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Carpet Cleaning | What Can You Do With Clean Carpets?

Carpet Cleaning | What Can You Do With Clean Carpets?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And I am going to go over today. How to revolutionize your finances. Obviously this is a carpet show. So we want to tie it into how that can help you with your house and your carpets. But part of that is also in understanding like sometimes you do, you don’t do because you don’t have the capacity. So I want to cover how to have the capacity, but when you need it, you can do it. And so there’s two things. I’m going to sum up all of the great seminars, all of the great things you can go out there and do perfectly in Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your Carpet Cleaning again and enjoy your home. Or you can give us a call at (918) 494-7093 or find us on the web and those that are more digitally and tech savvy, and want to try, like about a third of all of our customers.

You’d rather just go online, click on the schedule now button and see when is the next spot. When’s our next opening. And when can you get on our schedule to join us in the pursuit of clean Carpet Cleaning, it is a pursuit that’s worth pursuing. So here we are. We’re going to talk about how to do it. I’m going to, I’m going to sum up a decade, a a multi-decade it’s worth of all of the financial planning seminars. They will take you there and they will get out there and they’ll have the excitement. They’ll have the drinks that the party have. The big guest speaker. They’ll have a beach ball that somehow for about 15 minutes, everyone gets out and they’re like, okay, what we’re going to do is we’re going to keep this beach ball in the air. Just like, we’re going to keep your finances up in the air.

Like, wait, what? I don’t know how that works. Why would you want me to keep my finances? I want it to be down in there. I want to be, I want to understand this thing. No, no, no. We’re going to keep it up in the air. We’re going to bounce it around, bounce. My finances. I don’t really want my finances. And you just visualize your problem. You put it as this ball, even when it comes to you bet you batted away. Like you’re just batting your problems away. Okay. But that I could probably do. I like it. I like hitting something and as he bounced it, and then he bounces over and then I bounced at this group and they kind of travels around the room. Everyone’s like a hot potato. You’re trying to get rid of the ball and you’re going to need to feel that energy.

Like, yeah. I don’t know. I would have been, yes. I know. I have wanted to get rid of the ball. I thought I was supposed to get rid of it. I don’t know why I need the energy from it, but yes, I get rid of it Carpet Cleaning. Pop it over there. Alright, good, good, good. That’s it. And 20 minutes go by and you, and you’re thinking, what have I learned from this outside of maybe doing a little bit of strengthening exercises for my, my shoulders. Maybe my lats needed a little bit extra, you know, just to get the blood flowing and my brain actually work. Maybe that’s the whole point of it is just to get your brain working so you can get some blood flow. And do, I can tell you as a pro tip, if you’ve got kids or when you’re working with it on their school and they’re working on something, they look at me and they look at you and they say the fateful thing.

We’ve all heard this. I just can’t do it. I can’t figure it out. I can not do this. And you realize at that point, you are your host because when you say I can not do it, you have told your body, you have told your mind, this is not possible to do so Carpet Cleaning. I will quit looking. I will quit trying. I will quit attempting. It’s not possible. So your brain will obey and quit doing anything about it. No matter what you to say at that point, can’t be done. And so you need to make sure that when you are accomplishing or doing something or in there, you always say, I can do it. I can keep it. I can go. Cause you have to give yourself hope. You have to give yourself something to focus on something to say that this is possible. For example, um, anybody out there, this is, that’d be a great example for you.

You’ll hear, listen to this example. You’ll be like, Hey, I have done that. I totally, that was me. I get it. I know exactly what that is. You’re out there. And you are going to, uh, let’s say that you were going to a, to an event. They’re going to go see the movies. We’re going to go to the movies. Yes. We would pick the movies. We’re going to go see a movie at the movie theater. And hopefully, you do not get mr. Mouth open, popcorn, eating guy, the guy that eats with his popcorn into his mouth, but leaves his mouth and his lips open as he chooses the popcorn. And you hear every kernel crunch right next to you or right behind you or the guy that does all this, the other guy, another guy that you just, you know, we all love them, but, but we hate them at the same time where they take their, they take their shoes off guy I’ve ever been in the theater.

And you had been sitting next to the guy that takes the shoes off. And you’re like, uh, yeah, I want you to feel comfortable, but not that comfortable because you’re feeling comfortable is making me feel uncomfortable. And Oh wow. There’s a reason. Like the shoes were not keeping his feet protected. His shoes were protecting you from his feet. His shoes were like little odor wrapped devices that are, have now released a hundred smell into the whole theater Carpet Cleaning. And the whole theater is kind of thinking like that’s w w w what happened here? I didn’t know. This was smell of vision is the scene. Doesn’t look like it should smell this bad. I don’t understand what’s happening in the scene. And it works just fine. There’s a scene where somebody is feeling sick or they’re throwing up and you’re like, Oh wow. It’s just, it’s so accurate.

The smell is matching this movie. Exactly. And so there you are. You’re in the theater. You’re wanting to get to the theater. You’re wanting to get to this wonderful experience. Hopefully you get the theater. That’s all by yourself. You pick just the perfect seats. You know exactly. We’re going to set. You are ready to go. And then you go out and you, and you get in the car and you realize you do not have the keys to the car to go back inside, to look for the place where the keys should be. And there they are not there. As he look at another place where the keys should be in it, and it’s not there. And you start searching, right? You’re thinking, where are the keys? And I searched throughout the house. You do the fact step, Tracy. No, I got into the house. I’d have had the keys to lock the door.

So they must be inside the house somewhere. You look all over. And when you finally do find the keys and something miraculous happens, the moment you find the keys, you immediately instantly right. Hit that very second. Stop looking. It’s just a, as the old phenomenon goes that I found the keys in the last place I looked well, of course, it’s going to be in the last place you look, because you would be a really strange person that you’re like, Hey, I found the keys, but maybe there’s a parallel universe where the other me has yet to find the key. So I’m going to keep looking, but no, you’ve already got the keys that already are found. Your mind will not let you keep looking for the keys. You do not walk around. Eyeballing things, looking to see is the jeez under that, is it in that pocket. So once you find your keys, you’re set, your brain is ready and it moves on to another task perfectly. And he tells us since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.