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Welcome to the carpet DME podcast. I am your host today. Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Cleaning. Uh, we have today, we’re going to be covering, uh, time management carpet, cleaning Tulsa since 1998, our complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. We call this the, um, the underpants or the bathroom theory. Uh, so let’s go over the first underlying parts of it and then get back into what it is that you are trying to do or accomplish. But the underlying parts is, uh, if you go in to go to the bathroom, uh, whether you’re male or female, whether you’re old or young, whether you’re tall or short, but you’re skinny or fat, we all at times have to use the facilities. And when we go in to use the facilities, we will find that there is two types of people that come out from the facility.

There are those that stop on the way out and they wash their hands. They are not allowed to exit the facility until they’ve washed, wash their hands. It’s similar to maybe those that also will, um, pray before they eat their food. Like there’s something that they feel like there’s one little extra thing they need to go. They give me to go above and beyond one part further before they feel like they are released or they’re completed to do what it is they want to do Carpet Cleaning. There’s the second part that say, um, you know what? I’ve got too much on my plate. I do not have the, let’s say an average hand washing to say, sing to happy birthday. So you’d happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you were supposed to be like 20 seconds. So two happy birthday should equate to 20 seconds for 30 seconds of hand washing. And some people believe that they’re so busy in their life that the 30 seconds of hand-washing that need to be done can be skipped because that will somehow save them a tremendous amount. And then they’ll walk outside and say, would you like a, what would you like to eat here? And they say, you know what? I don’t know. I, I give me a second. I got to think about it then,

Because the thing that they’ve been, they skipped the,

And washing floors. They walk out to, they don’t order their food only to stand Blakely at the screen, not thinking about what it is they’re about to do,

Do and wasted good at 60 to 90 seconds,

It’s just contemplating the differences between a number one. Am I going to go with option number one, number two, or number three Carpet Cleaning? Ooh, I don’t know. Number one, number two, number three, others. I just can’t decide if today I feel like a hamburger, a hamburger with cheese or her with cheese and bacon. And so we have taken that used up all that extra valuable time of choosing hamburger, hamburger with cheese, hamburger, with cheese and bacon, but they could not take the time to reach over and grab a little soap to rinse off their hands, to make sure that they were clean as they walked out into society. And this is what I call the bathroom theory. So the bathroom theory is that we all have some level of completion. We all have a level of completion. We have something we consider to be normal. And so whatever you consider to be normal, that level of completion, you will not stop until you get to that level of completion.

Everybody, if you ran in there and said, everybody yelled at the big bull horror and said, we need everybody out of the bathroom. Now there is a toxic leak. There is something majority of people, even in that situation with like a life threatening thing, or somebody comes in and shooting the place up, they are going through and you’ve seen the movie, somebody’s got to run out of a place that’s super hyper speed, trying to get away from a bad guy, something awful about to happen Carpet Cleaning. And as they’re going, they run, they pull their pants up, they sit them up and they put their belt on. And so they make sure the front door is closed as they exit stage, right, or exit stage left. And they were trying to get out of there as fast as possible while also maintaining their composure to make sure that they have put themselves back together the way that they want to be presented.

And this is a very telling because everybody says, well, I mean, I don’t have the time to do that. And yet we will scram in the time to do whatever it is that we do feel is important. We’ve all got some internal compass, some internal needs, something that says I am not finished yet because nobody, if you stand outside of a men’s restroom and watch everyone that exits the restroom I have yet in all of my years, all my years on this earth and all of the different situations and events that I’ve been in, have I ever seen somebody leave the restroom with their drawers and still down around their ankles. And most people don’t drop their drawers down to their ankles. Anyway, they kind of just open the front and then make sure they held onto their doors because they don’t want the doors to touch the ground.

And so we do have all of these levels of hygiene with Carpet Cleaning. I won’t sit on the seat. I won’t touch the handle because that’s gross. I might do the little, um, foot scoot thing. Not actually touch the handle on the door, going out, but oddly enough, something inside of me does not click with the fact that I also don’t want to wash my hands. So I don’t want to get my hands dirty, but I’m unwilling to wash my hands. There’s just a weird dichotomy that people have. But we do know that if I’m going to the bathroom, that I’m not gonna leave until I’m finished going to the bathroom. So we’re going to stay there until we feel like our business has finished. And that my business is not finished until I have re assembled my clothing. Now, everybody universally accepted this as the point at which you need to, but you are allowed to leave.

The restroom is once you have reassembled your clothing property, but we do not add into there that step, that we feel like some of us do. Some of us believe that that is not the final step. We can’t leave the restroom until we’ve washed our hands. So we’re not finished in the restroom until our hands are clean. Some people feel like we’re not finished in the restroom until we’ve reassembled our closing property, put our clothes back onto our bodies. And so this is what you need to look at throughout your life. What is it that you are choosing to do? I know this is a bit of a long absurd example, but you want to get, I want to drill this down into your head so that you will have this etched into your brain and your memory just right there and itch in the back of your skull. That every time you do something, you stop and say, why do I feel like now I’m finished? When internally I would like to see different results. I want to see different results, but I feel like I’ve been given the past two and right now. So if you find the things in your life, where are you are getting your hands washed and not just getting your pants on. That’s when you will find success. Carpet cleaning Tulsa’s is in 1998, we are complete carpet.