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Carpet Cleaning | What Is Your Preferred Method Of Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning | What Is Your Preferred Method Of Cleaning?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpets of give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. I want to talk to you about faith and having trust in something. A lot of times we’re wanting to deal with somebody. We need to try to figure out are they somebody that is trustworthy or that we could put our trust or faith in them? Faith is not something that can, it cannot be Tesla and people think faith is blind to trust. And I do not believe that you have blind trust. It’s, uh, there can be a form of faith. That means I just believe that you have to believe in something, you know, nobody just has faith without any type of proof or understanding or knowledge or acceptance. And this is where I think a lot of people get it wrong and they are unable to form or build your faith.

Your faith has to be built on something. They is the hope for things that have yet to come, sort of like having a dream versus a goal. A dream is on the wish to have happen. And a goal is just a dream that you put a deadline on them. It means that I wished for this to happen at this particular time. And I think that real faith and not just to kind of wishy washy a pie in the sky hope, but faith becomes when you say, okay, I have seen this, I know that this is possible. I know that this is a thing. It just hasn’t happened yet. But I trust, I believe that it will come to pass. He is going to happen. And that’s where we have pushed as a carpet cleaning company. We’ve pushed to try to get reviews from people and get to connections behind people that are out there that can give testimonials to people.

So what’d you do in this aspect? Let’s get, let’s put it out. Is this part when you’re wanting to go to a, uh, to go to a restaurant for the first time, you’re wanting to use company carpet for the first time. So you say you just get a keyboard, you call it tarp type in Carpet Cleaning Tulsa or Tulsa, carpet cleaner, or carpet cleaners near me. You’re typing in some type of search Curie. Cause you’re wanting to find something that you look through and you see a lot of carpet cleaners, and you’re like, I have not used these different carpet cleaner before, but there is one name there you did use. And this is the reason that you’re searching for a new one. You used this one company and you know what? They didn’t do a very good job. And so you do not have faith or you actually do have faith.

Do you have faith that they will not do a good job? You have confidence. You are confident this thing that they do not do good work. Now here’s the thing. You could hire them out. And they sent a different technician and maybe they do a better job than before, but they didn’t. They’ve broken the trust with you. So your faith, you have faith in the fact that they are not going to, they do a good job. And so that’s, that’s a different way of thinking about faith is that you’ve got this evidence, you’ve got this experience. And so you’re going to continue with that experience. Every time you sit down on a chair, you’re, you’re having faith. You’re showing faith that this chair will hold you up. You’ve yet to test that chair. You don’t know that that chair will always hold you because we have some sometimes sat on something that bell and they didn’t work.

I have faith that every dog I go to pet won’t bite me. I had the bitten by a dog once or twice, and he was a pretty hard bite, but that’s out of tens of thousands of dogs that I’ve seen, but it was difficult after then to restore by faith that the dog would bite. But every time I reach out there and do it. So what do we do to try to instill that faith in you? What do you do when you grow up to surge? You start looking through it and you say, okay, can I find some information? And I’m going to have to take it on faith because I am not there. I haven’t just, now I’m not experiencing it right now. So I can’t quantify that. This is awesome. So what I’m going to do is go find other people who could maybe potentially bonafide this for me, that’s what I will go through and look at the reviews.

I will look at the testimonials and you know, I look on the website, you go to our website, complete carpet, And you will click on the testimonials. You’ll see a bunch of things there, but you think, you know what? That can just be fake. Those would probably be fabricated. You know, obviously it’s their own business. They probably hired, they’re a family. And they told the family, look, I will give you free carpet cleaning. If you just, uh, just say something nice about me. And they’re like, really, all I gotta do is say something nice about you. And I get a free carpet cleaning suite. I’ll do that. And we all had a friend or a buddy that we know that like that, or a fly by night roofer who comes into town. And somehow they have 500, five star reviews and they’ve been open in business for one week.

And then they are out of business six weeks later because they did all the roofs. They collect all the deposits and then they closed the business and disappeared. And so we were all skeptical. We’re a little leery to trust, to believe. And so then you go over to Google and like, well, Google vets, people pretty harsh. I mean, they are pretty good about making sure that, you know, you can’t just get scamming. You can’t just put a whole bunch of reviews all up at one time, you have to slowly get them over a long period of time. And that they have to be unique people and say like, okay, I will look at the reviews and there’s over 500, five star reviews talking about complete carpet. You say, okay, that seems pretty legitimate, but I’m still, I’m a little like, I don’t know these people, maybe it’s a bot. Maybe there’s just like a bot that goes out there and just leaves reviews and just creates, um, Google accounts and just leaves her views in different places and has some special algorithm to leave enough reviews that everyone, it can trick the Google system in CR you click on Google on their videos and you see that we’ve actually gotten the next step. Cause we know that maybe you look at those, uh, uh, text reviews and you say, Oh,

You know what? These could be faked Carpet Cleaning. And so we’d go to the next step. And we say, okay, we will actually videotape our happy customers, uh, and make sure to note, do we all have our happy all of our customers happy? You know, every now and then we run into one. That’s not. And guess what we do. We make them happy. We may refund their money. We may go back and do the job again, whatever it takes to make sure that they leave with a, with a good experience from our company. We are going to do it because we have so many happy customers that the rare unicorn time that we run in someone that’s not happy, we are going to make sure that we, we get that right. And you’re going to see these videos there and people physically in their own words, telling you their name, they’re willing to tell your name and tell you what the experience was like with complete carpet and just something real simple. They don’t make any money. They don’t get anything from this. All they’re getting is that they have done well and they’re paying us back.