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Carpet Cleaning | We Are More Than Proud To Help!

Carpet Cleaning | We Are More Than Proud To Help!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Cleaning. Join us today. As we talk about keeping your tile in good and healthy shape perfectly. And in Tulsa since 1998, we are part of it. So give us a call today at nine one eight four seven zero nine three and get on the road to enjoy title cleaning is one of those things that need to be taken care of, not on this on a regular basis as your carpet and some other flooring surfaces, because it is hard and it doesn’t absorb moisture and stuff. Kind of sit on it. I thought it does need to be maintained question. I get a lot of times, why does the carpet have the title? What is wrong with how often does it need to be done? So let’s go back to the building blocks of that tile.

Ceramic tile faces for us, a blazed surface on that page, wipe up with the spine you have, your grout lines are, is because it was just an unsanded concrete color to match whatever it is. Most of the time, it’s the pre-sealed in the grout itself or the cheaper grout that I supposed to dry out. Cheers. And then you have to see up to the top after you’ve got your Carpet Cleaning or tile cleaning is a good time to add a Sloan again, back to it. What’s the time you’ll get your every three to five years. And what you’re having is that you’ll have dirt, debris oils, grease, stickiness, sugars, drinks, pops, and juices. They all kind of spilled out onto the tile floor below, and you will need to get that fixed up. And so this is a time where it gets cleaned up and fixed up and you are able to wipe out all up balance in an optimal world, 1% off the title.

But what normally happens is they’ll take, instead of doing it my hand and wipe it up soapy turn, they do a, a written term drying the issue. Then you completely remove all of the soap and then you can put in the dry out all day remainder Carpet Cleaning. What most people do is they take, I try to combine all of it. One step with all of the water and with a little bit soapy, take that water to spray tile, softening up on spots. And you’re more or less diluting all of the current issues on the tile, into the bucket of water that you have, mix that around and rub it around, scrub it around. And then if you really want to go that extra mile, you will actually, you’re hoping that this sponge Bob, Bob will light up whatever is there on the floor if you don’t want to get down here at all by hand.

And so we, uh, rely on that SpongeBob to break down the stuff that’s art that is in the apartment, or sorry is on the tile next we get in. And we find that there is things that are, uh, you know, we’ve left a little bit too much moisture. I know you would say, no, I’m going to do my clean mops. I’m gonna do a clean mop after my, uh, soapy mop, because I want to remove some of the chemicals that I left on it, going be, do a soapy mop and just leave the oyster there. Well, then that is going to dry into the car tile and leave a film on the tile. Now this is not a great film that’s designed to work this way, but let’s say at least what percent out of the 99%, that is not. So there’s the 1% that fit there to drive into the tile.

So the next time you do it again, now you’ve already got 1% on there Carpet Cleaning. Dry another 1% odds are over, say 10 to 15 bucks. You get up to maybe 10 or 15% of a film sitting on the tile itself is dried it slowly getting stiffer and gunkier. And the mopping solution itself does not remove it. So it just kind of filters down and drives back in. So it can lead to do is commit there and have a copious amount of water before we rent it out. Now, the average person doesn’t do this, but we typically do a one to one ratio of soapy water to clean up waters. What gallon of what bucket of Sobe mop water solution to what bucket of the clear water solution and that, uh, that ratio there comes back and forth saying that, Hey, we’re breaking it up. And then we’re cutting back half to rinse it out.

But what really is needed is if you say one gallon of Sophie solution, you should probably use 10 gallons of water to rinse it Carpet Cleaning. Now I’m not able to have the capacity or the actual tenacity to do that at once, but it is the best way to handle it the way we do. And we can make those, and we use our gallon or two of the soapy solution of hot water. And then we go through physically scrub it all down and really mix it into water and make sure that it’s all mixed ups, it’s into solution. And then we take and use our power to rinse through another 10 gallons of Clearwater rinse until we thoroughly power rinks and suck back out all of the soap and the dirt, the debris that’s in the file. And this is what Holy removes, the problems that they’re having in the tile, getting rid of all the stickiness, also grabbing and sucking out all the dirt.

So not just relying on a, uh, a small pad to try to absorb a wipe up a lot of the stuff. It actually physically sucking it out by helping spouts of water to flush it away. This helps the tile that looked brand new. I get really rinse out all that deep dried in and stuff to get you reset back to zero so that it goes through it, your regular sweeping and mopping and overtime. By the time you get to 10, the 15th to 20th, the 30th mopping you’ll eventually build up another layer and have any cleaned that down again, perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your Carpet Cleaning again. Your home is your castle. So be excited about coming back home to your castle, get knowledge and information you need from our Facebook and our website and complete carpet, Perfect DMCs your queen today.