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Carpet Cleaning | How Can You Learn About The Carpets?

Carpet Cleaning | How Can You Learn About The Carpets?

Welcome to the carpet DF podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we’re going to cover here with complete carpet today. We’re going to cover, uh, the, uh, the, what is it that you could do to try to maintain your tile cleaning process, what we do and what you can. The empathy carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Ed. We do, but break down what we do first, and then you could roll that back, build it into your process of saying, what can I do in my own home and my own place? So what we do is we come in and we pretreat all day of the tile. We do it in sections. I live about 10 foot by 10 foot at a time. So about a hundred square feet. If you pre spray two or three there’s square feet, the water is going to evaporate.

Wait before you get to rent it out. So you may scrub something. You may get it all wet, but if it all of operates away and it dries back in, well, then you it’s like a bunch of do about nothing. If you’ve ever used a degreaser, he would give a breakdown, the grease, but if you don’t wipe it off right then, and it will just harden back into grease. Again, if you’re trying to solve it up and break down gobble on a window or pick paint off of you have used paint, stripper paint, thinner strip paint off of a piece of furniture. You put the face paint strip across there. You let it soak for a little while Carpet Cleaning. It’s got horribly like a gel type thing. So it kind of sits in place, softens up that coding. At that point. There’s a moment there where all of a sudden the paint is completely soft and you can just scrape it off with a putty knife.

But if you waited an hour and come back and the paint will have hardened back up and become gummy and sticky again, see what to find that right spot in there. It’s like figuring out your, everything. You just make an old Polish break down the finger upon it. But if you don’t wipe it off, then it will just stick back. It’ll just dry out, become this gummy mess again, and you’ll have accomplished nothing. So you have to find the right timing there to make sure that what you’re doing gets accomplished Carpet Cleaning. So we put a, we do it in a hundred foot punish square foot areas or less that we can put it down, scrub it in because of the idea here is one you’re putting it down and that helps to soften up the dirt. We’re getting the dirt back into suspension into some way that can be rinsed out.

Most of the time that during your tile is there because of the, uh, uh, all the mopping that you have had throughout the years and every time you’d mouth it, whatever left in the lobbying solution that dries into tile. Yeah. We’ll dry into the tile. So you go through you wipe off, uh, very few people. Actually, if you want to do a good home bobbing and it’s takes a little extra effort, you go through us, small area domain, okay? The foot areas go through it, physically, get it wet with the soap, break it down, take a Claremont, rinse it off as best you can then take a towel and absorb all that moisture out, wipe off all the stuff he does probably take two or three different passages because the amount of soap you put down to your one gallon of soap solution, it needs to be met by at least three to four times.

We use a factor of 10 where we do ours. So we put one gallon of a soap solution. Now we remove it with 10 gallons of water because you need to dilute the first time you go over it you’ll dilute the soap in half. So you’ll be diluting the half cause we use one gallon soapy solution, one gallon of plead submission. So now it’s two gallons of soapy clean solution. And you put a third gallon in and that rinses off the previous galaxy. You cut that with a half and then you put a fourth gallon and rinse that off. And you’ve got to break it down to the point where you’ve got just about no soap left with it. The other way that you need to do is to capture it. So let’s say you’re using water to rub around each time you add water to it.

All you’re doing is adding more water and it’s diluting. What’s already there, but not removing it Carpet Cleaning. So this is where you need to come in and take a towel. You can take a shot back and get something that you get the floor wet. You also get it dry. And that way the towel itself will absorb all of the dirt. They can have it into the soap and will actually then transfer it to somewhere else with you and transfer that to the, to the washing machine and wash the washing machine that flushes all of the dirt down the drain. When we do it, we actually come in with our tile cleaner and strip it down. So it makes it all up again, get into suspension. If you didn’t come across it just power, rinse it with about four or five, 600 pounds of pressure. So it’s light enough.

Pressure is not gonna hurt the child, but high enough pressure, that’s going to really push the dirt out of the ground lines, which we have mixed in by using the ground brush. They grew up facing themselves, sometimes Navy scrubbed or the ground. It does need to be scrubbed it for it’s got little pits and it’s rough. So agitated through that, the by agitated, you can make sure that it mixes into the soapy solution to help it break down. Then the water can rinse it out later. This is very similar to washing your dishes. We have a platelet dried out spaghetti on it, and you put it in the sink. You can just grab a sponge and try to scrub all that dried spaghetti off. Or you can put a little bit of Dawn on it with some hot water and let it set for a couple of minutes.

And during that time, you will see the, uh, you’ll see the spaghetti sauce starts to reconstitute. It starts becoming more of a liquidy mess instead of a hard paste. As it becomes a liquid mask, you then can turn the plate sideways and it all just slides off. And that’s what the goal is in all of these different cleaning solutions to get it back into solutions so that when you turn it sideways, it will just slide off carpet cleaning us. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Let us get you on the road to enjoy your home again. Your home is your castle. So enjoy coming back. So to recap, real quick, step one, break down the dirt. Step two, rinse off the dirt. Step three, wipe up or capture the dirt. And we do all these steps and process.

You can do these steps and process yourself to try to maintain the health and wellbeing of your tile. Cause each time you’ve cleaned your tile, you were breaking down and adding soap to it. And most of the time we don’t take the time or the energy to go through it Carpet Cleaning. Thoroughly rinse out all the stuff we did take the time to break it down. I crate this to sweeping up all the floors, but not using dustpan to collect the dirt with. Cause if you sweep up all the floors and leave a pile of dust in the middle of the room, the dust will end up just going all back around the room again.