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Carpet Cleaning | Learning About Your New Tasks!

Carpet Cleaning | Learning About Your New Tasks!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. We are going to continue talking today about defining, uh, what we consider to be good or bad. And also coming up with the why and the house. You can understand what you’re doing to know whether your kids achieving the goal that you want to or not. Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1988, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at nine (184) 947-3193 and get on the road to enjoy your clean carpet again. So here you are, we are looking at your carpets. We’re figuring out what it is you want to do. And you’re wondering what I can do, how I can keep my carpets are getting as dirty as they are today. And so the way that you get through, I could just tell you what to do. And if you just did the, what I told you to do more than likely things wouldn’t change at all, this is not because you’re not a wonderful break person is because you have, Hey, uh, how or what in your mind of the way that you do things that you’ve learned from somebody other source.

And until you come up with something compelling until you have something compelling enough inside of you to challenge your own assumptions, then your body will continue to do what it’s been programmed to do what it’s and you have, we call it a programming Carpet Cleaning. We’ll call it habits. Your habits are what you’ve programmed your body to do. Now you could say, well, I never programmed myself acted this way or do this thing. I don’t like this behavior that you did though, by looking and watching someone else that you practiced mirroring. You saw that you wanted to do something, but you didn’t take the time to learn to do it yourself. There is lots of stuff that we do. Have you ever learned to play sports? You spend plenty of time practicing and learning that sport. Anyone to learn to play an instrument, you go to a person who knows how to play it.

They teach you step by step, how to play the instrument. But there’s a lot of our life that we did ourselves. We didn’t figure it out. We actually put it in, put the time. And the effort into learning, we just looked across the world is this it’s one of our best tools that God gave us is that we look across the world to see, um, a sucks. Somebody who looks like they’re having success and we see their results of their actions. And we just copy. We mirror their actions by marrying their actions. We get their results Carpet Cleaning. Uh, business has been built this way for forever, where you’ll come in, you’ll follow someone else’s business plan or you’ll follow their strategy. Uh, you’ll work for another company and you’ll see the way that they do things. And so you will then just do your company the same way.

And most of the time, this works Carpet Cleaning. That’s also one of the biggest traps in business is that you are doing things the way that it worked for somebody else. If you ask somebody why they do it that way, they said because it works not because it’s efficient, not because it’s the best way now, because it’s going to get the best results. It’s just because it, it solved that problem. We’ve all gotten a ton of solutions in our home, that work. I’ve got some people that walk in to their home. They’re there for 10 years. I call this the six month theory and I think we should pass this on to everybody, whatever you are going to do, when move into a home, whatever is you accomplish in the first six months is more than likely all you were going to accomplish and all in that home.

And the reason that I’ve listed is that the why the, how this is, this is true is that we, as creatures of comfort, we as treating them habit, we will become, we’re not chameleons, but we do not live in a perpetual state of frustration and an unsettlement. So whatever our five it is for about six months, we will be used to that. We will then consider that to be normal, that become our habit. And so we are okay with the situation around us so that we can deal with stuff that’s more pressing Carpet Cleaning. So again, we haven’t, or can’t change the system situation around us. God has made us that we will actually adapt. It will become comfortable with it so that we can then move on into the things that do need our actual focus and attention in a day there’s only three or four things you’ll actually give any focus or attention to everything else.

You just respond to out a knee jerk, a second nature, or as out of habits. And so by doing this, you have also, um, freed up your pine to focus. We think about things that are more important, like as you’re driving along or doing something more than likely even listening to this podcast, you may have come out in and out of the podcast is itself going and saying, Hey, right now I was thinking about the podcast, the then, Oh, Hey squirrel, there’s this thing I was, I should have done. I remember the answer to that problem. I missed yesterday. Darn it. I should’ve put 14, not 13, and now I know what I did wrong. Cause I’ve been deep thinking about it since they’re trying to solve that problem. And so we need the capacity deep thing. So we need things that are, uh, we can just put on auto pilot and let it happen.

Sort of like a flying a plane. You want to put the idol autopilot on, let it kind of hold on, take care of you, get you to your destination. As long as it generally does it, then we’re just fine. Now there’s times where we do it and we’ve re we go back and we analyze it and we read it. Okay. That was not a very efficient way. That’s not a very fast way. That was not a very good, cheap way. That was not a very good quality way. I mean, depends on what you’re going to define, what your metric is that you’re trying to measure your success from. But a lot of times, one of those three things are the typical defining measures of success, where you’re going to go back and check what is you’ve done to try to give it some basis in comparison.

And so the three things you might check your comparison on is one is my efficiency Carpet Cleaning. Is it cheap? Sometimes cost is all that matters. Other times is it’s fast. Sometimes speed is all that matters and speed and cheapness don’t always relate to each other. And finally, is it the best quality that matters and typically speed and price do not factor into quality. So those are three different things you may see then a larger amount of time on something spending a lot more money because you know that you’re going to get the best results. Other times you have a singular amount of money that’s coming in. So you can’t go over that. So you got a budget, so you make sure you stay under budget for finally, you say all that matters here is that I got to get quantity of things done. I don’t care about how fast or what the quality is or how think perfectly until since 1998.