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Carpet Cleaning | We Are Dreaming Of A Cleaner Carpet Solution

Carpet Cleaning | We Are Dreaming Of A Cleaner Carpet Solution

Perfectly Tulsa. This is the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. We are complete carpet today. We’re going to talk about habits and forming new ones. But first we want to give you the information on which to build that habit from carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, carpet DMCs, your clean carpets today. Uh, try to get back on the bandwagon of a good habit is difficult because you didn’t form the first habit. Now, have you formed your own habit? It’s pretty easy to change that habit. I went out there, did something. So when I go do something different, I now logically will do something different. It makes sense. Like that’s an easy, uh, a plus B we’ll see the problem is, is that most of the time it’s a plus X, Y, and Z.

We’ll see. And we’re able to try to affect that, but we didn’t put X, Y, and Z in there. So we’re not quite sure how to undo the habit that we did, because if you were doing it based upon your decision, making your choices, your ideas that you’ve got, then the habit would already be based upon the decision choices and ideas that you have. The only time we noticed this is where the art or habit is in conflict with the decisions that we are making Carpet Cleaning, where the thing that we want to do. So we look at it and say, Oh, you know what? I can’t believe that I do this. And if you were to ever say that, if you all said, at least once in our lives, I can’t believe I did that. Well, who are the two eyes in that sentence? There are two different people.

There’s the person of you that has learned a habit from somebody else Carpet Cleaning. And there’s the person with you that has designed their life. They’ve thought about what they want to do. And they’ve come to the conclusion that what they want to do is this, but their body, their habits are not coming into alignment with the thing that they desire, what you do. It’s because you have learned something because of what you’ve seen in the last podcast. You gave the example of a dog, biting you. If a dog bites you, you are going to have, I learned immediate behavior that you didn’t teach yourself. It is the fear of a dog biting. You did not spend time trying to teach yourself the habit that, Hey, I should be careful around dog. There are people that are fearless and we have to teach them and spend time with them trying to put Gates around them.

And I’m trying to get them to be more careful or in business. You’ve got people that are risk takers and they sometimes wait, sometimes lose it all. And there’s other people we’re risk averse, and they will not put anything out there. They don’t know as an absolute surefire. And so those two different groups of people we need both of them. So we need somebody slowly. [inaudible] somebody who is really going up to that next level and doing something risky. If we all do something risky, we all lose. So some of us need to safe things to keep things moving along. Some of us need to do the big risky things to be able to move society forward, to be able to innovate, find new platforms and ideas and thought things so that we can come up to a, a proper scenario, a proper conclusion to the thing that matches both what we feel is best and also what we have trained ourselves to do.

And so you need to go through, there’s a lot of stuff that’s difficult when trying to find the things that match up with your core value systems. As that, a lot of times comes from poor teachers. If you are around, let’s just say that you spent some time with a while in the carpet cleaning industry, we’ve been around a lot of maintenance guys and maintenance guys in and of themselves are not a bad group of people, but they are definitely going to have times they are differently, a more foul mouth. The group of people, they have the, um, a different set of vocal standards. They have accumulated over time by, uh, talking in more of a course manner gesture. It’s not a language would be fitting for a lady. Uh, so probably not a language fitting for anybody, but in this case, typically, you’re, you’re kind of back office maintenance guys that work on apartments and stuff are going to be people that are typically men and more gruff men about what’s up.

They’ll have more of a language, um, richer, uh, more foul, uh, language that they use to describe things that frustrate them. Um, so this is something that you learned through association, but you hang out with them long enough. All of a sudden your brain is going to default to the negative words that they use. Also, the reverse is true. If you hang around with positive people, eventually you’re going to be thinking, Hey, we can do things and it’s not, it’s not gonna be too hard. We can’t do it because you do realize that there is a lot more, um, other things they say that the best way to expand your vocabulary is to read books. By reading the books, you are now feeding your mind different words, the context of the words, and how to use the words. And so by doing that, you will also expand your vocabulary.

Good. Now your brain knows these certain words can be used in a different variety of ways in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning. So in our next podcast, we’re going to go over. How do you maintain the health and wellbeing of your property? Why different things happen a lot, most of these podcasts, we do. We try to do it with the emphasis and the idea behind it, that this is going to be something that you can use to change your knowledge base so that when you do something in the future, your brain can assess to see whether this was a thing that matches up with the knowledge that you have, or not. A lot of times, it’s not that we are ignorant or mean, or bad or poor students, or that we have any core, fundamental problems that we get to gain any knowledge that conflicts with the path of the pattern that we’re doing. So we need to find some new knowledge. It’s a new pattern and path so we can get those information. Get that thing taken care of. Perfect lady Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.