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Carpet Cleaning | Where Can You Find The Experts?

Carpet Cleaning | Where Can You Find The Experts?

Welcome to the cup of DIA podcast with complete Carpet Cleaning Hi, I am your host and maintenance Sabrina’s. And today we will be covering, continuing to cover a topic of integrity, understanding the why. So, you know, the what, a lot of times we will just learn what to do without knowing why to do it. And this is a good, easy places we’re talking about in our previous podcast, because knowing what to do, we learn through osmosis. We learn through our environment. We learned as learned behavior, where we go through, we find the things that are important in our lives, and we make sure that they are always in a place that they should be by mirroring the, uh, the activities or the responses of others. So I don’t need to understand why the Pythagorean theory works. I don’t need to understand how a logarithm works. I don’t need to understand what the co-sign intention functions on like a keyboard do, or am I, uh, Oh my calculator, do I just need to know where to use them?

And there’s a lot of stuff that we do, um, intrinsically for most people, you do not understand the math or the science behind. When you push the button on your phone, how it translates into a code that then sends a signal that then sends digital stuff back and forth. So that you’ve been talking to somebody in another room in another city Carpet Cleaning, in another state, in another country, because all of those things happen on different ways. Like your phone may automatically be putting you into wifi modes that you could talk with voiceover IP in your home. But if you moved into another part of the city in your own and cellular data, that would be different. And if you are out, cause you could be on voiceover, I’d be on cellular down, or you could be on regular, uh, uh, voice clarity on you could have digital clarity or you can have analog.

They did phones. All the phones networks should have switched by now, but some of the countries have not. And you could buy international sides, but using a satellite to get from one place to another, because there’s no line of sight to get around the world for your signal. And it’d be a huge cable to run. So you’d have to run, bounce it up and down off of the satellites to get around the curvature of the earth. A carpet cleaning told us since 1998, we are complete carpet. So you’re wanting to know the why on the fundamental things that are important. And so here’s something that’s a pro tip that I think good is we should all try or uh, strive to do is to all the things that work in your life, leave them alone. And the old adage, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

So we should go through and say, okay, what am I successful at? And I believe you define success by saying that you are you about every single way not to fail. That is the definition of success. If you just happened to have happened to do well or happen to succeed, then you got lucky. That’s where you’d say somebody got lucky. It’s a one hit wonder that’s where you say a guy walks up first, try nails a half court basketball shot. Well, everybody there knows he is not as successful basketball player. He is a lucky one shot guy. He made one lucky shot at the half court. If he asked him to do it again, he could. And he asked him to make a layup. He probably would miss that too. He just happened to hit that first shot. And it just happened to go in one of those, you got lucky.

It just happened to happen. It wasn’t because of skill and through hours of dedication and hard work that you have nailed that same shot over and over and over it’s that you just got. We got lucky. So he wasn’t because he knew how not to fail, how he knew all the ways not to miss a shot Carpet Cleaning. For example, if you’re at the breakdowns shock theory, which I know is super exciting and it was like, yes, please tell me exactly how you break down a shot. Well, I’m going to, because I knew that you were not asking that question. So I will add to the question you didn’t ask this. It’s a unique connection we have between each other, where I think about things that you have yet to think about so that I can say things you don’t want to hear. So here you’ve got the, uh, you got to sit down and we’re going to break down the standard shot.

You got to see all of the people in the NBA, all the people in college and everyone in high school, learning this people in college are starting to get it. And people in the NBA do it every single time is that when you go to approach your shoot, your basket, you got to go up there and you got to square yourself up to the goal Carpet Cleaning. You don’t want to be over in the left. Do you want to be over in the right? Because you then have your offset, your angle, the offset, your angle, that if you’ve missed the first shot, first shot hits the rim and it bounces up and hits the backboard. It’s gonna bounce off to the left or right. You’re dead on straight. If you do happen to miss it can hit the backboard and kind of toilet bowl in have that at least give it the chance to go in a, you know, that you’re gonna have to size up.

How have I been shooting so far in the game with my shooting long? Or am I shooting short? And now that I’ve got a set shot, how will I compensate for that? So if I’ve been shooting short, I’m going to give it a little extra flick above it, shooting long. I’m going to kind of snap my hand and kind of not quite give so much power so I can just get that touch fields. I do get right in, but obviously you want to switch, but you really don’t care. As long as it goes in and make a bounce to the front of the room, they didn’t get the Blackboard. You can hit the front of the room again and hit the back more than that fall in. I’m totally fine with it. So the next part you need to do is to call yourself because more than likely for shooting a free throw it’s because you just got them.

He just got a foul. Somebody knocked you down, bumped into you. So you’ve got adrenaline and pumping through your a vein. So you need to get over the recomposed yourself, deep breath in deep breath out. Now you’ve regained your, uh, control over your body. So it’s not just twitchy. And as you’re sitting there with the control in your body, you then take the ball and you need to pay some type of rhythm. Everyone’s got some different rhythm. It’s a two bounces and a spin, a $3. It says no bounces. You just spin it twice. Your hand, something that you do every time you go to make the shot. So you tell your body I’m about to make a shot. I need you to do this exact shot. The set shot perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning that give us called a day at (918) 494-7093.