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Carpet Cleaning | What Can You Possibly Find Today?

Carpet Cleaning | What Can You Possibly Find Today?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we are going to be talking about, um, how to keep things clean carpet cleaning and Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Or find us on the web at complete carpet, I wanted to help you maintain the health and wellbeing at home. Keep that place looking top-notch, where you feel like you want to run home as opposed to run away from home. We’ve all had that some point in our life where we’ve done something. We had something happen to us where we want you to run away from the situation because it’s, doesn’t, isn’t a place of comfort. It’s not a place that we were sitting there wanting to gravitate towards the one you gravitate away from. We’ve all got that story in our head with maybe there’s a little kid, or we knew a friend or massage saw a movie where the little kid goes and walks into place, says, that’s it.

They’ve taken their sleeping bag and packed it with all of their pillowcase Carpet Cleaning. They packed with all their toys and stuff. A little bit of a Millie, or you might even run away from home and say, yes, I’m ready. Okay. Let’s see what you are going to take with you. And you’re like, okay. So I have here, my training. Okay, good. We’ve got, we’ve got your train. You got the whole train set. This is good. I matchbox cars. All right. Check it out. The matchbox cars. And you’ve got, Oh, you got the favorite Teddy bear. That’s good. And I coloring book with crayons. This is good. Um, how about, um, how about something? Like, did you, did you pack a toothbrush? Oh, no. I mean, how about a change of underwear? Nope. How any clothes? No, I didn’t. How about, you know, maybe some money. Nope.

Vending money about some dude. Never going to go into 200 and then we’ll come back. Okay. All right. Well then I guess, good luck. They’d be back in an hour when we get hungry and you realize you have no clothes, no food, nothing to clean yourself with, but we do this a lot of times like that we will do something without thinking about the actual consequences or the true path. I was in a podcast recently Carpet Cleaning. And they said that 97% of people just do what they’re told or they do whatever it is, habit whatever’s convenient or habit without thinking it through and coming to their own decision, their own conclusion. And so we want to give you some information to help you to break the habits that you currently are doing, because whatever you’re currently doing, it may be that you’ve formed a bad habit.

And maybe that you’ve never formed a habit. And you just learn through osmosis through, I suppose the environment around you will learn one way or another. Either you choose what you will do. You choose your destiny or somebody else would choose it for you and your body will pick up Carpet Cleaning. It’s called learning learned behavior. So these are learned behaviors, things that we would just pick out based upon the environment and situation around you, that your brain will fill in the gaps. If you don’t choose to give it the knowledge directly, you don’t choose to yourself, they habit or a pattern. You still need to know the habit or the pattern required for you to get something published. So your body will fill in the gaps. It will just say, okay, I saw so-and-so do it this way. So that must be the right way to do it because he did it and he didn’t die.

And a lot of stuff in our life and what our body is teaching us based upon what will keep us from dying. So if we were alive yesterday and we are alive today, then that is a good enough success to keep us going. So your body will just take and say, that’s, the platform has got to bounce off them. Other times we will do something. If the pain is strong enough, your body will learn from it. You won’t do that again. For example, as much as you like dogs, you can spend a ton of time. Enjoy dogs, have a lots of fun with dogs until one day after let’s say a decade of planning, enjoying dogs, one dog comes over out of a thousand of dog bite to your hand, just gives you a good old fashioned dog, buddy. And now from that point forward that dog, you never see that yet, but every dog you go to and you tried to reach out your hand will shake it’s because if the dog bite phenomena, once something strong enough and shocking happens, your body will react to what it perceives as danger from that point forward.

And as long as it’s proceeding the danger from that point forward, then it will continue to bring you a sense of fears. It’s a threat, something to pull back for what it is. And so you have to then change that habit. So that is the whole point that we’re wanting to do in those next couple of podcasts that give you some different ideas or concepts on habits about how things work so that you could then say, is this the way that I’m doing it? Truthfully, something that I need to be doing is listening to an expert, talking about finances and money saying we do not typically come up with our own ideas about money Carpet Cleaning. We copy the patterns and habits of our parents. So when two people get married, people will collide or bucket the desk together. Because if you grew up in a household where you took the extra money you had and used it for fun, well, then you’re gonna say, Hey, I that’s what feels right is to take the money you have and do something fun with it.

If you come from a family of savers, they do not take the extra money and do something fun with it. They save it for later, they save up their, um, no like the squirrel that saving their, the acorns are nuts for a rainy day or the aunts that store food for the winter. You are always staying up through the winter. And so you’ll have this conflict. If you’ve got those two personality types come into the same place and occupy the same space, you have a conflict. You guys both will want to be, to do an opposite approach to the extra money that they have. Those obviously there’s the money you need to pay your bills with, but what ever is left over? What do you do with that? Sometimes if you’ve got a poor habit, you’ll actually do that before it’s leftover. And then there’s nothing leftover. Did we get one carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpets. So give us all day at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your carpets again.