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Carpet Cleaning | Here At Complete Carpet, We Care!

Carpet Cleaning | Here At Complete Carpet, We Care!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s and we are with complete carpet today. I want to continue our talk about the learning, how to deep dive, break down the why and the how, before you a carpet cleaning Tulsa since 98, we are complete carpet. This helps us in our business because we are always trying to improve. So we’re saying, how does this carpet interact with this chemical? How does the machine operate? How do we get the machine to operate better? What is it more efficient method? We’ll give it a good, good example of this is a lot of times we just do something. That’s talking to the customer in the last job I was at, they were cleaning up the house to turn it back to the landlord. Their house had burned down and they had had it completely rebuilt. It was Vincent September of last year.

So that’s three votes last year, five months, eight months in they’re finally getting to move back into their own home again. And they’re super excited. But what he was doing was to clean the whole house. Now that insurance paid for the deposit, the insurance covered all the stuff there Carpet Cleaning. So really he didn’t have to do anything, but he just felt like the way you do anything is the way you do everything. So he now was willing not to do something with it. Well, then he wouldn’t be, be willing to do something on the house that he has just because someone else paid for it. Does it, I mean, you don’t still operate in integrity. And so he had his is why he knew why he was going to do it is because he felt like he was, I needed to practice. Even when nobody was looking, nobody was paying attention.

Nobody cared. He was still gonna do the right thing. And that’s where integrity comes in is when no one’s looking, you still do the right thing. You still choose that. I’m what I’m doing right now when nobody’s looking is practice. Yeah, I will nail it. But someone is looking because if the only practice while skateboard looking, then you have only half of your life, right. Ever get better. Whereas if you’d spent all of your life always practicing, then you’ll always be getting better at every time someone sees you, like kind of like, wow. I mean, not only did he do well, but he does even better than well this time around. And so always try to make sure that you are doing better than well all the time. And that takes through just a perpetual, a daily, getting a one, 1% better a week, 1% better a week gives you 50% better every year.

And you have this constant improvement, constant betterment of yourself, where you look at you. So for example, in our process, cleaning carpets, we’ll just go down to a very simple time inside the wand, the carpet cleaning one is just a carpet cleaning blog. Like you can get it really cheap at like 150 or 200 bucks go all the way up to like 1500 to $2,000, you know, the material and the type of the way it’s put together. Um, and I’ve had, uh, one where the wallet was like $200. The glide was like $170 for it, which you’re like, Oh, that’s almost the cost of the wall. And I’m not going to do that. But you have to say, why would I use a glide? Why would I choose the one design that I chose the one designed for? And so the wand itself needs to be able to first foremost, it needs to be able to clean the carpets.

So if it’s not set up in a way that is going to clean the carpets, then you know, did it make sense to get something that doesn’t work? If I grabbed a garden hose and a straw, then I’m really imbalanced. The straw is too small to guard her because not too much water that know it won’t work. But if I grab a, you know, like a four inch trash pump that can pull four inches of suction and I’ve got one cup of water, well, it’s not really going to do anything. It’s just one cup of water. Like that’s way overkill. I’ve got way too much doctor, not enough. So you want to balance the two together and I’ve been putting down what it can suck up and you want to have a good throw through rate to be able to get the water back out and to be able to extract these 95% of all the water back out, if not more.

And so you want to make sure that this process works efficiently and it’s this whole process. We’ll stop at the, okay. Yeah. If I had a big two inch, one or two extra log with six jets and I put it on a portable unit, it would just die. It wouldn’t work at all. There would be no nothing there because that two inch one with 16 inch head with, uh, six jets requires a really, really beefy machine develop, maintain the suction and the heat and the water in that big of an area. Now, if I have a small portable unit, I need a 10 inch head with one jet, maybe two jets. It needs to be able to put down a very light amount of water, a very small, very small all suction area so that it will be able to maintain that such the unit is small.

It can’t suck as much as the large big truck mounted units again. So you need to figure out what is it going to do? So what a match the wall to the, to the machine is going to be hooked up to. So step number one, match the one to the machine Carpet Cleaning. You’re gonna be hooked up to step. Number two, you need to make sure that it has the right amount of water flow compared to the machine. So it doesn’t, you float too much water and it can’t eat it. Then you end up with cold water. And if you have too little of water and you’re overheating the machine, then you have it right there. Secondarily, how much can they suck? How much suck you’re going to do? How much water can it suck back up? If you’re putting down more water than it can suck back up, you’re going to flood the carpet.

So the problem that I run dr. Machines have is they put down the water, they get the carpet wet, but they don’t get it dry. So they put the water down, but it doesn’t have enough suction to suck it back up. So you need it. I have a lot less water being put down when you have really low suction. Um, and then the next two parts are parts that you really don’t think about it. Cause now you’re getting into more deep. You’re really thinking deep. Now we’re getting into the deep thoughts, but Nathan’s Sabrina’s with complete carpet. So the next two thoughts, the next two areas that you want to think about is a one. How much does this well, the way. And you’re like, how much does it weigh? Yes. If you’re going to be cleaning four to six houses every day for five days a week for 20 years, you’re going to realize that an extra five pounds of the wall, and there’s a lot of extra arm where as you are having to foods that walk back and forth, secondarily, how much friction is the one half as it goes across the Carpet Cleaning.

We use Teflon glides and replaced them probably every year or two, because that reduces, increases the suction while reducing the drag on the carpet. So it doesn’t wear the carpet out, but also it makes it, so we use about half the effort that he grabbed. One of our wants, even though it takes a lot of money, they’re expensive and they’re light when you clean one room with it and you grab a, an old style heavy one that really grips the carpet. Well, then you will be sweating by the end of the old style wall, but you’ll have already broken a sweat using the new style wall.