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Carpet Cleaning | The Next Time You Are Looking Into Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning | The Next Time You Are Looking Into Cleaning?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast with complete carpet. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we are going to talk about, um, we’re going to continue our talk about time management carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and then get on the road to enjoy your carpet again, going jump right into this last time. We talked about the importance of, um, having set habits in place saying, who am I, what am I supposed to do? And then what am I going to do a lot of times before you can change the way you do something, you need to know, why are you doing it to begin with? Because we do not actually normally come up with brand new ideas. We don’t come out there and just redesign the world. We follow the patterns we’ve seen in the world.

If you don’t choose what pattern you will follow, your brain will actually choose it for you Carpet Cleaning. It’s really awesome that our body is self learning. There’s a ton of stuff. 50% of your moral core, 50% of all the decisions you’ll make in your entire life are in place. By the time you’re age five, this is a huge, because there’s a ton of stuff that we reactionary. We do that we instinctively do. We second nature we do because of our, our, in our upbringing that we just do. And it could be that your parents did or didn’t do for you. And this is the part you’re like, well, I mean, I’m limited based upon what my, my family, my grooming, he might my societal situation, my cultural identification, all these different things are, do factor into the way that you were raised. Also factor into your response to them.

So you could have the same guy. Let’s say you have an alcoholic dad. And he has gives birth has twin boys and those twin boys, if they grow up, they grow up. And one of them goes on to become an abusive alcoholic, just like his father. And he says, because my dad was an alcoholic because my father was an alcoholic. My grandfather was an alcoholic. My great grandfather was an alcoholic. We all get abusive when we are drunk. I also am an abusive alcoholic. That is not a reason. That’s an excuse for being who you want to be because the other twin brother grew up in Val. He saw the effects of alcoholism on the father. He saw the effects of the violence on his mother, and he swore that he would never touch alcohol ever in his life. He would never raise his hand against anybody ever in his life and that he would raise his children without having that role model ever in their life.

And so you can choose which version of life you will learn from Carpet Cleaning. We learn from everything, both good and bad, teach us equally. And we can, we make the decision, what lesson will we learn? What lesson can we walk away with from this? If my dad, uh, violently beats me, that I may in turn, give in to that violent streak in myself and say, I will also feed my son, my children, because I feel like that’s, I’m not justified based on what my dad did to me, or I can look at it and say, my dad did something I totally did not like he was mean I don’t. I promise I vowed to the heavens. I will never do that to my children. And I follow through with that promise. It never do something like that ever myself. So it’s not your circumstances, not your situation, not the stuff around it, but it’s the choice you made in how to respond to those things.

Now, does it really? You have to come up in a harsh environment Carpet Cleaning. Yes. But you know, there is a vision or a view or not the idea of something else out there that you can just choose to. There’s tons of people who were put away in a prison and they just sat there and rotted in the prison, or they were put away into prison and they turned around and they hardened their hearts and became more critical. Or they were set into a terrible situation. You know, what they turned around and they made the best of the situation. A one third of the new testimonies written by Paul while in prison. So you could almost say that a third of the new Testament wouldn’t have even been written and mess. He got arrested and was stuck in prison for eight quite a while. And you think, man, of all the people he should have been, um, out there and really, you know, like if he was really a man of faith, he would have never been arrested again with, well, he then went on to lead a third of the Roman guard to Christ because they saw the sample.

He led by being in that prison. Yeah. The way that he was humble and the way that he approached it all. And he was still give thanks even in the midst of his turmoil, turned around and let it, if you were going back and look at Joseph and his name, the coat of many colors, he knew as a young boy that he was going to say he was going to be ahead and rule over everything and that he would be the leader to help to save everybody Carpet Cleaning. And yet he probably, at that time, didn’t know that he was going to have to be sold into slavery, um, be a slave in Potiphar’s house and ended up being wrongfully accused by Potiphar’s wife, ended up in prison and from prison is where he’d get that opportunity to interpret the things the Pharaoh’s dream and ended up being the number two in command of all of Egypt for 14 years, to be able to take them through, uh, a time of plenty and then a time of famine and keep everybody from dying.

But his road to get there was through being sold into slavery, being put it wrongfully in prison. And I having a good attitude for all of that. And eventually becoming second in command over all or no world. And so many times we have two options. We’ve got two versions of ourself. It’s so good Carpet Cleaning. Let’s wrap this up with a, put a little bow on it. You can empower you to look at your habits and to say, my body has learned a habit pattern. What does my mind does my mind agree with that? The pattern that my body has learned, and if it does not, if I don’t agree with the habit pattern that my mind has learned, well, then I am going to have to teach my body another habit. Because if you just leave it up to your body, your mind says, I don’t want to do this. Your body says, okay, so what should I do instead? And if you don’t teach your body something to do, instead, he will say, well, look, this is what’s kept me alive so far. So I would just keep doing this because this is what I learned as a child.