, I want to reemphasize that it is great that your body does this naturally for you, that you just will see things in nature. You’ll see things in society. You see things around and you’ll want to do the things that you’ve seen. And you’ll just copy the behavior of those who are successful. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when somebody else already has a functioning wheel, they can just give to you now at certain points in your life, though, you do need to understand, take some time to learn. How does the wheel work so that you understand why it is a benefit and how would it, how it can help you.

And once you understand the why and the how it works, then you can buy different what’s to use it on. So many times, we try to use something and it’s not working because we don’t understand how it’s supposed to work Carpet Cleaning. So we’re not using it in a way it’s designed to behave. Also, this also helps you do you’re always have the right to keep focus on the things that matter the most. Do you want to become more efficient? The only way you can become more efficient is to really deep dive into what is the, how, what is the what’s that these things do? And though, uh, the why not just the, what but the why of what they do so that you can be able to get a better grasp on what things could be tweaked and changed. And if you don’t know what could be tweaked and changed, if you’re not doing it because you designed it, but that you can’t change it because you don’t know what went into making this process work the way that it does.

But if you helped to design and figure it out, then you can get in there and say, okay, if I tweak this, how does that affect it? If I tweak that, how will it affect me? And so then you get into trial and error, and this helps tremendously, but you have to get to where you first, before you trial it air, before you figure out the tweak and the what and the why’s, you’ve got to know what it is, your company, she didn’t then how is it like, like why and how does this happen once you get that nailed down? Well, then all of the rest of the pieces get voted place. So we do all of our training. We do all of our customer, right, by trying to tell the customer what, uh, why this is happening, how this is happening so that they can then say, okay, in the future, I have a base of knowledge to make a decision Carpet Cleaning.

There’s a verse in the Bible talks about back at Proverbs. I believe it’s 12 or 14 that says that God is the holder of all knowledge. And then he could the thoughts of the food and that there are those, the sluggard who sits in his house saying there is a, a lion outside and I will not go outside. That said so many times if we are there. And really the idea there about that particular story is that there’s not a line outside. You don’t have the knowledge to know whether it is or is not Alliance because you’ve never left your home. You stayed inside afraid of what might be there without the knowledge of what is there. We’ve all had that happen. Where have some kid who’s afraid to do something. They won’t cross threshold. They won’t go to a door, well, jump over something because they think it’s too dangerous.

And then you show them, there’s no danger by doing it yourself. And then they go, Oh, well, I’ll follow what you did. And then they’ll do it. And then they can become more competent. And then they’ve started doing it everywhere. And you’re like, Oh, hold on. I guess, I guess it didn’t communicate properly to you. It’s not safe. Always to do this. It was just safe this one time. And I think that we need to, you know, you, weren’t just telling them, Hey, because I did it, you do it. You tell it, you decide. And you just described that, Hey right here for this particular door, when it’s not wet and there’s no dogs around, it’s safe to walk through it. But if there’s a dog around him up here down, or if it’s wet, you might slip. So to give them the function, the reasons about what it is that you’re trying to do.

And we tried to do that with our carpet cleaning process too, is to let you know that, Hey, all of these podcasts are there to give you that backend knowledge saying, okay, so to clean your carpets or requires you to break down the dirt, get it into some form of a solution that you can remove it. Uh, if you could just vacuum it off, you don’t need to break it out. So I start off by trying to vacuum the spot, get out all the dirt. You can’t suck it up the best you can next rinse out. See if water will just rinse out whatever’s there. Then third use a little soap can break down what it can’t be sucked down. What can’t be rinsed out because you want to try to break it up. But if you leave the soap and the carpet, it is going to attract the dirt over time.

So you now you need to go back and make a fourth pass of rinsing out what the Soviet put in there. So all four of those steps help where you’re doing a spot tree with. Now, you understand why over time? He said, well, that’s fine Carpet Cleaning. Just go back. Well, it’s because you didn’t rent out all the dirt that was there. Well, the spot keeps going back. Well, it’s probably because these areas still sticking, it’s tracking you down. It was fine. Keeps coming back. I really cleaned it. Well then it probably still has the soap from the cleaning chemical that you used on it. And so you go through all, all these different steps and you say, as long as I do these four steps is the four steps and overkill for every single spot shirt. But it ensures that every single spot has been done to the best of its ability.

And that’s typically what we need to do is to have some checklist in our mind that says, I’ve tried a, I’ve tried B, I tried C. And if I get to be whether that’s the, the best, that’s all that we can do. Cause sometimes not everything is correctable and fixable. If you, uh, have you strip a fault, well, then there’s, there’s nothing you can do to try to thread it back in your house, tap it out and put a new bolt. You get up to change up thing. Or if you break a fishing pole, you can probably use some tape to try, but if I kill it, but really at that point, you realize I probably should divide new fishing pole. And so understanding the what and start asking your question, ask questions, like, why is it that I’m doing this? What is this supposed to call? How is this effective? As opposed to I just do it? That’s just the way I do it. Why do you do it? Well, that’s what my dad did. And that’s what his dad did. Okay, cool. That does get by. But is there a better way? So always be thinking, is there a better way? How can I always approve myself perfectly post 1998? We are complete Carpet Cleaning.